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A concise narrative describing the current status of the effort. The report allows Federal assistance
recipients to communicate developments, achievements, changes and problems to DOE.

Item 1 Enter the Federal grant or agreement identification number for the current year as it

appears in the official award.
Item 2 Erter the program/project official title as it appears in the award and, it applicable, the

project identification number.
Item 3 Enter the start and completion dates for the current reporting period.
Item 4 Enter the name and address of the recipient office responsible for managing the project.
Item 5 Enter the official start date of the original agreement.
Item 6 Enter the official completion date as of the latest modification.
Item 7 Provide a description of any changes from the work plan, including technical changes,

the explanation as to why these changes occurred, and what the impact on performance

wili be. If there were no changes during the reporting period, check the box for "none." Item 8 Include a discussion of accomplishments, problems and/or variances, their causes and

the effects on the effort. If no performance variances, accomplishments, nor problems

occurred during the reporting period, check "none." Item 9 Discuss any unresolved issues or items that require action by JOE or recipient. If there

are no unresolved issues which require action or coordination, check "none." Item 10 Present analysis of program/project status, proposed solutions to problems, and future

expectations regarding the project. If no deviations from the plan are forecast, enter a

check in the box provided. Item 11 Provide a short list of program/project related attachmerts. If no attachments accompany

the report, check "none." Item 12 The recipient should sign and date the report so that, if questions arise, they can be

directed to the appropriate individual. Item 13 : The DOE reviewing representative, usually the DOE program manager responsible for

monitoring the program, signs and dates the form to indicate it has been reviewed and appears reasonable.

Figure 11-11 (Continued)
Federal Assistance Program/Project Status Report (Reverse Side)

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(1) Purpose. The "Financial Status Report" provides information on the

status of both Federal and non-Federal funds for all nonconstruction
programs and projects. This report provides for separation of the
non-Federal share of outlays and unliquidated obligations from the
Federal share of funding requirements. (For programs/projects in-
volving construction, refer to OMB Circular No. A-102, Exhibit 4,
"Outlay Report and Request for Reimbursement for Construction

(2) General Instructions.

(a) Reported costs may be requested on an accrual basis. If the

recipient's accounting system does not provide costs on an accrual basis, then a best estimate of accrued cost should be accepted.


Specific instructions for completion of the report are provided
on the forms. An example of a completed report is shown at Figure

(3) Discussion of the Example, Figure 11-12.

(a) Item 7 - Basis. The "cash" or "accrual" block should be marked

in accordance with program division policy on reporting accrued costs.

(b) Item 8 - Project/Grant Period. The dates entered in this space

are the same as those entered on the "Notice of Financial Assistance Award" as completed by DOE.

(c) Item 9 - Period Covered by this Report.

The dates entered in this space correspond to the time period covered by this report, 7-1-81 to 9-30-81.


(d) Item 10 - Status of Funds. The funds expended for the entire

work effort are reported in this column. The period covered by
this report is for the second quarter of the project. The net
outlays for the first quarter are entered on line 10a ($58,000).
The total outlays for this reporting period are entered on line
10b ($83,000). Line 10e "Net outlays to date," is the summation
of the net outlays previously reported and this report period
($141,000). Line 10f is the non-Federal share of those outlays.
Line 10k is the total Federal share of outlays, and line 101 is
the Federal share of outlays cumulated to date. Line 10m is
the balance of Federal funds and is the difference between
lines 10k and 101.


(e) Item 11 - Indirect Expense. The method of calculating indirect

cost, as specified in the Federal assistance instrument, is
indicated in this space.

space. This example indicates that there is
a predetermined indirect cost rate of 22 percent and that it
is applied to the total amount of direct costs.

(f) Item 12 - Remarks.

Remarks. This line allows the recipient to refer to other performance reports for more information and to specify the applicable budget and reporting number.

h. Federal Assistance Management Summary Report (Form EIA-459E) as a Status


(1) Purpose. Use of the "Federal Assistance Management Summary Report"

as a baseline plan was described earlier. It is also used as a
status report. As such, it provides a concise, top-level summary of
performance for cost and schedule against the baseline plan. The
data is presented on a single page in graphic format with supporting
data. The graphic format permits rapid visual comparison of cost
and schedule. The "Federal Assistance Management Summary Report"
form is used to report summary status regardless of the forms used
in planning.

(2) General Instructions. The cost graphs are cumulative presentations.

The milestone status chart compares planned and actual progress for the same time interval as shown above. Instructions for completing them are provided on the reverse side of each form. An example of a completed form when it is being used as a report is shown as Figure II-13.

(3) Discussion of the Example, Figure 11-13.

(a) Item 3 - Reporting period.

Reporting period. The reporting period shown in this example is the second quarter, 7-1-81 through 9-30-81. (b) Item 7 - Fiscal Year. The Government fiscal year (FY) is 1981

at the close of the report, 9-30-81, and is therefore identi

fied here by the recipient as FY 81. (c) Item 8 - Months or Quarters. The time schedule is identified by

month, starting with the first month of the budget period,

April. The schedule has also been identified by quarter. (d) Item 9 - Cost Status.

Cost Status. The dollar scale is expressed in units of a thousand, as noted. A total dollar line is drawn solidly across the chart to show the budget year's planned ceiling of $295,000. The planned cost line is represented by a dashed line. Actual costs are plotted on the graph as a solid line. In the example, actual costs total $141,000 to date and the

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Example Financial Status Report

Figure 11-12

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the toton of all programs, functions or cctivities movio or town in column igl of the first page for agreements pertaining to woners Catalog of federal Domestic Abistance programs mat do not require • further functional or ctivity ciastication break down, antor under columns a through ill the title of the program for rennt or omer muistance pre ments containing multiple programs were one or more programs requin further bromt down av lunc. tion of activity, we most form to each program Mowing the once functions or *ctivities in the moerote columns for pronts or other assistance ngrot ments containing severo fur.ctions or stivities which are funded from sovero programa preoare moartre form for each Kinuity or function when requested DV mno popron Menego.



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Eme the mount of program neome reason the period that is required dv the terms and conditions of the foderol ward to be o ducing from total prot costs for reports proposed on coon Des mier me mount of com income received during the reporting period for reports prepared on an accura' Doors onte the amount of income corned since the beginning of the reporting period when the form or conditions allan program income to De noong to the total word apien in onorks, the tource mount and O'DON'tion oline income

Enter amount origining to me non.frderos enere or Doprom outlevo included in the amount on line e

Erar toto' mount of Unlaw.dated obiiperions for the Dreject or program, including unliquidated Oligorions to wograntees and contixion Uni Qudoted og t101 are

Can Do:f-opingations incurred but NOI DEO

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Do not include any amounts that have been included on line o mrough o On ng tingi repori, line n should NM i roro biance

Enter ene fraerol more or unliquidRIKO OD..golions shown on inen The amount shown on inis une should bo ine difference buiwpon the amounts on uingi n ang

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Enter amount of the Dow to which me rate wa No.10

Enter tout amount of indirci cosi cnarro Ouring the coon period

Enter amount of the fodero share chargd during the "DO. I period

It more it one more w noored Ouring the proxect Dering incivo ourire Khedule Inowing Dow:

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Figure 11-12 (Continued)
Financial Status Report (Reverse Side)

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