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o A description of any existing federal, state, and local tax, ( |
regulatory or other incentive(s) included in the financing
plan, and an explanation of their overall impact on the success-

ful completion of the project. FINANCIAL CONDITION AND CAPABILITY

The proposer must provide current financial statements for all
quarters reported on in the current fiscal year, and an audited
financial statement for the prior three fiscal years. If the
proposing entity came into existence, was incorporated, or other-
wise formed since October 1, 1984, audited financial statements
of the same type for the same periods of time shall be provided for
each and every one of the parent and predecessor organizations, in Q.
addition to providing any available financial statements for the new


Describe your experience and success with projects involving
similar or related technologies, and projects of similar scope or
complexity, including those both government-supported and
privately-financed. Where this experience was acquired under
contract, include the contract number, the name, address, and

telephone number of the sponsor's contracting official who

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administered the contract, a description of the product or service, the contract type, the period of performance, the basis of the competition (price, delivery or technical merit), and the original contract price and final contract price with reason for cost

variation and schedule slippage, if any.


The project team for this program shall be described, showing the
organizational and functional relationships of key personnel
within the corporate and/or team structure. An organizational
chart showing key personnel with man-hours and percentage of
key-personnel time shall be included. A statement of availability

of all key personnel shall also be included.

Resumes of key personnel, covering education, technical/management
experience, and professional development shall be provided.
Resumes of personnel identified for specific positions shall

indicate relevant qualifications.

Exceptions and Deviations:

The offeror shall identify and explain any exceptions or deviations

taken or conditional assumptions made with respect to the Model


Cooperative Agreement (Appendix B) or attachments thereto, the requirements of this Business and Management section, or any other Section of this P0N not addressed in the Technical or Cost volumes. Any exceptions, deviations, or conditional assumptions taken must contain sufficient explanation and justification to permit evaluation. The benefit to the Government shall be explained for each exception taken. Such exceptions will not, of themselves, automatically cause a proposal to be termed unacceptable. A large number of exceptions, or one or more significant exceptions not providing benefit to the Government, however, may result in

rejection of your proposal as unacceptable.


General Instructions:


This is a "Cost-Sharing" cooperative agreement and the following should be considered when developing the proposed costs for the project. (Participant cost-sharing is the portion of the project

cost not borne by the Federal Government.)

The proposer is expected to identify all costs associated with the project from award to the end of the project. The proposer shall develop and must propose the costs in phases, by proposer's fiscal year (FY). The phases, as identified elsewhere in the PON, are Design and Permitting, Construction and Startup ("Shakedown"), and Operation, Data Collection, Reporting and Disposition. Phases or sub-phases already completed should not be included as a part of the cost proposal. Additional guidance

is provided in SECTION 4.2, "Format and Content," below.

Project costs consist of all allowable costs (as set forth in the Applicable Federal Cost Principles) incurred by the recipient and the value of in-kind contributions made by the proposer or third parties in accomplishing the objectives of

the project.

Once the total estimated costs for the project have been developed, the proposer is expected to develop a cost-sharing plan which identifies the proposed sharing ratio of the total proposed costs for the Government and for the proposer. The proposer is reminded that the Government's total share of the project costs is not to exceed 50 percent in each of the three


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The cost proposal will be evaluated to determine the appropriate

ness and reasonableness of the proposed cost and the evaluated

probable cost to the Government. The proposal will also be

used as the basis for any and all negotiations with the Government

if the project is selected for award. The proposals, therefore,

should contain adequate, accurate, and well documented information

so the Government can understand how your proposed costs were


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