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forming Arts. Perth Amboy, N.J., was given timated, more than 200,000 small businesses highly effective community development procredit for a facility it planned to build later. will have been closed by urban renewal--a gram of the United States Chamber of ComThe GAO reports are full of such cases.

catastrophe largely overlooked in rosy de- merce, says, “The responsibility for redevel2. The program operates like Robin Hood scriptions of these programs.

oping and revitalizing a city belongs to the in reverse. It approves the taking of prop- 5. The program encourages landgrabbing people of that city, and to nobody else. Reerty by police power from ordinary citizens and hasty starts on 111-conceived projects, development is essential, but it must be an and selling it by advance arrangement to often followed by long periods of stagnation. orderly self-help program, not a gigantic other, often wealthy, private citizens at prices About 20 percent of all projects are aban- blitzkrieg. Genuine new life for a city can frequently as low as 30 percent of acquisition doned. Seventy percent of all land seized only be generated from within. It cannot be cost. That 70-percent writedown constitutes so far has not yet been put to the use desig- granted from above, or imposed from the outa huge subsidy which robs taxpayers every- nated.

side by drastic action which destroys the where for the benefit of chosen redevelopers. Boston, for instance, now has 19 urban- very civic values it must have to succeed.

For example: In Washington, D.C., accord- renewal projects involving $227,960,000. People in cities all over America are rediscov. ing to Senator JOHN WILLIAMS, Republican,

When the books of the Boston Redevelop- ing the classic truth that 'free Federal of Delaware, the city's redevelopment agency ment Authority were examined by State au- money' costs far too much." paid the D.C. Transit System, of which O. ditor Thomas J. Buckley, he reported: "The Congress must now take a full, hard look Roy Chalk is president, $1,266,605 for some principal result of BRA operations has been at the entire Federal urban renewal program, property, then later leased it back to his the creation of numerous parking lots on which, to date, has fallen far short of its Chalk House West, Inc., for 99 years at a valuable lands, which have been rented to

goals. It must insure that adequate housbargain rental of $43,221 a year. private operators at a fraction of their value.

ing is made available to families displaced Some of these deals extend subsidized Land owned by BRA is not subject to real by urban renewal-one of the major points housing to middle-income families and so estate taxes, and therefore the delay is con- President Lyndon B. Johnson made clear in widen the scope of the welfare state. When struction has cost the city thousands of dol- calling for a “revised" program. We must end it was begun 15 years ago, Washington's slow lars in tax revenues."

the waste, favoritism, and arbitrary use of moving $100 million Southwest Urban Re- During the period of Buckley's audit (late

power that helps the greedy and hurts the newal Area B project was supposed to provide 1957 to early 1963), approximately $1,675,000

needy. These are the minimum steps that housing at $17 per room per month. Instead, was paid to various contractors for main- must be taken before a new "crash" effort in as Representative JOHN KYL, Republican, of

tenance and major repairs to property urban renewal is allowed to send still more Iowa, says, "The area is full of super-duper scheduled for demolition. Buckley was un

billions down the slippery political sluiceglass apartments which rent for $175 per able to find a single case in which this work

ways. month and up, unfurnished."

was done under contract resulting from 3. It forces poor but independent home- competitive bidding. owners into subsidized public housing. A 6. Urban renewal programs often enrich

One Quick Step, and a Hop Away

A slum landlord can split well-known Washington judge, E. Barrett slum owners. Prettyman, spoke eloquently of the people in

single apartments in two and then, because a well-kept area doomed because it failed of crowding aggravated by demolitions else

EXTENSION OF REMARKS to meet modern standards. "What if its where, charge huge rents. Finally he sells owners and occupants like it that way?" he

out to urban renewal, and since slums pay asked. “Suppose they are old fashioned and high returns per square foot of space, he

HON. JAMES A. HALEY prefer single-family dwellings; suppose they receives a handsome price. He takes his

OF FLORIDA bonanza, pays a 25-percent capital gains tax, like small flower gardens, believe that a plot of ground is the place to rear children?" or buys another slum, and waits for urban IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES suppose these people can't afford to own more renewal to buy him out again-ad nauseam.

Wednesday, March 4, 1964 modern homes? The poor, the slow, the old, 7. The HHFA in Washington-given rethe small in ambition have no less right to markably broad discretionary powers-runs Mr. HALEY. Mr. Speaker, with perproperty than the quick, the young, the the urban renewal show. Once a city council

mission to extend my remarks, I wish aggressive. Are such questions to be decided applies for and receives Federal aid on a

to place in the CONGRESSIONAL RECORD at by the Government?" project, it must subordinate itself to Fed

this time an editorial column, “One Urban renewal in practice seems to dis- eral laws and regulations, under the threat of forfeiture of Federal funds. Worse, com

Quick Step, and a Hop Away,” which was place, most often, poor Negroes. Declared

written by Mr. Malcolm A. Johnson and Representative WILLIAM B. WIDNALL, Repub- munities with their own master plans for lican, of New Jersey, “The pattern in the Dis- private building suddenly find the plans appeared in the February 23, 1964, issue

within the renewal area frozen for the life trict of Columbia in this regard follows the

of the Tallahassee Democrat, one of national pattern, so much so that urban re

of the Federal project-sometimes for as long Florida's leading daily newspapers. newal has come to mean 'Negro removal' in as 40 years.

