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the projected changes to environmental emissions in the U.S. and t
regionally within the U.S. if each technology proposed were to meet
its anticipated U.S. market potential. The projected environmental
impacts of anticipated commercialization of the candidate technolo-
gies will be discussed. Such discussion will address, in qualitative
terms, unresolved environmental issues, identify areas where important
environmental information is incomplete or unavailable, and evaluate
tradeoffs between short-term and long-term effects, to the maximum

extent possible.

To enable DOE to perform this analysis, offerors shall complete and
submit with their proposal, as part of Volume III, Business and
Management Proposal, the forms provided in Appendix K, "Summary /
Environmental Data for the Commercialized Technology," using that \o
information deemed to best characterize the commercial version of

the clean coal technology being proposed.

Pre-Selection Project-Specific Environmental Review:

For proposals that meet the qualification criteria, DOE will
prepare and consider before the selection of proposals an environ-
mental impact analysis which will focus on environmental issues

pertinent to decision making. Such analysis will summarize


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the strengths and weaknesses of each proposal against the environ-
mental evaluation criteria including, to the maximum extent possible,
a discussion of alternative sites and/or processes reasonably avail-
able to the offeror; a brief discussion of the environmental impacts
of each proposal ; practicable mitigating measures; and, to the
extent known, a list of permits which must be obtained in imple-

menting the proposal.

This environmental impact analysis will be provided to the Source Selection Official. In addition, DOE will document the consideration given to environmental factors in a publicly available selection statement to record that the relevant environmental consequences of reasonable alternatives have been evaluated in the selection process. This selection statement will be filed with the Environmental

Protection Agency, in accordance with the DOE NEPA guidelines.

Post-Selection NEPA Review:

Upon award of federal financial assistance under this PON, offerors
will be required to submit the environmental information specified
in Appendix J. This detailed site- and project-specific information
will be used as the basis for site-specific NEPA documents to be

prepared by DOE for each selected project. Such NEPA documents


shall be prepared, considered, and published in full conformance
with the requirements of 40 CFR Parts 1500-1508 and in advance of a
go/no-go decision to proceed beyond preliminary design. Since
federal funds from the Clean Coal Technology Program will not be
provided for detailed design, construction, operation and/or dis-
mantlement until the NEPA process has been successfully completed,
offerors at their own risk may choose to begin preparation of this
material early so that delay can be avoided. See SECTION WI.3,

"Allowable Project Costs for Cost-Sharing Purposes."

In addition to the requirements discussed above, each cooperative
agreement entered into will require an environmental monitoring plan
to ensure that significant site- and technology-specific environmental

data are collected and disseminated.


The proposal submitted in response to this solicitation may contain
technical data and other data, including trade secrets and privi-
leged or confidential commercial or financial information, that may
be exempt from public disclosure. To help DOE to identify such
data, the proposer must specifically identify each page, including

each line or paragraph thereof, containing data that the offeror

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would like withheld from public disclosure to the extent permitted by law, and must mark the cover sheet of the proposal with the

following notice:


The data contained on pages of this proposal have been submitted in confidence and contain trade secrets and/or privileged or confidential commercial or financial information, and such data shall be used or disclosed only for evaluation purposes, provided that if a cooperative agreement is awarded to this proposer as a result of or in connection with the submission of this proposal, the Government shall have the right to use or disclose data herein to the extent provided in the cooperative agreement. This restriction does not limit the Government's right to use or disclose data obtained

without restriction from any source, including the proposer.

Mark each and every sheet that contains data that you wish to restrict

with the following legend:

"Use or disclosure of the proposal data in lines specifically identified by asterisk (*) are subject to the restriction on

the title page of this proposal."

In the event any data contained in a proposal submitted in response to this PON are requested pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), 5 U.S.C. 552, such requests will be reviewed in accordance

with the procedures provided in 10 CFR 1004.11 (1984). Prior to


disclosure of information, DOE may request additional information from the proposer, including an explanation of why he believes information included in the proposal is exempt from disclosure under the F0IA. Prompt action and cooperation by the proposer will ensure that DOE has all the information necessary to determine whether

disclosure is required by the FOIA.


(a) 0fferors are expected to examine the entire contents of this
PON, including all instructions. The offeror assumes the risk

of failure to comply with all the provisions of this PON.

(b) Each offeror shall furnish the information required by this
PON. The offeror shall complete and sign the Financial
Assistance Application Form (Appendix E) in accordance with the
accompanying instructions. Erasures or other changes must be
initialed by the person signing the offer. Offers signed by an

agent shall be accompanied by evidence of that agent's authority.

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