A Handbook of Petroleum, Asphalt and Natural Gas: Physical and Chemical Properties, Specifications, Methods of Analysis, Economics and Statistics, Refining Processes, Patents, Tables and Bibliography

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Kansas City testing laboratory, 1928 - Asphalt - 832 pages

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Page 42 - If the estate of either party hereto is assigned, and the privilege of assigning in whole or in part is expressly allowed, the covenants hereof shall extend to their heirs, executors, administrators, successors, or assigns, but no change in the ownership of the land or assignment of rentals or royalties shall be binding on the lessee until after the lessee has been furnished with a written transfer or assignment or a true copy thereof...
Page 42 - If said lessor owns a less interest in the above described land than the entire and undivided fee simple estate therein, then the royalties and rentals herein provided shall be paid the lessor only in the proportion which his interest bears to the whole and undivided fee.
Page 608 - The thermometer provided with a cork shall be fitted tightly into the flask so that it will be in the middle of the neck and so that the lower end of the capillary tube is on a level with the inside of the bottom of the vapor outlet tube at its junction with the neck of the flask.
Page 42 - ... it is hereby agreed that in the event this lease shall be assigned as to a part or as to parts of the above described lands and the assignee or assignees of such part or parts shall fail or make default in the payment of the proportionate part of the rents due from him or them, such default shall not operate to defeat or affect this lease in so far as it covers a part or parts of said lands upon which the said lessee or any assignee thereof shall make due payment of said rental.
Page 42 - Lessor hereby warrants and agrees to defend the title to the lands herein described, and agrees that the lessee shall have the right at any time to redeem for lessor by payment any mortgage, taxes, or other liens on the above described lands, in the event of default of payment by lessor, and be subrogated to the rights of the holder thereof.
Page 611 - ... (2.54 cm.) in diameter, equally spaced, in each of the two narrow sides, and with a slot cut in one side for the vapor tube. The centers of these four openings are 8% in.
Page 125 - Each tank over 1,000 gallons in capacity shall have all manholes, hand-holds, vent openings and other openings which may contain inflammable vapor, provided with 20x20 mesh brass wire screen or its equivalent, so attached as to completely cover the openings and be protected against clogging; these screens may be made removable but should be kept, normally, firmly attached. Such a tank must also be...
Page 126 - STOP" being In letters at least 4 inches high and the other words in letters at least 2 inches high. The letters must be white on a blue background.
Page 123 - Containers must not be entirely filled. Sufficient interior space must be left vacant to prevent leakage or distortion of containers due to the expansion of the contents from increase of temperature during transit. (3) Outage requirements for tank cars. In tank cars, outage must be calculated to percentage of the total capacity of the tank, ie, shell and dome capacity combined.
Page 41 - That lessor, for and in consideration of the sum of Dollars ($ ), in hand paid, and of the covenants and agreements hereinafter contained to be performed by the lessee, has this day granted and leased and hereby grants, leases and lets unto the lessee for the purpose of mining and operating for and producing oil and gas, casing-head gas and casing-head gasoline, laying pipe lines, building tanks, storing oil, building powers, stations, telephone lines and other structures thereon to produce, save,...

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