Mr. Johnson is one of the most knowlthe minds of those it was intended to help."

Once & program is started, no one is free

edgeable, clear-thinking and outstandAdds the Most Reverend Patrick A. O'Boyle,

from condemnation on whim. If but one
small structure in a block of five buildings

ing newspapermen of the Southeastern Catholic archbishop of Washington: "We

States. In this article he deals with the can be declared substandard, all houses or gain nothing by tearing down slum housing if we force the residents to create new slums

businesses in that block can be condemned action of the Supreme Court of the

for urban renewal. elsewhere by overcrowding."

Thus, local initiative United States in ruling that congressional In Alexandria, Va., the Durant Civic Asso- to improve property is throttled, and blight districts within a State must be substanciation is struggling desperately to prevent

is accelerated by the very law designed to tially equal in population. I hope that destruction of a neighborhood of neat, clean, cure it.

each of my colleagues will read Mr. older houses, owned and well kept by thrifty

8. Community development programs may be used for the extension of political power

Johnson's commentary of what could Negroes whose families have lived there for


take place as a result of this decision. as long as 100 years. "Where can our people by whichever party is in the saddle. United States Chamber of Commerce cites

The article follows: buy equal housing with the money they will get?" asks A. Melvin Miller, the attorney two recent instances in which the admin

ONE QUICK STEP, AND A HOP AWAY leading the fight. istration asked 2,400 city mayors to use their

(By Malcolm B. Johnson) 4. Urban renewal ruins thousands of small influence for passage of legislation. One was

Just one quick step and a hop, now, and business enterprises, many of which could a foreign aid bill, the other the plan to set

our Federal judiciary will be in a position up a new Department of Urban Affairs and survive and even flourish under programs to

to declare any number of seats in the U.S. rehabilitate rather than raze their areas.

Housing. "If this political alliance between
the cities and the Federal Government were

House of Representatives vacant, then proMany concerns lease their premises; when

ceed to dictate district lines in such a way to become fully effective," the chamber urban renewal uproots them, the owners of warns, "the national two-party system would

as to separate your Congressman from his the buildings receive fair market value for

electorate and influence. the property, but the renters get nothing for

almost certainly be impaired, and the effec-
tiveness of local voluntary organizations

This assumption of power by appointive, the worth of their going businesses (which would deteriorate."

life-term judges over the constituency of the includes goodwill, customers, etc.).1

These are a few of the major complaints directly elected Representatives of the people Moving to new neighborhoods where they against federally subsidized urban renewal.

should bother you-unless you are naive are not known often means tragedy and Flaws in its operation have become so ob

enough to think a moral lawyer-politician heartbreak, especially for older merchants. A vious that even the lure of "something for

gains supreme wisdom and benevolence when study by Brown University showed that 40 nothing" is losing its charm. In some cities,

someone puts a black robe on him. percent of the shops uprooted in the Providence, R. I., urban-renewal program had to

such as Los Angeles and Richmond, Va., city The Supreme Court of the United States

councils have rejected projects after vigorous kicked over 175 years of contrary rulings last go out of business. By 1970, it has been es

civic protests. In others, such as Dallas week to decree that our Constitution, al

and Lincoln, Nebr., voters have turned down though it reads the same as before, now 1 See “Bulldozers at Your Door," "The Federal aid by 2-to-1 margins.

means districts from which a State's conReader's Digest," September 1963.

S. Howard Evans, principal architect of the gressmen are elected must be substantially at

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equal in population; and if they aren't, the of laws into the very realm of making gove cles relative to the imperfections of the Federal courts can do something about it. ernment.

draft, which appeared recently in one Since the Court conceded population Specifically, an unscrupulous majority of

of New York City's leading newspapers equality among districts can't be achieved five on the Court could, right now, shift the

the New York World-Telegram. I feel precisely (even through its omniscience), it line of succession to the Presidency by cutleft undeclared just how much inequality

that in publishing these articles, this ting House Speaker John McCORMACK out of equals practicable equality. his Massachusetts district (which has nearly

crusading newspaper has performed a As in the plague of cases involving ap- 25 percent more people than another dis- valuable public service in calling attenportionment of representation in State leg- trict) and making him run in a predomi- tion to the pressing need for updating islatures these past couple of years, the issue nantly Republican district. If he lost, the the draft law to meet present day miliof population equity in this matter of lining House would have to elect a new Speaker

tary manpower requirements. up congressional districts is secondary. who would become President if anything

As the sponsor of H.R. 10211 in this No one will argue that we have lawmaking happened to Lyndon Johnson.

