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II. A Review of the Doctrine of Diseases, taught at present

by Benjamin Rush, M. D. Professor of the Institutes, &c. 160

III. A singular case of the spontaneous and sudden cure of

Dropsy of the lower extremities. By William Moore,

M. D. &c.


IV. A Dissertation on the effects of a Poison, called Upas

Tieuté, and also on the Nux Vomica, the Bean of St.

Ignace, the Strychnos Potatorum, and the Vontac Ap-

ple. By Mons. A. R. Delije, M. D. of the Institute of

Egypt, &c.


V. Account of the Spotted Fever, which lately prevailed in

Orange county (N. Y.) By Doctor 1). R. Arnell 176

VI. Facts and Arguments in favour of the Foreign Origin

and Contagious Nature of the Pestilential or Malignant

Yellow Fever. By Doctor William Currie, Fellow of

the American Philosophical Society, &c.


VII. Extract of a Letter from Doctor Felix Pascalis to Doctor

Alire R. Delile, on the subject of the Poisons of the

Upas Tieuté of Java, and other Strychnos,


VIII. Account of an Epidemic which prevailed in Georgia, in

the year 1809. By John Leconte, Esq.


IX. Information concerning the Canada Thistle, a plant

which exceedingly annoys the agriculture of the north-

ern and western counties of New-York. By the Hơn.

S. L. Mitchill, M. D. &c.


X. Botanical description of the Canada Thistle, or Cnicus

Arvensis, with Observations on the means of destroy-

ing it, or preventing its increase. By David Hosack,

M. D. & P. (with an engraving)


No. III.

ART. I. Biographical Sketch of the late Honourable Cadwalla-

der Colden, formerly Lieutenant Governor of New-
York (with an ongraving,)


11. Account of the Climare and Diseases of New-York. By

Cadwallader Colden, Esq.


III Observations on the Fever which prevailed in the city of

New-York, in 1741 and 2; written in 1743. By the

Honourable Cadwallader Colden,


IV. Observations on the Falls of the Ohio. By Colonel Jona-

than Williams, President of the United States' Military
Philosophical Society, &c.


V. On the height of the Mountains in Virginia and New-

York, with observations on the formation of Rivers. By

Colonel Jonathan Williams, F. A P S. &c.


VI. An Account of an extraordinary case of Diabetes Melli-

tus. By Valentine Mott, M. D. &c.



No. I.

ART. I. A Letter to John Haygarth, M. D. F. R. S. &c. By Colin

Chisholm, M. D. F. Ř. S. &c. &c.
II. An Inaugural Dissertation on the disease termed Pete-

chial or Spotted Fever. By Nathan Strong, jun.
III. American Ornithology; or the Natural History of the

Birds of the United States. By Alexander Wilson,




Original Letter of Sir Isaac Newton,


Notice of Dr. Currie's intended work,


Lectures on Natural Philosophy and Chemistry, by J. Griscom, ib.

Observations on the Weather of the City of New York, for Octo-

-ber, November and December, 1810,


Observations on the Diseases of New York, for October, Novem.

ber and December, 1810,


Notice to Correspondents,


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