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that time and cost can be reduced if phases overlap (e.g.,
the purchase of long lead-time items may be initiated before
design is completed) and is willing to accomodate the initia-
tion of specific tasks of a later phase before the earlier

phase is completed, if deemed necessary.

Summary of Exceptions, Deviations and Assumptions:

The proposer shall identify and explain any exceptions, deviations,
or conditional assumptions taken with respect to the requirements of
this Technical Proposal. Any exceptions, etc., taken must contain
sufficient explanation and justification to permit evaluation. All
benefits to the Government shall be explained for each exception
taken. Such exceptions will not, of themselves, automatically cause
a proposal to be termed unacceptable, however, a large number of
exceptions, or one or more significant exceptions not providing
benefit to the Government may result in rejection of the proposal as



General Instructions:

The Business and Management Proposal consists of the offeror's

presentation of his capability to successfully manage and conduct

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the proposed activities. At a minimum, the Business and Management Proposal must contain the following information in the following


A. Table of Contents

B. Federal Assistance Application Form

C. Assurance of Compliance - Nondiscrimination in Federally Assisted

D. Public Abstract

E. Project Summary Sheet

F. Summary Environmental Data for the Commercialized Technology

G. Specific Business and Management Discussion

H. Exceptions and Deviations

Further instructions are provided below.

Application Form and Assurance of Compliance:

The Federal Assistance Application Form and the Assurance of

Compliance - Nondiscrimination in Federally Assisted Programs Form

are provided as Appendices E and F of this PON. Both items must be

completed and signed.



Public Abstract:

A public abstract of not more than 500 words describing the proposed
project, the specific clean coal technology proposed, the objective,
methodology, sponsoring organization(s), and timeframe is to be
provided. Not more than two 8 1/2" x 11" diagrams may be submitted
by the offeror. The abstract must provide an overview of the
proposed project. This abstract may be released to the public by
DOE in whole or in part at any time. It is therefore required that
it shall not contain proprietary data or confidential business


Project Summary Sheet:

The proposer shall complete and submit the Project Summary Sheet shown in Appendix C in accordance with the following instructions. Information considered to be proprietary or business confidential

shall be appropriately marked with asterisks.

1. Project title (if any): For example, "The XYZ Corp. Clean Coal


2. Proposer Name(s): List name of sponsoring organization(s). If

teaming is involved, list prime sponsoring organization first.

Proposer Address: List complete address of prime sponsoring


County: List county in which the above organization is located.

Responsible Official: List name of responsible official to whom questions and discussion should be directed. List address if

different than in Item 3.

Telephone Number: Give telephone number of individual designated

in Item 5.

Alternate Contact: Give similar information for an alternative point of contact in the event that the Responsible Official

cannot be reached.

Telephone Number: Give telephone number of individual designated

in Item 7.

Technology: Give a brief technology description (e.g., gasification combined cycle power generation, production of superclean

coal-water slurry, etc.).

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Application(s): Describe the primary application (e.g.,
utility; small-scale coal combustion for commercial-residential;


Project Location: Give the primary project location where the

work will be performed.

County: List the county for Item ll.
Types of Coal to be Used: List the types of coal to be tested
or used (e.g., North Dakota lignite, Pennsylvania anthracite,
Project Size: Give a measure of project size by tons/day (TPD)
and/or megawatts (equivalent) of electricity produced (MWe)

where integrated testing is involved. If such measures are

not applicable, provide an alternate or briefly explain.

Proposed Starting Date: Self-explanatory.

Proposed Project Duration (months): Self-explanatory.

Total Estimated Project Cost (participant plus government):


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