House-a bill which is identical with S. representation anywhere near proportionate More plausibly, a Supreme Court conspirto population, although we might debate acy could bring chaos to the seniority system,

2432, the proposed legislation introduced whether that is the primary consideration in on which the whole House is organized and in the other body by Senator KEATING, our system.

operated, by gerrymandering older members and which calls for the establishment of We could argue, too, about whether the into districts where they would have to run a commission to make a comprehensive disparities give us bad government, or if their against each other or would be

study and investigation of the adequacy elimination—if possible-would improve it; disadvantage.

of the present system of compulsory but that argument has been lost in mass of A really clever redistricting, such as might military training under the Universal arithmetic surrounding the issue, and it come from judges who learned about politi

Act-I might be good to recall that we were warned cal machinations in their youth, could even

Military Training and Service by either Alexander Hamilton or James maneuver out of office a chairman of the was particularly pleased and impressed Madison in an unsigned Federalist paper that powerful Committee on Rules, or of Judici- by the objective approach of these arti"nothing can be more fallacious than to ary, or Appropriations, or Armed Services or cles, and by the well-documented infound our political calculations on arith- others who might be obstacles to their desires

equities which were found to exist under metical principles."

or to the ambitions of executive or military the present law.
cronies. Merely entertaining a series of har-

Because I feel that these articles by assing suits that could knock a Congressman The graver question today is whether the courts should, for any reason, move in on the out of his district might be enough to whip Lee Townsend present a highly effective

review of the inequities and shortcomhim into line. hitherto exclusive legislative business of

ings of the draft-inequities and short-, making representation adjustments indicated by population growth and shifts. Un- There are just lots of ways & Supreme tention of Members of the Congress, be

comings which should be called to the attil a generation ago, few judges would claim Court with this kind of power could gain the the Constitution gave them any right to top hand in Washington, all in the name

cause of the valuable background matemake or change law when it seemed to them of giving the people more equal representa

rial in the series on the need for updatthat constitutional lawmaking agencies were tion.

ing the Universal Military Training and moving too slowly or in the wrong direction. But such things needn't happen. Our Service Act-I ask for unanimous conThe Constitution hasn't been changed, but proud system of checks and balances can sent to have the first of this excellent they've been declaring more and more power head off any such flagrant abuse of power series of the New York World-Telegram for themselves.

if we still have such a system in operative articles on the draft printed in the ApThis is the point at which we might try to condition.

pendix of the RECORD. anticipate the quick step and the hop which The House could bow up and refuse to could bring us a judicial tyranny unless recognize court-made districts and men

WHAT'S REALLY WRONG WITH THE DRAFT someone hobbles the Supreme Court in its elected from them by exercising its consti- "Avoiding the draft is no more immoral eager rush.

tutional authority to pass on qualifications than avoiding rain puddles." The quick step is almost on us. Already and elections of its own Members; but that

A STUDENT. pending before the U.S. Supreme Court on would require an election contest in the dis- “Attitudes toward the draft are an invitaappeal is an order of three appointive Federal

tricts, where enforcement of court orders tion to national disaster." judges who actually laid down an apportion- would be a stronger influence on ballot ar

A MANPOWER EXPERT. ment of representation in the Oklahoma rangements than efforts to hold the status "Guys never get called for physicals but I Legislature because divisions by the legisla- quo.

got taken. Is that justice?" ture, under the State constitution, and by Also, Congress has power to remove judges

INDUCTEE AT FORT Dix. the elective Oklahoma Supreme Court didn't by impeachment if it catches them at such

(By Lee Townsend) suit them. tactics. And it can limit judicial authority

A Queens inductee, who knew little more It is generally agreed among shoulderby statute, or by proposing to the States a

about the draft than the fact that he was shrugging lawyers that, sooner or later, the

constitutional amendment to supersede a Supreme Court will say that lower Federal bad court judgment (the only amendment

caught in it, recently gave this evaluation of Judges, or the Big Court itself, can allot respecting the judiciary

we've ever adopted, peacetime conscription: those seats in State legislatures. It logically the 11th, was for that very purpose).

