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1. OP will establish a Central

recruitment office with professional and supportive staff.

1. Provide EEO guidelines for train-1. ASPER, 0/Secy, ILAB, OASA will

ing, selection and assigning of maintain one full-time recruiter recruiters.

2. Receives and reviews Manpower

Planning Reports.

2. Maintain close contact with Cen- 2. LMSA, SOL, BLS will each maintai tral Recruiting Office and

one full-time recruiter. recruiters.

3. Coordinates clerical, tech

nician, and professional recruitment programs.

3. Evaluate recruitment prorams

and monitor progress through statistics and other reports.

3. ESA, OSHA, MA will each maintain

two full-time recruiters.

4. Assist in selection of


4. Serve as reference source for

recruitment information.

4. Each region will maintain one

full-time recruiter.

5. Coordinate, supervise, train,

and assign recruiters--
receive their trip and pro-
gress reports.

5. Maintain Executive Level

Bank (listing of qualified minorities and women for GS15 and above

5. Recruiters will handle clerical,

technician, and professional recruiting for DOL.

[blocks in formation]



D-1 ASPER EEO Action Plan



EEO Action Plan

As can be seen from the attached statistical analysis, on an overall basis ASPER has a favorable sex distribution (55 percent) and a fair proportion (26 percent) of minority employees. In particular, women represent a sizeable portion of the professional staff (26 percent), and Negro women are well represented in the higher grades in the secretarial series.

clearly, however, our most significant deficiency is the fact that there are no professional employees who are members of racial minorities. Thus, our principal EEO objective is to remedy that situation, and most of the following action proposals are directed to that end:


We will expand our own outreach program of
contacts with possible minority candidates
so as to be in the best possible hiring
position at the time such positions are
open. Each member of the ASPER staff will
be expected to draw upon and extend such
contacts and resources as he or she may
have to broaden the base from which a
selection will eventually be made. Leads
to attractive candidates should be coordi-
nated with the ASPER EOO coordinator. Το
aid in recruitment an effort will be made
to advise all staff members as far in
advance as possible with respect to specific


We are prepared to reserve one professional
position to be filled by a minority employee
before the end of this fiscal year.


Our summer hiring plans include one junior-
professional and one summer-aide--both will
be minorities. We hope to have arrangements
for the former concluded by mid-April.


We should have greater hiring flexibility in
FY '72. Depending upon the extent to which
our request for additional positions is
authorized, we will reserve either one or
two positions for minority persons.


In FY '72 we intend to realign the current
pattern of our classification structure, and
establish new positions at the entry and middle
requirement levels. This should increase the
likelihood of successful minority recruitment.
Classification analysts from Personnel will
be asked to establish two of these positions
by the end of this fiscal year, and the balance
no later than the time that additional slots
are approved.


Before the end of this fiscal year we shall create a position for an Administrative Assistant in ASPER and shall, concurrently, develop an upgrading program for a member of the present secretarial staff (Mrs. Hamilton) to fill that position.


We shall take steps to insure that supervisory personnel, in particular, are made fully aware of the objectives and implementing mechanisms of the EEO program.

Written information on the program will be disseminated regularly, and our regular formal and informal meetings will be used with greater frequency to discuss EEO strategies and problems. More structured programs will be adopted if this seems appropriate.

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