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"141" point is plotted on the graph. Please note the planned
accrued costs from the same period come to the "147" point on
the graph. The graph illustrates a cost underrun. It also
shows a projected cost line for future quarters based on the
recipient's experience to date. The projected cost line is
shown as a dotted line joining the planned cost line at 12-31-81.
The recipient has projected that actual costs will return to
planned cost in the next quarter.


Item 10 - Cost Chart. This block allows the recipient to dis-
play a breakout of funds for the program indicating the contri-
buting sources. If there is only one source of funds, the
breakout of funds in item 10 should be by activity, as presented
in the milestone plan. In the example, funds are provided by
DOE and the ACE Utility Company. The planned amount from each
source is entered for each quarter. Also the actual funds
required from each fund source are shown to date. Total (planned
and actual) for each quarter and cumulative to date are entered
at the bottom. Note that the total cumulative to date figures
("141" and "147") correspond to the points plotted on th
The variance for both quarters and cumulative to date is also

Item 11 - Major Milestone Status. This block tracks progress
against significant milestones. Progress is indicated by fill-
ing the milestone bars with a solid tone to correspond with
the progress achieved during the reporting period. The vertic-
al da shed line is a "time now" line and is an indication of the
end of the reporting period. The example shows two activities
completed, two activities on schedule, and one activity behind
schedule. By comparing actual progress to the "time now" line,
a quick assessment of schedule status can be made. When the
"Federal Assistance Milestone Plan" and "Milestone Log" are also
used plans and status shown on this report should correspond.


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Figure 11-13
Example Federal Assistance Management Summary Report

as a Status Report

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Federal Assistance Management Summary Report (Reverse Side)

Figure II-13 (Continued)

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hom 7 - Enter the program worect othcel tiho okopods in the word ind. W applicable, the

poper identition number
hem 3 For Basalne Planning of the program profect cation h 12 months or loss, on the

Hem foi dun g gromter than 12 months, one copy of this form must be completed
los each 12 month period thindwg ynal within the program povert duration. Ento the
beginning and inding dates for the vos oport you for which pon com and activities

o to be displayed
for Status Reporting - enter the start and completion dates for the curent reporting

hom . Enter the name and address of the agency or office rorponsible for managing the project
hom S - Enter the owicie nori doto of the origine greement
hamn - Ento the oricio completion dolo mol the latest modification
hern 1 - Enter the curono foderal government hecel you IFY 791
her - Enter the foot lone ol soch month of the period in the 12 Block, W reporting by querone

Use three column spaces separated by heavy vertical lines and Identity the quarter, such

- twst Quarter and so on
Norm % Show the unit of dollars used, such hundreds" or "thousands".

Enter the appropriata dalla scale for the logo grid
C Enter the planned cumulative accrued costs low each month o quenter Then,

• On the grid, use sold one enanding horisontally to show the della colong Thon
• Enter the actual cumulativ scrued cons for each month or quarter for the current

reporting pood Then,
• Subtract the plavad engl from the actual costs for each month or quarter and show

the dillera Ivnicel Show the minus mounts in perentheses Then,
• On the ord uso a dashed me to plot the planned cumulative cons by the dolls Kale

and the month on Quim Thon
• Use a solid line to post the actuel cumulative costs for each month o quarto up to

and ncluding the month o quarto being reported. Many cost projection will vary
from the plannind con for the remainder of the period, Indicate this by donlod line

extending from the sold line
hom 10 - Show planned and actual cons by the muce of lunding. such as DOE, other Foder

gencies (HUO, HEWI, state, a othe Soucos for each Quartos, as well. The cumulativo
to date and the total funding source. Also low the total planned costs for the Mool

the program o project
Mon 11 Enter the current period milotions doncription Milestones - cthrities of tooks needed

to be completed to accomplish the project's objectivo Mileniones somosur mble une
of work and can be slements from the work break down structu. Then,
• In the column Imbeled Units Plannad, Complaind, show the appropriate liguos los

tho Civient rewwing rend Evilor, when quantification possible, the member of
items to be producer Servicec. O sled upon
Show the indeotones graphically, waing the charting Infornetion below

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a. This example portrays a research grant from DOE to a university. The

project is intended to establish the impact, if any, of the use of four recently developed airfoil designs upon the suppression of blade tip induced noise in large wind driven generators.


The example illustrates the plans and reports which might be submitted on a project of this type. Also included is a discussion of how each plan and report is used in this example.

c. Figures 1-1 and 1-2 are the "Federal Assistance Reporting Checklist" and

"Reports Distribution List," respectively. They illustrate the plans and reports which would be submitted by a recipient of such a research grant and who will be the recipient of those plans and reports.


a. Federal Assistance Budget Information Form (Form EIA 459-C) (Figure 1-3). (1) Items 1-5. These items display the identifying characteristics of

the program/project.


Section A - Budget Summary. In this section the total budget is
presented for the particular grant program. Since this project
pertains to a single Federal grant program with no functional or
activity breakdown, only line 1 is used.


Section B - Budget Categories. In this section the total budget is presented for each of the cost categories of direct costs with indirect costs computed at a rate determined by an agreement between the grantee and the grantor or as a result of an audit of the grantee's operation by the grantor Agency.

b. Financial Status Report (Form 269) (Figure 1-4).

(1) Item 7. The "cash" or "accrual" block should be marked in accordance

with program policy on reporting.


Item 8. The dates entered in this space are the same as those entered on the Notice of Financial Assistance Award prepared by DOE.

Item 9. The dates entered in the space correspond to the time period covered by this report, 7-1-80 to 6-30-81.

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(4) Item 10. The total funds expended on the research effort are re

ported in this section. The period covered by this report is the
entire life of the project. Therefore, the total costs for this
project are entered in line item 10b at $113,000. The net outlays
this report period (line item 10d) and the net outlays to date (line
item 10e) are equal to the total outlays this report period (line
item 10b). The total Federal share of outlays to date is entered as
line item 10g also at $113,000. Line items 10h through 10j are zero
because no other financial commitments have been made to date.
Line item 101 is the total amount of Federal funds authorized and is
equal to the total Federal share of outlays (line item 109). Since
this report sums all costs on a total project basis, column 10g
is the same as column 10a.

(5) Item 11. The method of calculating indirect costs, as specified in

the Federal assistance instrument, is indicated in this space.
This example shows that there is a predetermined indirect cost rate
of 40 percent and that it is applied to the total amount of direct

(6) Item 12. This line allows the recipient to refer to other perform

ance reports for more information.


Notice of Energy RD&D Project (Form DOE 538) (Figure 1-5). The "Notice of
Energy RD&D Project" report is required for all research, development and
demonstration efforts except weapon systems. It is submitted shortly
after the award is given and updated annually for the duration of the
effort. The purpose of this report is to inform the scientific community
of research efforts being undertaken.


University Contractor, Grantee and Cooperative Agreement Recommendations for Announcement and Distribution of Documents (Form DOE RA-427) (Figure 1-6 This form is used by the originator of a technical report to indicate the distribution appropriate for it.

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