"It stinks." It's amazing that we haven't heard a loud

Detailed study of this Nation's so-called follows that, having done it once, they can do it whenever an imbalance of population demand in Congress for bringing some of

universal military training program shows these checks and balances into play since

he's right. is shown-which in a growing, shifting State

In its 15-year history, the peacetime draft the Court stuck its nose into this business like Florida could be about once a year. last Monday. It would be even more amaz.

system has taken the few and left the many. Then would come the hop, and not a very

In an elaborate attempt to be flexible and ing if we found there haven't been a good long one:

fair it has often favored the rich over the many cloakroom strategy conferences along The reasoning behind the ruling last week this very line.

poor, the shrewd over the naive, the highly that Georgia has an unconstitutional lineup

educated over the unlettered, the unsavory

For those who might scoff that the fine of congressional districts is exactly the

over the wholesome and, most recently, the men on the U.S. Supreme Court wouldn't reasoning in the earlier cases on State legis

married over the single. think of any such skulduggery, we might lature representation. So, if the Supreme recall that Thomas Jefferson said: "It can

It has taken men out of good civilian jobs Court says how many delegates to the Okla

and left others to stand on unemployment never be too often repeated, that the time homa State Legislature must come from each

lines. for fixing every essential right on a legal county or group of counties, it would hardly basis is while our rulers are honest, and

It has made most youths feel there's blanch at decreeing which geographical areas ourselves united."

nothing wrong in avoiding military service. of the various States may send delegates to

It has made the few who get drafted feel they the U.S. House of Representatives.

are members of a very unlucky minority.

Postwar conscription has grown up to be Change the Draft

a Government giant whose eyes are far bigger Now, almost any small group of intelligent

than its stomach. It has growled menacmen could sit down and give us congressional


ingly at every young man since its birth in districts and State legislature representation

1948 but it has gobbled up only about 15 of more nearly proportionate to population

every 100 New York males registered for the than we have if they were clothed with the HON. SEYMOUR HALPERN draft in all that time. arbitrary power to do it; but who wants to

And this figure includes everyone inducted grant any little group that kind of arbitrary

here during the Korean war, the 1961 Berlin power?


crisis and every other emergency of the The minute those nine men on the U.S.

Wednesday, February 26, 1964

atomic age. Supreme Court decide they can decree the

Selective service currently gives Uncle Sam constituency of the U.S. House of Represent- Mr. HALPERN. Mr. Speaker, I have only 7 percent of his fighting men.

And atives they will go even beyond the making been much impressed by a series of arti- there is no conclusive proof that it is very





in years.

effective in bulldozing men into other certain deferments—such as the ones for include in the RECORD the very excellent branches of the service to avoid the draft. schools or jobs—have their draft liability ex

speech of Arthur J. Campbell, of DeadStrip away the rumors and myths about tended from the age of 26 to 35.

wood, S. Dak., winner of the 1964 Voice selective service and there seem to be more Therefore, many youths think eventually

of Democracy Contest in South Dakota. of these around than draftees—and you have they will be called, no matter how long they

Arthur is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Robkeep a deferment. This isn't true. Before this simple fact:

ert V. Campbell, and a sophomore in If you can reach 26 without putting on a anyone over 26 can be drafted, every eligible

the Deadwood High School. His speech, military uniform, chances are you never will man under that age has to be taken.

And a New York draft spokesman said, “The Challenge of Citizenship," is as wear one unless there's a war.

A man can artfully avoid a call to patri- “Selective Service officials are certain that all follows: otism if he reaches the "magic age" of 26 manpower requests of the military short of a

THE CHALLENGE OF CITIZENSHIP by keeping a school deferment, an "essential declaration of war can be met by unmarried

(By Arthur Campbell, Deadwood, S. Dak.) job," a wife-or even, in some cases, a psy- registrants not yet 26 years of age.” chiatrist.

A Presidential order issued last September Challenges--they meet man every day the

world over. allows you to stay a safe distance from the

The mountaineer scales a peak The most popular way to stay out of the Army-at least if numbers are any indica- draft if you take a wife.

because it is there. Doctors fight the chal

lenge of disease and astronauts circle the tion--is to flunk out. Induction stations


earth hoping to conquer challenging space. tell about half the men hauled down for

This has already taken nearly 6,000 New

But, Americans, there is an even greater preinduction examinations that they are not Yorkers from the pool of available men, with

challenge facing us today-a challenge so physically, mentally or morally fit to be the number guaranteed to rise sharply.

often forgotten in the whirling pace of the drafted.

The new "out" has also created a situation Right now in this city there are nearly which points up one of the inequities of the

20th century, yet one so important it de200,000 draft-age men in this group of re

mands our full strength and talent. If, Selective Service System.

when confronted with this challenge, we rejecteestwice the number of New Yorkers

With husbands joining the thousands of spond we will remain free-free thinking, free currently in any military uniform * * .

other untouchables, draft officials predict acting, but if we turn away from the those in Reserve and college ROTC units.

that the pool of available men here will drop challenge, America's entire concept of freeFIVE THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED DRAFTED LAST YEAR to the point that men of college age soon

dom and its entire way of life will be lost With so many safely tucked away in one will be eyed for induction for the first time

as we absentmindedly look on-for the challoophole or another, it's no wonder a Brook

At present the lowest age of call

lenge of which I speak is the challenge of lyn draftee-one of the 5,500 men drafted is between 22 and 23.

citizenship. here last year-said in an interview at Fort Local draft boards have the undisputed

Not every citizen of every nation is preDix: authority to determine whether each job and

sented with this challenge. One look will "There are about 10 guys in my neighbor- school deferment should be renewed in the

tell you why. hood who never even got called for physi- national interest.

