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Page 6 - Any vessel anchoring under circumstances of great emergency outside of the anchorage areas must be placed near the edge of the channel and in such position as not to interfere with the free navigation of the channel nor obstruct the approach to any Pier nor impede the movement of any boat, and shall move away immediately after the emergency ceases, or upon notification by the Captain of the Port.
Page xi - ... to investigate any other matter that may tend to promote and encourage the use by vessels of ports adequate to care for the freight which would naturally pass through such ports...
Page 26 - Vessels carrying explosives shall be at all times in charge of competent persons and must display by day a red flag of at least 16 square feet at the masthead, or at least 10 feet above the upper deck, if the vessel has no mast; at night a red light will be displayed in the same positions specified for the red flag.
Page 177 - The parties hereto associate themselves for the common good of shippers and carriers by providing just and economical cooperation between the steamship lines operating in the trade as well as stabilization of freight rates in the interest of shippers and carriers alike.
Page 28 - A broken box of dynamite that cannot be recoopered should be reinforced by stout wrapping paper and twine, placed in another strong box and surrounded by dry, fine sawdust, or dry and clean cotton waste, or elastic wads made from dry newspaper.
Page 7 - ... work, but only in quantities considered by him safe and necessary. The district engineer shall prescribe the conditions under which this explosive shall be stored and handled, and shall in each case furnish the captain of the port with a copy of the written permit to anchor explosives on the work and a copy of the rules and regulations for the storage and handling.
Page 7 - ... as to impede or obstruct vessel movements in any channel or obstruct or interfere with range lights, and of any vessel which, lying at the exterior end of a pier or alongside an open bulkhead, obstructs or endangers the passage of vessels to or from adjacent wharf property or impedes the movements of vessels entering or leaving adjacent slips.
Page 28 - Where an inclined chute is employed such chute shall be constructed of 1-inch planed boards, with side guards 4 inches high extending 3 inches above top face of bottom of chute and throughout its length, -fastened with brass screws. D-shaped...
Page 11 - When the draw of the bridge cannot be opened immediately or when the bridge is open and is to be closed immediately, the draw tender shall reply by swinging to and fro horizontally a number of times a lighted lantern at night and a flag by day.
Page 195 - ... of a pilot offered outside the bar, and shall enter the port without the aid of one, she shall be liable to the first pilot whose services she so declined for the payment of half pilotage; and any vessel which after being brought in by a pilot shall go out without employing one shall be liable to the payment of half pilotage to the pilot who brought her in, or if she has come in without the aid of a pilot, though offered outside, she shall in so going out be liable for the payment of half pilotage...

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