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(3) Discussion of the Example, Figure 11-10.

(a) Item 3 - Reporting Period. When this form is used as a report,

this block is used to indicate the reporting period. For
programs/projects that are longer than 1 year, the entry in
this block corresponds to the planning period in the baseline
plan. When the "Federal Assistance Management Summary Report"
form is used as a plan and the project is 1 year or less long,
the block need not be filled in. if the project is more than
1 year long, and this form is used as a plan, the block should
show total project duration. Since this example is only for 1
year, the block has not been filled in.

(b) Item 7 - Fiscal Year.

Fiscal Year. Recipient uses this block for the current
Government Fiscal Year identification when reporting status.
This block is not used when the form is used as a plan.

(c) Item 8 - Months or Quarters. The time schedule can be identified

by months or quarters. In the example, the first quarter of the budget period is identified in the first 3 blocks with "1st". Note that the quarters are true calendar quarters. The months also are indicated with the first character of the month's name.

(d) Item 9 - Cost Status. The dollar scale is expressed in units

of a thousand, as noted. A total dollar value for the budget
period is represented by a solid line at the planned ceiling of
$295,000. Planned cost figures, entered at the base of the
graph in the blocks provided, are cumulative and are entered
in the last block for each quarter. On the graph, the quarterly
points are plotted at the end of each quarter. For the first
quarter, "58" is entered in the "J" column to indicate total
planned costs up to the end of the first quarter. A broken
line joining the points depicts planned costs over time.

(e) Item 10 - Cost Chart. This section allows the recipient to

show the breakout of funds among two to four possible fund sources or by activity as presented on the "Federal Assistance Milestone Plan." Blocks are provided for total planned and actual costs for each quarter, cumulative to date, and the fiscal year. A block is provided to identify the variance between the total planned and total actual costs per quarter. A block is also provided for total planned costs for all project years.

(f) Item 11 - Major Milestone Status. The milestones are entered

with an identification number and short descriptive title. If
appropriate, line entries should show an estimated number of
units planned for completion in the column titled "Units Planned/
Units Completed." The example indicates that 30 seminars are
planned to be completed during the project. When quantification
of results is not possible, such as for the last milestone "1.5
Prepare Evaluation Report," no unit measure should be entered.
The activity bar indicates the interval of time planned for per-
forming the task, using the same schedule shown in item 8, above.

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Figure 11-10
Example Federal Assistance Management Summary Report

as a Baseline Plan

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hom 12 - Erier er bortel omplenstary remarks regarding schedule deviene ancludo detsted on

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Federal Assistance Management Summary Report (Reverse Side)

Figure 11-10 (Continued)

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MSTRUCTIONS her 1 - Enia the feded quoni a groomer idenification number how the current now who

Dons in the office med
hon 2 - Enter the program project Mucial title i ppon in the swad and, W policable, the

promci identication number
Mom) - For Baseline Manning - the program/project duration de 12 months or lose, omit the

worn For durations groner than 12 months, one copy of the form must be completed
lor each 12 month period Ilunding you within the program project duration Enter the
boganning and ending dates for the you open you for which the costs and activities
we to be displayed
Fow Siatus Reporting - mter the mart and completion dates for the current reporting

nom 4 - Enter the name and address of the agency or office responsible for managing the project.
hoon 5 - Enter the officiel mort date of the original agreement
hern I . Enter the officiel completion date of the letom modification.
horn 1 - Enter the current Federal government necel y FY 791)
Merr - Ento the live lone of each month of the period in the 12 blocke, N reporting by quarter,

ve the column space meperated by heavy vertical lines and Identity the quarte, such

fiwet quarter and so on
hom - Show the unit of dollars ned, such a hundrede" or "thousando".

b - Enter the sporopriate dotle wale for the logo god.
c - Enter the plannad cumulative scarved costs for each month in quante Then,

• On the ond, unwind line entending how tony to show the dole ceiling Then
• Enter the el cumulative accrued costo Ine ench month a queria for the current

reporting period Then.
Subtract the planned con for the actual costs for each month or quarter en

the dillerica Ivariancel Show the m us amounts in parentheses Then
• On the ord, use dashed line 10 plot the planer cumulative conta by the della scale

and the month or Quand Then,
• Une and line to ploe the actua cumulative conto low rach na quere up to

and inchidering the month a Quene being reporod ry cod polection will very
hom the planned cow for the remainder of the period, indicate this by • doned line

onaning bom the mind ling
Horn 10 - Show planned and actual com by the source of lunding. euch - DOC, other faded

agencies IHUO, HEWI nato, or othe sources for each querie, well the cumulative
to deve and the total lunding souco. Also show the total planned costs for the wool

the program o project
her 11 - Enter the current period milestone doration Milestones we cthulties or lacks needed

to be completed to accomplish the project objectives Milestones we menusble unite
of work and can be clements from the work break down structure. Then.
• In the column labeled Units Planned, Completed, show the approprieto ligure for

the current reporting period. Enter, when quantification la possible, the number of
inoms to be produced, serviced. o sied upon
Show the milestones graphically veing the charting Information below

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f. Federal Assistance Program/Project Status Report (Form EIA-459F).

(1) Purpose. The "Federal Assistance Program/Project Status Report" is

the recipient's concise narrative assessment of the status of the work. This report is used by DOE management to monitor project status and to provide early recognition of potential problem areas.


General Instructions. This report is used to discuss technical accomplishments, variations from baseline plans or the technical approach, and actual or anticipated problems and actions taken or proposed to resolve them. The recipient also will provide an assessment of the current situation including a forecast of the near future and any impact on project accomplishment. An example of a completed report is shown as Figure Il-11.

(3) Discussion of the Example, Figure II-11.


Item 7 - Approach Changes. A brief description of any changes
in the work effort should be provided in this section. This
would include a description of any technical changes as well as
program changes. If more information is necessary, attach
additional pages. In the example the box is checked to
indicate no changes.

Item 8 - Performance Variances, Accomplishments, or Problems.
This section should include a discussion of the problems and
variances, their causes, and the effects on the project. Any
accomplishments during the reporting period should be noted.
The example refers to the destruction of the training facility
at one of the selected sites, which has an impact on the train-
ing seminars conducted, as well as the costs incurred for
those seminars.


Item 9 - Open Items. This section is used to discuss any items which have not yet been resolved between the recipient and DOE. In the example, discussion of alternative approaches to resolve the schedule deviation and cost underrun situation are stated.


Item 10 - Status Assessment and Forecast. This section of the report allows the recipient to present an analysis of the situation. Proposed solutions and expectations of future progress can also be discussed. The example discusses the recipient's recommendation regarding the open item discussed above.


Item 11 - Description of Attachments. In the example, one copy of each training module and accompanying training aids have been attached.


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The training modules and related training materials were developed on time and within costs.
The advertising campaign is well underway and registration response has been excellert.
Six training seminars have been conducted, 3 in Livonia and 3 in Mapleton with an average
attendance of 62 persons per seminar.

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The training seminars in Eliot have been temporarily postponed due to the destruction of
ene facility that had been reserved. An alternate facility could not be found immediately.
but one has been reserved or use in November. This presents the problem of either
temporarily assigning additional wersonnel to the training start or rearranging the schedule
of the present training staff to conduct the seminars in Eliot. The first alternative
would entail a cost overrun on the project for the salaries of the additional start. For
the second alternative, all the trainers' schedules would have to be revised to allow for

rs that each trainer would conduct during the third Quarter. Discussions are being held between DOE and ACE to determine the course of action to be followed.


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Figure 11-11
Example Federal Assistance Program/Project Status Report

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