Interstate Commerce Commission Reports: Motor carrier cases. Decisions of the Interstate Commerce Commission of the United States, Volume 13

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Page 160 - private carrier of property by motor vehicle," means any person not included in the terms "common carrier by motor vehicle" or "contract carrier by motor vehicle...
Page 476 - Commission may establish reasonable requirements with respect to continuous and adequate service, transportation of baggage and express, uniform systems of accounts, records, and reports, preservation of records, qualifications and maximum hours of service of employees, and safety of operation and equipment.
Page 477 - It is elementary that the meaning of a statute must, in the first instance, be sought in the language in which the act is framed, and if that is plain, and if the law is within the constitutional authority of the law-making body which passed it, the sole function of the courts is to enforce it according to its terms.
Page 477 - Frequently, however, even when the plain meaning did not produce absurd results but merely an unreasonable one "plainly at variance with the policy of the legislation as a whole" this Court has followed that purpose, rather than the literal words.
Page 476 - To establish for private carriers of property by motor vehicle, if need therefor is found, reasonable requirements to promote safety of operation, and to that end prescribe qualifications and maximum hours of service of employees, and standards of equipment.
Page 475 - The provisions of section 7 shall not apply with respect to (1) any employee with respect to whom the Interstate Commerce Commission has power to establish qualifications and maximum hours of service pursuant to the provisions of section 204 of the Motor Carrier Act, 1935...
Page 353 - ... a permit as a contract carrier authorizing operation for the transportation of property by motor vehicle over the same route or within the same territory...
Page 429 - Act or shall make any contract, agreement, or arrangement to provide, procure, furnish, or arrange for such transportation or shall hold himself or itself out by advertisement, solicitation, or otherwise as one who sells, provides, procures, contracts, or arranges for such transportation, unless such...
Page 429 - Act; and provided, further, that the provisions of this paragraph shall not apply to any carrier holding a certificate or a permit under the provisions of this Act or to any bona fide employee or agent of such motor carrier, so far as concerns transportation to be furnished wholly by such carrier or jointly with other motor carriers holding like certificates or permits or with a common carrier by railroad, express, or water.
Page 382 - ... fit, willing, and able properly to perform the service of a contract carrier by motor vehicle...

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