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should also be made aware of those people in the Depart

ment who are involved full-time with EEO and encouraged

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and a ratio of one secretary to every two professionals

might help to achieve this objective.


The clerical staff should also be encouraged

to assume certain "professional" duties, such as those

involving basic research or statistics.

Additional re

sponsibilities would contribute to their knowledge of

the office's operations, and would also enable some of

them to move into the para-professional or professional




Although the single most important aspect of an

effective EEO program is commitment from top to bottom,

certainly the second most important consideration is an

efficient organizational structure.

The development of

such a structure must consider the mission of EEO and the

larger organization within which it must iunction.

As stated in the introduction to this report, Equal

Employment Opportunity is the state that exists when all

people in any given employment can go as far as their

ability and willingness to accept challenge will take then.

But we recognize that because of discrimination and social

attitudes past and present, all people do not have an

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discussed elsewhere in this report.

The concern here is

how best to organize our efforts to reach this goal.

This section of the Task Force Report will examine

the present structure of EEO now and how the organization

can be improved to accomplish EEO goals.

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the Secretary of Labor directly to the heads of each

Administration and office.

The heads of the A&O's de

signate EEO Co-ordinators to assist them in carrying

out their responsibilities.

The Assistant Secretary for

Administration is designated the EEO Director and is given

authority to provide leadership and assistance to the


There is, further, an EEO Officer who is to

assist the EEO Director, and who is responsible for

receiving formal complaints of discrimination.


Order also provides for EEO Counselors who are respon

sible for receiving informal complaints.

The Order states

that the A&O's must submit a yearly EEO affirmative action

plan to the EEO Director and include EEO progress in

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