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commendations, every reader will judge for himself. But it can give no occasion of offence, to inform those who knew not the author, that through the course of his life he discovered the same feriousness, which in his sermons he recommended to others that he delighted in pewing a profound respect to his creator and governor; and could not forbear expreffing his disike to any thing that favour'd of irreligion, from what quarter foever it came : that in matters relating to the Christian religion, he adhered ftričtly ta what he believed to be the mind of Christ the Lawgiver, retaining at the same time generous sentiments with regard to those who differed from him ? that tho be was not forward in conversation, but rather too fearful of Speaking his mind; yet he had a very great. fluency, joined to an uncommon Parength and juftnefs of expreffion, when he address:d his maker, whetben in public or in the family ; to which laft service he was called very early, upon an extraordinary occasion, which once in the year brought the whole family together: and that both in prayer and in preaching, his manner was exceedingly graceful, and fitted to command attention., i

He composed no more sermons than these few which are here published. It was with difficulty that he was prevailed on to deliver them when prepared : and so diffident was be of himself, that he never could be brought to a stated course of preaching. But notwithstanding this backwardness, he gave a prospect of much ma


useful service, when it pleased!
God to remove him, in the twenty
eighth year of his age, May
the 16th, MDCCXXVIII. It is in
the hope that these his remains
may do fome good, that they are
offered to public view, by his fur-
viving brothers,

Joseph Burroughs,
Benjamin Burroughs.


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