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Magnitude, in Dollars, of Race and Sex Coefficients by Regression Model *

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all female employees * All coefficient values shown were statistically significant at a 1 percent alpha-level. + The coefficient was not statistically significant at a 5 percent alpha-tevel. # No race and sex variables were used in these models.

sex, we must make the following adjustments if the employee

is not a white male:

(1) subtract $5,119 if she is a black

female, (2) subtract $4,131 if she is a white female,

(3) subtract $3,729 if she is a nonblack minority female,

(4) subtract $3,085 if he is a black male, and (5) subtract

36/ $1,178 if he is a nonblack minority male. And these

differences are after any differences in age, education,

and length of government service have been accounted for.

The salary gap is thus seen to be nearly as large as when

the other explanatory factors are not considered.

Finally, consider an employee who joins the Department

of Labor at age 25 with a bachelor's degree.

The employee

is now 30 years old, possesses 5 years of government exper

ience, and has earned graduate credits equivalent to another

year of education. We can use the various regression models to predict the employee's salary, as follows: 37/


The result given for a nonblack minority male was not statistically significant at a 5 percent alpha-level.

37/ The regression models for sex within race were used to develop this comparison. They were used as outputted by the regression program; that is, before elimination of any of the variables. For purposes of the comparison, the employees were assumed to work for either ESA or LMSA in the National Office, although similar results would have been obtained from other assumptions.

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Much of the time that was available to do the corre

lation analysis was used in setting up the problem and

obtaining successful computer runs.

The analysis accom

plished to date has not begun to exhaust the possibilities.

The problem documentation, the computer output to date,

the data itself (ready for any further computer runs), and

the regression routine are all available to interested


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system has not worked satisfactorily in the past, espe

cially for mi norities and women, a new approach is neces

sary to enable those employees who have become stagnated

at the lower levels to move into positions of higher pay

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status of upward mobility in the Department of Labor for

the 3500 nonprofessionals in Grades 1-7 over the five

year period, 1966-70.

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