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All forms, tables, and exhibits submitted must be identified and listed in the table of contents or index. All pages,

including forms, must be numbered.


If a joint venture or teaming arrangement is proposed, a complete set of Standard Form (SF) 1411 forms will be required for each team member, along with the supporting exhibits and



Final monetary extensions should be expressed in whole dollars.


Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) Part 31, Contract Cost

Principles and Procedures, shall be the guide for definition

of the cost elements.

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For all subcontracts expected to exceed $500,000 the offeror
shall obtain and submit a complete set of SF 1411 forms,
along with the supporting exhibits and documentation, from
each subcontractor in this category. For subcontracts under
$500,000, sufficient information must be submitted to enable
DOE to determine the accuracy of the proposed cost to the



Proposers may be required to certify, in accordance with Pub.
L. No. 87-653, that the cost or pricing data submitted are
accurate, complete and current. Any offeror required to
submit this certification shall be required, in accordance
with FAR 15.804–2, to submit, or arrange for the submission
of, accurate, complete, and current cost or pricing data from

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Proposers, subcontractors (over $500,000), and each team member,
if a teaming arrangement is proposed, must submit separate

Exhibits A through F as described below for their proposed tasks.


Format examples are provided in Appendix G. Additionally, the prime proposer or lead team member must submit summarylevel Exhibits A through F, incorporating their own, each team

member's, and subcontractor's Exhibits A through F data.

i. Exhibit A: Standard Form 1411 :

Submit a complete set of fully executed SF 1411's. The SF 1411 and the Pricing Proposal Summary Addendum must be completed in accordance with the instructions and

format attached to the SF 1411.

Cost data must be fully supported, documented and trace-
able. Proposers must reference, when applicable, page
numbers, paragraphs, charts, and exhibits. Proposers
must also state which elements of their cost proposal are
based on actual verifiable data and which elements are
based on projections or estimates. For projected cost
elements, provide the judgmental factors applied in
projecting from actual and verifiable data to the
estimate. Also, discuss the basis of the cost estimate
for each element of cost, i.e., how the labor rates
were developed, the indirect rates calculated, consult-

ant rates, material prices, escalation rates, etc.



Exhibit B: Summary of Escalation Factors (

This exhibit shall contain, by individual or major
element as appropriate, the effective annual escalation
rate each proposer expects to experience during the
performance of this cooperative agreement. The escala-
tion will be by proposer's fiscal year and will be

supported with detailed justification.

Exhibit C: Summary of Indirect Expense Pools and Bases

This exhibit will contain the major base and pool
expense groupings by line item and dollar amount. The

exhibit shall be prepared covering the proposer's last (

two FY's, the current fiscal year, and the estimate for

the rest of the project's FY's. The proposer must
State at the bottom of the exhibit the inclusive dates
of their fiscal year. The proposer must provide
detailed explanations for all variances between the
items from FY to FY. A Sample Format for the Indirect

Cost Data is included as Exhibit C of Appendix G.

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If the offeror's proposal is based on the use of .
Government-furnished property, provide a list of those
items on this exhibit. State how the property will be
used during this project. Show evidence that this
property is available for the proposed project. Also
specify (1) the expected amount of utilization (in
hours per week); (2) the expected percentage of capacity
utilized; and (3) how much of this utilization is

attributable to this cooperative agreement.

For each item of Government-furnished property proposed, an analysis must be attached describing the additional costs which would be incurred should the Government decide not to furnish the proposed property (this includes Government property currently in the proposer's


Exhibit E: Work Breakdown Structure

The "Statement of Work" (SOW) as developed by the

proposer is intended to define the scope of work for

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