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Location. At Moffet dam 1142 miles west of Larned, in section 33, township 21 south, range 10 west.

Drainage area. Approximately 2,300 square miles.

Records available. November 21, 1924, to September 30, 1926. Prior to that date records obtained from April, 1924, at bridge east of State Hospital at Larned.

Gage. Automatic water-stage recorder attached to downstream side of right abutment of Moffet dam, and staff gage on outside of gage well. · Discharge measurements. Made by wading at low stages. Channel. Nearly permanent.

Accuracy. Rating curve well defined for low stages, but not definite enough above a gage height of 4.50 feet to ascertain daily discharges.

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Daily Gage Height, in feet, of Pawnee river near Larned, Kan., 1924-25.

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Daily GAGE HEIGHT, in feet, of Pawnee river near Larned, Kan., 1925-26.

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THE GARDEN CITY CANAL. Location. In section 4, township 24 south, range 34 west, in Finney county, about one-half mile below head gate.

Records available. Irrigation seasons of 1920 to 1926. Water-stage recorder out of order March 1 to July 14, 1926; during this period the station was visited weekly by the observer, and whenever the canal was carrying water at such times, the gage height was noted by the observer.

Gage. Gurley automatic graphic water-stage recorder installed on south bank of canal about 40 feet downstream from wagon bridge prior to 1926. In February, the gage was moved a mile and a half farther downstream.

Discharge measurements. Made by wading.

Accuracy. Stage-discharge relation affected by shifting sand in bottom of canal. Banks permanent. Daily discharge ascertained by applying mean daily gage heights to rating curve.

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DAILY DISCHARGE, in second-feet, of Garden City canal near Garden City, Kan., 1924-'26.

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