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14th of June, the Chancellor, accompanied by several of the Nobility and other Persons of distinction, came to the house of the Vice-Chancellor, the Reverend Dr. Cole, Rector of Exeter College, on Monday June the 13th, when he was immediately waited upon by the Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Heads of Houses, and Proctors; and afterwards held a levee, which was attended by the Noblemen and distinguished Commoners, who had repaired to the University, as well as by the resident Doctors and Masters.

At two o'clock of the same day, the Chancellor held a Convocation, for the purpose of proposing the Diplomas of their Majesties the Emperor and the King ; which were unanimously passed and sealed. The business of the Convocation being over, the Chancellor proceeded with the Heads of Houses and Proctors to the Delegates' Room, where a Programmad was settled and directed to be issued, regulating the proceedings that were to take place during the Royal Visit.

The Vice-Chancellor having for some time before laboured under a severe illness, and still continuing much indisposed, the senior Pro-Vice-Chancellor, The Very Reverend Dr. Landon, Dean of Exeter and Provost of Worcester College, held a Convocation at eight o'clock, on the morning of Tuesday the 14th,

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for the purpose of nominating Delegates to be in attendance upon the Royal Visitors, and others to represent the Masters of Arts in the procession at the entrance of His Royal Highness the Prince Regent into the University.

The President and Fellows of Magdalen College invited the Chancellor, Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Heads of Houses, Proctors, and all who formed the procession, to meet in the Hall of Magdalen College ; to which they accordingly proceeded from Exeter College about eleven o'clock. The Mayor and Corporation of the City were also accommodated with the use of the Common Room of that College.

• The Very Rev. Dr. Hall, Dean of Christ-Church, upon the Prince Regent.

The Rev. Dr. Vaughan, Warden of Merton, upon the Emperor of Russia. The Rev. Dr. Cooke, President of Corpus Christi, upon the King of Prussia.

Rev. Walter Levett.

Ch. Ch.

Rev. A. Wilson Tayler.


Rev. William Greenhill:

f University Rev. Hugh Moises.
Balliol Rev. T. C. Rogers.
Merton Robert Pigou, M. A.
Exeter Rev. J. Collier Jones.

Rev. Edward Copleston.
Queen's Rev. Joseph Lightfoot.
New Coll. J. Shute Duncan, M. A.
Lincoln Rev. William Yeaden.
All Souls Clement Cartwright, M.A.
Magdalen Rev. Benjamin Tate.
Brasen Nose Rev. T. Ashley.

Rev. William Buckland.

St. John's Rev. Henry Adams.

Rev. John Hughes.
Wadham Rev. G. H. Rogers.
Pembroke Rev. Joseph Butler.
Worcester Rev. E. Collins Wright..
St. Alban Hall Rev. James Parsons.
St. Edm. Hall Rev. J. Grieg.
St. Mary Hall Rev. John Radcliffe.
Madg. Hall

Rev. W. West Green..

At an early hour of the same morning, His Royal Highness the Duke of York arrived at the Deanery; and afterwards proceeded in his robes of Doctor of Civil Law to Magdalen College, to join the procession from thence as a member of the University.

At the appointed time His Royal Highness the Prince Regent arrived, accompanied in his carriage by His Royal Highness the Hereditary Prince of Orange, and followed by such of his Ministers of State as attended His Royal Highness in this Visit ; viz. The Earl of Harrowby, Lord President of the Council; the Earl Bathurst, and the Lord Viscount Sidmouth, two of His Majesty's Principal Secretaries of State; The Right Honourable Nicholas Vansittart, Chancellor of the Exchequer; and The Right Honourable Charles Bathurst, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster. The Chancellor, accompanied by His Royal Highness the Duke of York, and the whole University, proceeded from Magdalen College to meet the Prince Regent; and the Chancellor kneeling laid the Bedels' Staves at the Prince Regent's feet, and addressed His Royal Highness in the following words:


“ On your Royal Highness's approach to this ancient Uni“ versity, it is my first duty most humbly to lay at Your Royal

Highness's feet these Ensigns of Magistracy, representing the authority which we exercise within these our franchises, by grant from His Majesty's Royal Predecessors.”

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His Royal Highness was pleased to return a most gracious Answer, at the same time replacing the Bedels' Staves in the hands of the Chancellor, by whom they were delivered to the Esquire Bedel of Arts. The procession then moved forward a little, when the Mayor of the City laid his Mace at the Prince Regent's feet; which being graciously returned into the hands of the Mayor, the whole procession of the University and City, the University on the right hand and the City on the left, advanced uncovered

up the High Street, the Junior Members walking first, and the Chancellor and the Mayor immediately preceding His Royal Highness the Prince Regent. On their arrival at the corner of All Souls' College, the two bodies separated. The Chancellor, with the University procession in the same order as before, conducted His Royal Highness the Prince Regent to the Divinity School, which had been prepared for his reception; and the Prince Regent being seated, the Chancellor read and presented, in the usual form, the following congratulatory Address to His Royal Highness upon his arrival at the University :


“ We His Majesty's most dutiful and loyal Subjects, the “ Chancellor, Masters, and Scholars of the University of Ox• ford, beg leave to approach Your Royal Highness with re“ newed assurances of attachment to His Majesty, and to Your

Royal Highness's Person, Family, and Government.

“ It is with equal pride and pleasure that we hail Your Royal “ Highness's arrival at this Seat of Religion and Learning, “ adorned by so many monuments of Royal munificence, en“ riched by Your Royal Highness with additional treasures of “ ancient literature, and honoured by still more recent marks of “ Your Royal countenance and protection.

“ These sentiments we should at all times, and under any “ circumstances, have been happy to be permitted to express “ to Your Royal Highness in this place. Our satisfaction on

being so permitted at this moment is greatly enhanced by the “ presence of Your Royal Highness's Imperial and Royal “ Guests. It is in itself an unprecedented honour, and its oc« casion must be for ever memorable. It recalls to us that “ union of counsels, and that cooperation in arms, which, “ under the favour of Providence, have arrested the progress of “ lawless and inordinate ambition, and, by the re-establishment “ of legitimate authority, the only sure foundation for the per“i manence of those blessings, have restored Peace to this “ Country, and Independence to Europe.

- For this signal instance of Divine Protection, we beg leave

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