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• I thought our dear friend and revered Teacher whose powerful “ Warning "struck us so deeply on the fifth of November, clearly intimated his expectation of the temporary triumph of Popery here, before the end shall come.'

• He did: I wonder if it occurred to him or you by what a ridiculous and pitiable infatuation that simple house of prayer, in which pure Protestantism has long been taught, still bears the name of the unprincipled old impostor Dunstan, and dubs him a saint, too!'

Really, I thought of it: to me it seems an ominous sign that we have retained so many Popish distinctions, both in names and things, just where they might have been expected to be most carefully expunged.'

Well, well; yet a little while, and He that cometh shall come, and will not tarry. This is my comfort. But mark you, niece, there is not under heaven a nation provoking God's wrath to the extent that we now do!'

At this moment, my uncle's countenance assumed the sternest and darkest expression it is capable of : he drew from his pocket a newspaper; and holding it crushed in his grasp, resumed,

• What is the duty of a Christian ander aggression and wrong?'

• To abstain from vengeance, certainly, and to return good for evil; but I should think the details of his duty must vary according to circumstances.'

• What is the duty of Christians, voluntarily passing into a country inhabited by pagans ?'

• To proclaim salvation through Christ, baptizing such as believe, teaching and commanding them to

do whatsoever He hath ordained. They must also be as a city set on a hill, as a light placed in a candlestick, as salt scattered where the general tendency is to corruption.'

• True, true : but suppose that, appearing as enemies, they had been attacked, defeated, massacred, by men who never beard these soul-subduing precepts; who consider it commendable so to act towards an adversary: and who regard as lawful whatever is calculated to benefit themselves, and to secure their own possessions?'

* Such were our ancestors, until holy men came from the East to preach the gospel of peace and love. We need but to glance at that fact, and contemplate our present blessings, to fill us with desire that through our means many people may become partakers of the same unspeakable gift.'

Shew me no more this fearful bright reality, it makes so horrible the contrast I am about to exhibit. Look ! this is the language held by Englishmen, baptized men, professors of the religion of Jesus; and paraded as worthy of general admiration among our Christian masses, in the columns of the daily newspapers. Read, and judge.'

He handed me the paper, and turned away. . It purported to be an extract from a letter written by some officer engaged in the war of revenge against Affghanistan; and thus it runs :

“ The effect of this small fight will be good; even now it is apparent, and great is the sorrow with which the inhabitants are watching from the pine-forests, on the higher ranges of hills, the destruction of their Jaxuriant fields and rich vineyards, large trees and comfortable homes, where camp-followers, camels,

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and fire are waging a war of extermination. Already the panic has spread, and hoary-headed patriarchs, with crutches to rest their chins upon, are seen winding their way towards the head-quarters, willing to accede to any terms which may save them from a similar fate.”

And, a little farther on, another extract:

“We are now luxuriating quietly in the most delicious fruits, and lots of supplies of all kinds for the present. All the villages and forts were burnt to the ground ; vineyards cut down from the root; mulberrytrees and all trees of any value destroyed ; twenty-five years would not restore the place to its former beauty, and five years at least will be requisite to make it habitable. This is the way to do business, for it was here the wretched remains of the 44th were cruelly massacred ; lots of their accoutrements were found, and an immense deal of other European property.

“ The chiefs are coming in in every direction, and all are crying out for mercy; and well may they do so, for the killing of a few hundreds of them is a mere trifle indeed, to the destroying of those beautiful oases which reduces thousands to starvation, and nothing but years of incessant labour can restore.”

• Thousands to starvation! Hoary-headed men, leaning on crutches, who could not have taken part in the sanguinary war of defence that brought on this wretched people such a fearful revenge---weak women too, and helpless babes, and who are all partakers of our common nature, stained with our common guilt, welcome even as we to partake in the free salvation purchased by the blood of the cross all immortal souls, plunged into eternity with such a picture as this of Christianity before their eyes! Uncle, it makes my heart sick.'

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• Look at the title of the paper.'
The “ True Tablet.!” The Romish Journal.'

Ay: those extracts are transferred into its colamos from other newspapers, and accompanied with some fearfully just remarks, penned in a spirit of indignation such as the subject ought to kindle in every man's bosom. I feel the testimony the more as coming before me by such a channel-the very hand that is armed to scourge us holds up the blood-stained record of our guilt, unwittingly vindicating the justice of God in giving us once more into the hand of our ancient foe. Said I not right that our crime is beyond a parallel ?''

May the Lord keep us from partaking in it! I have always contemplated with borror the progress of our arms in that direction, and marvelled when good men calculated on what advantages might accrue if, God should be pleased to bless our enterprize ; but after reading those dreadful descriptions I -almost tremble at the linking of His Name and His blessing with the subject at all. It does seem an awful insult to the Divine Majesty to do aught but cry for pardon, and to implore, at any hazard, at any loss, the immediate withdrawal of our countrymen from such a scene of truly diabolical outrages.'

Ay, poor fellows; the whole body are acting compulsorily; and some may loathe it even as we do, who nevertheless are compelled to burn and massacre, even to the glutting of hell with lost souls. But on some heads the responsibility must rest; and that terrible responsibility is shared by all who look complacently on, even from this distance. Men's miods are utterly blinded by a selfishness as ruinous as it is false ; they canno

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empire of fraud, force and cruelty is pulling down destruction on its own head. Even Christians too often put away the Bible, and yield themselves to the guidance of principles the most directly opposed to its divine character, when viewing worldly and political events. Prayer is never more needful than when we listen to the news of the day : God's word never more indispensable than when we pause to read the actions of men. Alas, alas! I fear there is a hand even now preparing to trace on the high wall of our national prosperity the fearful decree that insures impending destruction. “ Thou art weigbed in the balances and found wanting.'

And yet, uncle, never was the pride of the country more rampant: one class rejoicing in victory, revenge, and territorial acquisition ; another piously hoping that our artillery has opened a door for the preaching of the gospel in lands long closed against it'

• And a third prostrate before God, confessing and deploring the sin of the two former. What! is the gospel like Mahomet's imposture, to be propagated at the weapon's point? Oh, trust me, when Jesus opens a door, it is not with sword and flame, and the stroke of a cruel one! Besides, do you think that any who planned these expeditions ever thought of thereby preaching Christ to the poor Pagans ? No; God may indeed bring good out of evil; but the language of His righteous indignation against that evil is ever sounding in my ears: “Shall I not visit for these things ? saith the Lord ; Shall not my soul be avenged on such a nation as this?")

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