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Ecological impacts.

Impact on regional or local plans for fuel, water resources,

solid waste, land, air quality and labor force.

- Irreversible/irretrievable commitment of resources and opportunities

to reuse and recycle resources (wastes, water).

Socioeconomic impacts.

Aesthetic impacts, including visual impacts.

Impact on tribal or other religious practices and sites; and

potential impact on community character.


This section should identify the major environmental laws, and regulations

(federal, state, and local) for which compliance will be necessary prior

to implementation of the project. The offeror should discuss the following:

0 Preliminary description of best control technology and practices

feasible that would be employed to obtain compliance with identified

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and tentative schedule to file for and obtain major permits.

Previously, the Water Resources Council developed assessments of water resource requirements and water supply availability for any non-nuclear energy technology research and development project under the Federal

Non-nuclear Energy Research and Development Act. Since the Water Resource

Council is no longer a functioning body of the Federal Government, water assessments are no longer required. However, because the Clean Coal

Technology Program may result in projects for which water resource

requirements and water availability may be important issues, the following information should be included in the NEPA documentation prepared for those projects:

1. Provide data on water supply and demand within the geographical area

of the proposed project;

2. Provide a discussion on the constraints upon water availability

imposed by treaties, compacts, court decree, state water laws, and water rights granted pursuant to state and federal law;

3. Assesses the effects of the technology development on water quantity;

4. Provide estimates of cost associated with production and management

of the required water supply, and the cost of disposal of waste water generated by the proposed project; and,

5. Provide an assessment of the environmental, social, and economic impact

of any change in use of currently utilized water resources that may be required by the proposed project.

If water resource requirements and water availability are not significant issues, information should be included in the NEPA documentation to

substantiate this fact.

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