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streams, intermediate process streams or products, and byproducts produced by the proposed technology will meet and exceed the requirements of these statutes and regulations, and whether there are any aspects that may present a problem in

achieving compliance.

Discuss the range of process design variations, inherent

advantages of the proposed technology, and control technology options available to improve environmental performance in a

cost-effective manner.

Discuss the EHSS impacts of the technology in its commercial

scale implementation. Identify types and quantities of

unregulated pollutants that may be released. Discuss direct and indirect environmental impacts, long term and/or cumulative effects, and irretrievable commitments of resources.

The proposal must compare the EHSS impacts of the proposed technology with alternative technology options that are commercially available, in the same markets proposed for this

technology and show the incremental improvements that can be



The technical proposal must include a discussion of the impact

of the proposed clean coal technology's commercialization on

continued and increased use of u.s. coals and/or decreased use

of oil and/or natural gas. This discussion must include a

description of the projected market and the projected impact of

the proposed clean coal technology in the marketplace. The

discussion must address the following points affecting market

ability (including assumptions affecting the analysis) to the

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the market described; including a time-phased estimate of that penetration both in terms of relative (percent) penetration and absolute penetration (e.g., tons of coal

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o Economic comparisons (all on the same basis) of the proposed

technology vs. the competing technologies. This analysis

should present and establish the rationale for the proposer's

expectations that the clean coal technology will be eco

nomically competitive in the applications identified and

should consider infrastructure modification costs.

Provide the underlying assumptions and calculation methods;

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Characterization of (i.e., specifications for) the energy

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utilized by the proposed technology;

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Requirements for and costs of product(s) upgrading (e.g.,

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including relative values and markets;

Considerations pertaining to transportation, distribution,

storage, and other infrastructure aspects;

o Availability of a manufacturing infrastructure for the

proposed technology;

o Expected technology characteristics which would facilitate

commercial plant construction, such as use of shop fabri

cation, modular construction, siting flexibility, etc.;

Potential role of environmental regulations, both existing

and potential, more stringent, future regulations, in

affecting the commercial market potential for the clean coal technology. Identify the specific situations in which

environmental factors and regulations will be critical to

the marketability of the technology;

Non-environmental regulatory aspects affecting marketability

(e.g., economic regulations);

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The proposal must provide a discussion of how the clean coal

technology will be commercialized in the 1990's.

The discussion

should define the proposer's role and the role of other parties

in the commercialization process. Also, the discussion should

be in sufficent detail to show how the proposed demonstration

fits into the commercialization plan.

The plan must address such factors as financing, licensing,

engineering, manufacturing, and marketing required to achieve


It should describe how any needed changes

in infrastructure (including distribution, equipment servicing,

etc.) that are necessary to achieve the commercialization will

be accomplished. Include a timetable for commercial development.

The commercialization plan must be consistent with the rate of

market penetration described in the "Marketability" section.

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