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Proposals are expected to conform to the PON provision entitled
"Proposal Delivery Information" (SECTION III.31), and be prepared
in accordance with the instructions provided below. To aid in
evaluation, proposals shall be clearly and concisely written, as
well as being neat, indexed (cross-indexed as appropriate), and
logically assembled. The proposal shall be typed, double spaced,
unreduced in size, on 8 1/2" by 11" paper. Illustrations should be
legible, and foldouts shall, in general, be held to 11" by 17" size.
All pages of each part shall be appropriately numbered, and each
part shall contain the name of the offeror, the date, and the PON


Each offer shall be prepared in four volumes:

Wolume I – Qualification Discussion

Volume II - Technical Proposal

Volume III - Business & Management Proposal

Wolume IV - Cost Proposal

Project cost data shall be excluded from the technical proposal ex

cept for the limited amount of cost data needed to clarify and verify such aspects as marketability and design decisions.

Each of the

proposal volumes shall be physically separate, and entitled as listed


the required packaging and grouping are as follows:

Proposal Volume

Wolume I:

Wolume II:

Wolume III:

Wolume IV:


as Group 1.

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To Be Packaged as Follows:

The required number of copies of each proposal volume and

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Each group, designated above, must be packaged individually.

Group Group

2. 3. 13 1 13 l 13 l 12 2

All documents that contain original signatures are to be included

This does

not preclude assembling more than one, or all, of the groups in a single

overall package.

Mark the group number on the outside of each package.

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External markings for each group and place for submission are indicated

on the attached labels. In accordance with SECTION III.31, "Proposal

Delivery Information," the offeror must provide the information required

on the labels, including his return address.



(a) Signed Originals.

siroup No. 1 of the proposal, as explained in SECTION III.30, "Proposal Structure and Packaging," shall contain the signed originals of all documents requiring signature by the offeror. Use of reproductions

of signed originals is authorized in all subsequent copies of the


(b) Proposal Delivery.

The offeror assumes full responsibility for ensuring that the proposal is received by the date and time specified in SECTION III.5, "Time, Date, and Place Proposals are Due." If not sent by the U.S. mail, proposals must be closed and sealed as if for mailing. See also SECTION III.34, "Late Submissions, Modifications, and Withdrawals of



(c) Labels. [.

Labels are enclosed for use when submitting your proposal and amendments thereto. The packages used to submit your proposal (and any amendments thereto) should be marked as shown on the attached labels. The offeror must complete the blanks on the labels for the PON Number, the closing time and date, and a return address. Note that one label should be used if the proposal is mailed and a different label should

be used if the proposal is hand-delivered.

(d) Telegraphic Offers.

Telegraphic offers will not be considered; however, proposals may be modified by written or telegraphic notice, if that notice is o

received by the time specified for receipt of proposals. FUNDS TRANSFER

Payment for amounts invoiced under any award resulting from this solicitation will be made either by Treasury check or by electronic funds transfer. The latter will be made through the Treasury Financial Communications Systems (TFCS) to a designated financial institution. At the time of payment, the Government will determine the method of payment in accordance with applicable Department of

Treasury requirements.



Under the TFCS, payments can be made to financial institutions that have access to the Federal Reserve Communications System (FRCS) or, through correspondent financial institutions or Federal Reserve Banks, to financial institutions that do not have access to the FRCS. TFCS payments will be accompanied by information messages regarding the invoice being paid and the participant's account

number at the financial institution.

Participants will be required to provide the payee bank account

information required to make TFCS payments.


Unnecessarily elaborate brochures or other presentations beyond those sufficient to present a complete and effective response to this PON are not desired and may be construed as an indication of the offeror's lack of cost consciousness. Elaborate art work, expensive paper and bindings, and expensive visual and other

presentation aids are neither necessary nor desired.


(a) Any proposal received at the office designated in the PON after the exact time specified for receipt will not be considered

unless it is received before award is made and it:

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