Look at the faces of the commoners in cals, but I got taken. What kind of justice Faced with a shortage of readily available

other lands. There are few smiles as they is that?" men, it would be possible for draft boards

toil and sweat for a government and ideal to decide certain students would best serve At the beginning of last month, this city

that binds them in the shackles of servitude of nearly 8 million people, had only 1,500 the national interest in uniform, while others

and inequality. They exist merely for the men ripe for the draft-hardly a large are allowed to stay in the classroom.

benefit of the state. enough crowd to cause a good rush-hour

This also means that some students soon

To these oppressed, America means & subway jam. may be taken out of college while others

chance to become more than a common These men were the only ones in the ages who came before them not only finished

slave-a chance to dream the dreams of an currently being inducted—22 to 26—who their undergraduate work undisturbed but

unshackled were allowed to go on to graduate school-

individual with individual weren't deferred, exempt or unfit. And only 568 of the 1,500 had been examined. if they had the money.

worth-a chance not only to dream dreams of

success and greatness but to actually fulfill A group of Columbia students interviewed

these dreams for, you see, in America the a few days ago said frankly that they thought

There are other paradoxes, inequities, and Government is a servant of the people; not there was nothing immoral about avoiding

inconsistencies in the draft which give good the people a servant of the Government. the draft through legal means.

cause to wonder why it has gone virtually America is truly the stronghold of freedom. Sophomore Mike Teitelman-one of the

free from organized criticism so long and 25,000 New Yorkers with school deferments

Because these things are true-because has been renewed with rubberstamp regusaid avoiding the draft was no more immoral

our Nation represents rights and democracy larity every 4 years by Congress.

and because our ideal is exclusive, we are than "avoiding stepping in rain puddles.

For instance, a man who avoids service beNo one wants to step in puddles or be

presented with a challenge. How do we precause he is morally unfit to wear a uniform drafted."

serve and protect this ideal that makes need do nothing to serve his country. But

us indiivduals? This is the challenge of DRAFT IMMORAL a man who is a sincere conscientious objec

citizenship. His classmate, Michael Flug, said: “The tor usually has to work 2 years at a nondraft itself is immoral. Any refusal to co

We find the answer to our question in hisprofit, often menial Job in return for the

tory. What about our forefathers, those who operate is justified."

right to stay out of the Army. Dan Colbert, another sophomore, felt it

passed the torch of freedom to us? Were they Last week, the Pentagon announced it

Casper Milquetoasts or Mr. Do-Nothings? was no more wrong to stay out of "than it would study the draft laws and procedures is immoral to try and pay the minimum taxes

When they saw tyranny closing in about with an eye to possible reforms. But milithat you owe."

them did they shrink from the challenging tary officials made it clear there was little One student said dodging the draft was

call to freedom or relax in their easy chairs chance the draft would be abolished. “all part of the American game. It's played

and wait for Joe to do something? No.

Since the beginning of the Korean war, with the realization that you'll eventually slightly more than 175,000 New Yorkers have

They fought a hard fight and many of them be taken, but it's your duty to avoid it if posbeen inducted, less than 15 percent of the 1.3

gave their lives to regain freedom from the jaws of tyranny.

But that was not all. sible. If you give in, you have no American mililon males registered with the Selective

Those early Americans used their freedoms spirit."

Service System here.
Dr. Eli Ginzberg of the conservation of With 5,000 men now entering the New

too. They spoke against those things which

slowly would undermine the principles for human resources project at Columbia called York draft reservoir each month-about the current attitude toward the draft an "in- twice the number who are leaving the pool

which blood was shed. They considered who vitation to national disaster."

could best lead them and they had the inchances are draft-eligible males of tomorrow

terest to go to the polls and vote for these A history major said he planned to earn will have even better than an 85 percent

candidates. Through civil war, world wars, his doctorate which, he said, should keep chance of never answering "Greetings."

turmoil, and confusion-for nearly 200 years him deferred until he's 26. A science major

our American ideal of freedom and indiboasted he would teach until he was 26 and

vidual worth bas endured. Now in the 20th skip the draft.

century we too must meet the challenge of TEN THOUSAND DEFERRED The Challenge of Citizenship

citizenship by using our freedoms wisely. There are currently 10,000 New Yorkers de

It is said we never really appreciate anyferred for what draft boards determine to be

EXTENSION OF REMARKS thing unless we work and fight for it. Then essential industry Jobs.

work and fight for freedom

must. They include high school and college

Around us too are those forces which would science teachers and some language teachers.


slowly undermine our way of life--corrupAlso certain mathematicians, tool and die

tion, tyranny, complacency. Around us are

OF SOUTH DAKOTA makers, patternmakers, physicists, glass,

the millions who look to you and me, Ameriblowers, and men in a host of other jobs.


cans, as the protectors of individual worth If these men keep these Jobs until they're

Wednesday, March 4, 1964

and freedom. There is the generation yet to 26 they will "have it made," as they say in

come. Let us not pass on to them an Amerthe Army.

