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18. Participant's Cost Share (% total): Give the participant's percentage share of the total project cost. (Note - must be

50% or greater.)

19. Cost by Phase: Give the cost breakdown by project phase. (Note - participant's share must be 50% or larger for each


Summary Environmental Data for the Commercialized Technology:

As part of the strategy to comply with the requirements of the
National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), the Government will do
a programmatic environmental impact analysis. (See SECTION III.27,

"NEPA Strategy.")

Offerors shall complete and submit, as part of volume III, Business and Management Proposal, the forms provided in Appendix K, "Summary Environmental Data for the Commercialized Technology," using that information deemed to best characterize the commercial version of

the clean coal technology being proposed.

Specific Business and Management Discussion:


As evidence of the commitment of top management to the proposed


(a) State the proposer's percentage share of total project cost shown in Exhibit F of Appendix G (show only percentage, not total cost or total cost-share). The Government encourages

maximum percentage cost-sharing by the participant.

(b) Describe and explain the priority placed by Senior Management (President, Chairman of the Board, CEO, etc.) of the proposer on the work being proposed, other than as evidenced by the

percentage of cost-sharing, including:

o how the proposed project fits into the proposer's overall

business, marketing, or energy utilization strategy, and

o the corporate investment in the technology to date.


The proposer must provide a detailed assessment of the management requirements associated with the proposed project and a management plan for accomplishing the project. Management philosophy and proposed implementation techniques must be discussed. The proposer must identify the management aspects of the project considered most critical to achievement of the objectives and must discuss the

recommended approaches/solutions to minimize project risk. Methods to be utilized to ensure adequate discernment of risks must be delineated. Detailed information must be presented on how the overall program control will be exercised to ensure a smooth transition from one phase to the next. Management information and direction channels must be identified, along with charts and organizational responsibilities and authorities. The discussion

must include, at a minimum:

(a) How the proposer's Project Manager will direct and coordinate

the effort, particularly if a team effort.

(b) If a teaming arrangement is proposed, include the following (In addition to a letter of intent or executed teaming agreement from all parties sufficiently binding to ensure the formation of the proposed legal entity that is to be submitted under Section IV. 1 (f)):

i. An explanation of the precise nature and form of the
teaming relationship, including a discussion of the

responsibilities of each party.

ii. Identification of the specific organization and individual that will be directly responsible for the success

of the proposed project.

iii. Information, with supporting documentation, to verify

and demonstrate the team's capability of providing








the financial and other resources necessary to support the project over its entire proposed period of perform

an Ce.

Estimates of the numbers and types of personnel required to

perform each task.

How planned construction and subcontract management, if any,

will be achieved.

How project contingencies will be managed.

How the proposer's Project Manager will relate to the Government

Project Manager.

How lines of authority will be established.

How progress will be monitored and reviewed.

How changes in project implementation will be coordinated

and controlled.

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Support available to this project must be discussed. This must
include both administrative and technical support activities,
laboratories, special equipment, computer facilities, accounting,
engineering, etc. In particular, justify the level of support
deemed to be necessary for this project. Discuss the location,
availability or degree of dedication of the support functions,
and describe the means for coordination. Discuss how small
businesses, including socially and economically disadvantaged

small business concerns, will be utilized.


The proposer shall provide the following information:

o A financing plan that specifies the source of all funds needed
for the proposer's cost-share for the project as proposed for
the cooperative agreement, including the status of all existing
or proposed financing agreements affecting the project. Discuss
the degree of certainty that the funds needed will be available
when required; include a full description of any liabilities,
limitations, conditions, and other factors affecting the avail-

ability of the proposer's funds for the project.

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