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Equal Employment Opportunity is the state that

exists when all employees in any given occupation can go

as far as their ability and willingness to accept chal

lenge will take them.

Accepting as true that roughly

the same percent of minorities and women are talented as

that of any other group, the state of Equal Employment

Opportunity will be demonstrated to exist in the Depart

ment of Labor when minorities and women are distributed

in the same manner as all employees and in numbers which

[blocks in formation]

evaluation of the status of minorities and women in the

Department of Labor; (2) interviews with EEO and Person

nel staff and employees at various levels; (3) in-depth

studies of Recruitment and Upward Mobility programs; and

(4) a review of the present EEO organizational structure. The simple quantitative analysis and the correlation

study showed substantial underutilization of minorities and

women in the Department.

Such factors as education, length

of service and time-in-grade were examined.

A small part of

[blocks in formation]

tunate results of these minimal efforts, evident in all

A&O's, are most notable with regards to entry level women

in OSHA & OASA and entry level blacks in OSHA & BLS.


thermore, availability studies indicate that there are

women and minorities for DOL jobs both within and outside of

the Department.

Three departmental upward mobility programs have

affected only 45 out of 3500 nonprofessional employees

over the past five years.

The Manpower Administration has

the only one of these programs which comes close to follow

ing the Civil Service Guidelines for upward mobility.

The organization of EEO in the Department is frag

mented and not placed at a sufficiently high level to have

[blocks in formation]

are concerned with the workingman, minorities and the dis

advantaged, and the Department is responsible for enforcing

EEO standards among government contractors, State employ

ment agencies, and agency-funded programs.

The Department

must make the same requirements of itself as it does of

others in order to have credibility while carrying out its


Recent disturbances at HUD and HEW, agencies with con

stituencies similar to the Department of Labor's, indicate

that the internal EEO status of a government agency does

affect its community stature and efforts.


action must be taken by the Department to avoid similar


An effective EEO program would result in the

development of all employees, and would allow the Depart

ment to realize the full potential of its workforce.

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