Mr. BERRY. Mr. Speaker, under per- ica in which freedom is past tense because Selective service registrants who receive mission to extend my remarks, I wish to we did not meet the confronting challenge








to preserve, protect, exercise, and pass on The daily newspaper, more than any other representative in the United Nations and our heritage.

institution, reflects the life and character of at other international forums has been passWe must meet the greatest challenge in a the community, and its success is measured ing as the protector of all subjugated peoworld of challenge. Will you join me in the directly in its accurate fulfillment of that ples, especially former colonies in Africa and meeting of this challenge the challenge of responsibility.

Asia: Therefore be it citizenship.

The ownership and management of the "Resolved, That we the Americans of Florida Publishing Co, and every member of Lithuanian descent in Lowell do hereby ex

the staff who dedicate their time and talents press our gratitude to the Government of the New Florida Times-Union Building

to the production of the best newspaper pos- United States of America for its support of

sible are therefore keenly conscious that the Lithuania's cause for freedom and for its reHonors Century of Service

overriding concern of their efforts is the fusal to recognize the occupation and illegal "end product," a newspaper which meets the annexation of Baltic States-Lithuania,

needs of its readers for information, thought- Latvia and Estonia by the Soviet Union; and EXTENSION OF REMARKS

provoking comment and entertaining fea- "Resolved, That we Americans of Lithuatures, presented in attractive format and

nian descent are determined and united to HON. CHARLES E. BENNETT reliably delivered to their hands.

uphold the efforts of the Lithuanian people Those who now carry the responsibility of to regain their liberation and national inserving the readership of the Florida Times

dependence; and IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES Union are custodians of a rich heritage from "Resolved, That the Government of the

those who, over the past century, have con- United States approve or endorse no agreeMonday, March 2, 1964

tributed so much to the building of an en- ment which would in any manner accede to Mr. BENNETT of Florida. Mr.

the terprise which is synonymous with

the outgrowth of any past, present or future growth and progress of the community.

Soviet aggressive action; and Speaker, for 99 years my hometown

The beautiful new physical plant to house "Resolved, That the Government of the daily newspaper, the Florida Times

the operations, therefore, is not an end with- United States take appropriate steps through Union, published in Jacksonville, Fla., has

in itself, but a symbol and challenge to ever the United Nations and other channels to been a leader in the growth and develop- greater service.

stop the Soviet Union's policy of colonialism ment of Florida and the South. It has As expressed by Robert C. Millar, president in Eastern Europe and to force the Soviet taken its place among the great news- of the Florida Publishing Co., "the develop- Union to withdraw its occupation forces papers of this country. Recently it was

ment of the best newspaper men and ma- from the Baltic States; and announced that the Times-Union and chines can produce is the responsibility of Resolved, That the copies of these resoluwhich we are most conscious."

tions be forwarded to the President of the its afternoon companion, the Jackson

United States, His Excellency Lyndon B. ville Journal-a bright and lively, well

Johnson; to the Secretary of State, the Honwritten sister newspaper-would con

orable Dean Rusk; to the U.S. Representative struct a modern $11 million plant to

of the United Nations, Ambassador Adlai

Lithuanian Independence house the editorial, business, and me

Stevenson; to the U.S. Senators of Massa

chusetts, the Honorable Leverett Saltonstall chanical departments of the Florida


and the Honorable Edward M. Kennedy: the Publishing Co., publishers of the two

Representative of the Fifth Congressional papers.

District of Massachusetts, the Honorable This new building will be built on the HON. F. BRADFORD MORSE Bradford Morse and to the press." shores of the St. Johns River in down

LOUIS PIULAUSKAS, town pulsing Jacksonville, the gateway

Chairman, IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES to the space age, and the South's most

EDWARD J. BAUMEL, progressive business and financial city. Wednesday, March 4, 1964

Secretary It will take its place in Jacksonville's ex

Mr. MORSE. Mr. Speaker, on the 46th panding downtown redevelopment program which was accomplished primarily Day on February 23, 1964, the American

anniversary of Lithuanian Independence First District of Michigan Questionnaire with private funds and local funds, not Lithuanian community of Lowell met to

Results Federal loans or grants.

