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In-Kind $

This is the current estimated cost for the entire project. It is not

a promise to authorize or an authorization to expend funds in this

amount. Funding for and authorization to proceed with each phase is

as provided in Articles II (C) and III (C)(2).

(H) Administration of Project Costs

The Participant shall estimate, allocate, accumulate, record and report

project costs separately for each individual phase of work authorized under

this Cooperative Agreement.



Payment method will be determined at the time of award, consistent with the

provisions of 10 CFR 600.112.



Reports shall be submitted in accordance with DOE Form 459A, Federal

Assistant Reporting Checklist (Attachment C), and other reports as required

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The Participant shall manage and dispose of all property acquired under the

Cooperative Agreement in accordance with 10 CFR 600.117.

Title to any and all property (excluding Government furnished property)

constructed, fabricated, installed, furnished, or procured by or on behalf of

the Participant in connection with the performance of the work under this

Cooperative Agreement shall be vested in the Participant and shall remain his

property. However, any proceeds derived from the disposition of any property

acquired under the Cooperative Agreement will be shared by the Government and

the Participant in accordance with Article III (D).

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This Cooperative Agreement may be terminated in whole, or in part, by the

mutual agreement of the parties. Mutual termination may occur at any time,

but must be in writing and approved by the DOE Contracting Officer and an

authorized representative of the Participant.

(B) Termination for Default

The DOE may terminate this Cooperative Agreement for default in whole, or in

part, if the Participant fails to comply with any of its terms and


A default determination shall be subject to the Disputes and

Appeals provisions of 10 CFR 600.26. The DOE Contracting Officer shall

terminate by delivering to the Participant a written Notice of Termination.

(C) Withdrawal

Either party may unilaterally withdraw from this project at the completion of

any phase. Such withdrawal shall occur either by a decision of the Parti

cipant not to submit a continuation application or a decision by DOE not to

approve such application. Such withdrawal shall be at no additional cost to

either party beyond their respective individual project cost shares at the

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Pursuant to the clause entitled, "Key Personnel" in the General Provisions

(Attachment B), the Participant's "Key Personnel" are as follows:

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The clause entitled "Key Personnel" contains a requirement for notification

to the DOE Contracting Officer reasonably in advance of diverting of, or

substitution for, any of these individuals.

That period of time shall not be

less than thirty (30) days.



The Participant shall coordinate in advance with the DOE Contracting Officer on all Public Information Releases to be issued by the participant concerning

work performed under this Cooperative Agreement. Such Public Information

Releases shall not be issued without prior approval from the DOE Contracting

Officer or the COTR.


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The inspection and acceptance of all reports and other deliverables to be provided under this Cooperative Agreement shall be accomplished by the DOE

Contracting Officer or his duly designated Government representative.


The Participant shall procure and thereafter maintain workmen's compensation,

employer's liability, comprehensive general liability (bodily injury), and comprehensive automobile liability (bodily injury and property damage) in

surance, and such other insurance coverage as approved by the Contracting

Officer with respect to performance under this Cooperative Agreement. Provided, that the Participant may with the approval of the DOE Contracting

Officer maintain a self-insurance program: And provided further, That with

respect to workmen's compensation the Participant is qualified pursuant to

statutory authority. All insurance required pursuant to the provisions of this paragraph shall be in such form, in such amounts, and for such periods

of time as the DOE Contracting Officer may approve, and with insurers

approved by the DOE Contracting Officer.

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