adopt a resolution in commemoration of I commend to the Members of the the occasion. The resolution is a fine EXTENSION OF REMARKS House of Representatives the Florida statement of the principles involved in Publishing Co., which goes forth with the long battle to achieve freedom and great enthusiasm and respect into its independence once more for the embat

HON. LUCIEN N. NEDZI second century of leadership in the tled people of that gallant nation. Unfourth estate.

der unanimous consent I include the res- IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES An editorial from the Friday, Feb

olution in the CONGRESSIONAL RECORD: ruary 28, 1964, issue of the Florida

Wednesday, March 4, 1964 RESOLUTION BY LITHUANIAN COMMUNITY OF Times-Union follows:



Lithuanian resolutions committee having interest in public issues was indicated The magnificient new building soon to rise assembled at DLK Vytautas Club, 447 Central by the heavy response to my questionas an addition to Jacksonville's growing sky- Street, Lowell, Mass., on February 23, 1964, to naire, sent out to voters in the new First line, housing the most modern facilities and commemorate the 46th anniversary of Lithu- District of Michigan. equipment which technical advances can anian Independence Day, the members of the

The recipients of my questionnaire provide for the publication of the Florida committee, as well as the American LithuTimes-Union and the Jacksonville Journal, anian community of Lowell, unanimously borhood or party affiliation.

were selected without regard to neighrepresents the realization of a long cherished adopted and passed the following resolutions: dream. "Whereas the people and the Government

It is significant that voters favor the The 11-story tower and adjoining produc- of the United States believe in inalienable overall record of the Kennedy-Johnson tlon building, occupying a 9-acre site between principles of individual and national free- administration by over 4 to 1. This is Riverside Avenue and the St. Johns Just west dom and dignity as enunciated in our Dec- heavier than the Democratic-Repubof the Acosta Bridge, will add striking new laration of Independence, the Constitution of

lican breakdown in this predominantly beauty to Jacksonville's midtown develop- the United States, the Atlantic Charter and

Democratic district. Of course, as the ment which has won for the city national the Charter of the United Nations; and recognition, and which testifies to its eco- "Whereas the Soviet Union in pursuance of

election nears, partisan feeling will innomic strength and vitality.

crease and the margin can be expected secret agreement between Stalin and Hitler The new building should be well on its way in 1940 invaded, occupied and subjugated to narrow. to completion on January 1, 1965, when the three independent Baltic States, Lithuania, On foreign policy issues, the voters Florida Times-Union will begin the obsery- Latvia and Estonia; and

favor our assisting South Vietnam's ance of a full century of service to Jackson- “Whereas Soviet occupation forces, Rod fight against the Communists, and U.S. ville and the vast area of north Florida and Army and secret police have conducted and

support of the U.N. But, evident from south Georgia where its readership extends continue to conduct an elaborate plan of

comments added to responses, there is and where its influence is felt.

genocide, aiming at destruction of the peo- much confusion and dissatisfaction over The Florida Publishing Co. naturally takes ples of these three Baltic nations by execupride in its record of growth in fulflling its tions and mass deportations to remote re

our Cuba policy. Much of this appears function as a mirror of the growth and de- gions of the Soviet Union; and

to be an emotional response, an irritavelopment of the city and region it serves. "Whereas the Soviet Union through her ti arising from Castro harangues,




Communist terrorist activity in Latin rights bill is supported by better than others, the United States and Britain, wring
America, allied trade with Cuba, and 2 to 1, but considerable uneasiness in their hands and do nothing but protest.
the mere fact of Castro's presence in the race relations field is shown in the

The United Arab Republic intervenes in

the Yemen in defense of the UN, Indonesia


attitudes on question 8.

grabs Dutch New Guinea, confiscates British

On domestic issues, medicare under I think the Congress must face the property, and destroys the British Embassy
social security draws strong bipartisan problem of Presidential succession. A

in Jakarta, Panama “demands" control of the

support. It is not only a popular issue better law of succession is obviously canal and-finally-the Soviets shoot down

but reflects a need Congress should not favored by the public, judging by the another unarmed American airplane with

ignore any longer. The vote on a Do- vote and the many supplemental com- impunity.

mestic Peace Corps reflects concern with ments. At the very least, we should

urban poverty, school dropouts, and provide some method of filling the All this, as I said, is very disturbing to

President Johnson.

teenage unemployment. The civil vacancy in the office of Vice President:

He may shortly have to give up the cur-

rent comedy and send many more Amer-
Results of questionnaire-Congressman Lucien N. Nedzi, 1st District of Michigan

icans to South Vietnam; as soldiers, not just

as advisers and chauffeurs. He may have to


stir up a revolution in Panama. He may

have to order the 7th Fleet to stop or even

sink Indonesian ships carrying soldiers to


attack Malaysia.

In short, he may have to start acting more
1. Do you favor the overall record of the Kennedy-Johnson administration.

like a Texan and less like a frightened atomic
2. Do you favor our fight to keep South Vietnam out of Communist control?

scientist of the "rather Red than dead"
3. Do you favor our present policy regarding Cuba?.
If not, would you lavor-

school. How such a change would affect his

A tougher policy?..

election chances I cannot venture to predict.

Resumption of diplomatic relations?

It would certainly delight a great many mil-

4. Do you favor continued U.S. financial support of the United Nations?.

lion Americans sick at heart of over 20 years'
5. Do you favor medicare for aged under social security?..
6. Do you favor a Domestic Peace Corps to work on local community projects?.

appeasement of the Soviet Union and re-
7. Do you favor the administration's civil rights bill?..

store our allies' confidence in us.
8. Do you think integration is being pushed-

And it would enhance L.B.J.'s place in

Too fast?...

Not fast enough?.


About right?
9. Do you favor changing the order of Presidential succession so that the Secretary

of State, rather than the Speaker of the House, is next in line?.
10. Do you favor having your Congressman poll you for your views?.

Quality Stabilization Legislation


11. If you are a Republican, please in- RECORD, I include the following article

dicate your first and second choices among


from the New York News of February 7,

the following men mentioned for the Re-



publican nomination for President:



1st choice:



34. 3



18. 2

(By Edgar Ansel Mowrer)


Wednesday, March 4, 1964

17.4 Pity L.B.J. He feels compelled to run for


11.1 reelection on his predecessor's peace policy Mr. WYMAN. Mr. Speaker, the prop-


9.0 just when that policy's bankruptcy is filling

aganda drive against the quality stabili-


8. 9 the international air with explosions.

zation bill has resulted in many news-

From Panama to South Vietnam, by way

2d choice:

of France and Africa, the result of the policy

paper editors leaping to a fixed opinion


24. 9


before they looked at the real issues in-

24. 3

of abdication pursued by the Kennedy ad-

volved in this legislation.

ministration is bursting out all over and



demanding action of Kennedy's successor. Fortunately, however, there are many


It is not his fault. He, like so many sup-


editors who still take the time and trou-



porters of the past administration, was

ble to carefully examine economic and

simply taken in by the fallacious assumption

12. If you are a Democrat, please indicate of the New Frontiersmen. This

was that legislative problems before reaching any

your first and second choice among the fol- appeasement of, and economic aid to, the

editorial conclusions. In this regard, the

lowing men mentioned for the Democratic

U.S.S.R., Indonesia, the United Arab Re- Rochester, N.H., Courier, in a recent edi-

nomination for Vice President:

public, etc., would keep these countries, if torial entitled “Protection for Consum-

1st choice:

not totally quiet, at least within limits.

ers,” provided its readers with a carefully


35. 3 This included the belief that American

reasoned statement regarding why qual-


29.0 advisory action in Vietnam would contain

ity stabilization deserves the support of


19.8 communism until such time as all Vietnam

11.0 could be reunited and neutralized.

the country's buying public.

It im-


2.4 plied that communism, having secured the Quality stabilization is proconsumer


2. 4

neutralization of once pro-West Laos, would legislation, and I urge those interested in

2d choice:

refrain from seeking to take over that coun- this issue to read the Courier editorial


24. 5


stressing this point. With unanimous



24. 2

consent, I therefore insert this editorial,


23.0 In short, the New Frontiersmen who

appearing in the January 16, 1964, edi-


21.1 swarmed into the White House and the State

tion of the Courier, at this point in the


5. 3 Department in 1961 started acting on the



2.0 assumption that soft answers, plenty of
baksheesh, a little time and, above all, the

renunciation of the use of power by the Basic consideration in a bill such as qual-
L.B.J. Must Get Tough, Disown Peace

United States and its major allies (even while ity stabilization, now before Congress, must

Red Russia and Red China were continuing be: Is it good for the country and its con-


to stir up trouble wherever they could) would sumers? We have to choose between tuo

gradually end the cold war.



And now history is once more revealing On one side is the great majority of the

the reality behind the dream: World order nearly 2 million independent retail busi-

can exist only when it is enforced; if not by nesses, along with a very sizable bloc of


a world authority (which does not exist), Congressmen, particularly those who have

then either by us or by the enemy. Other- had personal experience in retail stores, who


wise, as at present, there is no world order. believe the bill is good for consumers.


What we are seeing in Panama, Zanzibar, On the other hand is a comparative hand-

Wednesday, March 4, 1964

the Yemen, South Vietnam (with more to ful of giant retailers associated in a group

come) is the anarchy that occurs when two called the National Association of Mass Mer-

Mr. BOB WILSON. Mr. Speaker, great powers, Red Russia and Red China, chandisers, which for some time passed as
under leave to extend my remarks in the promote it by all possible means, while the the National Association of Consumer Or-


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