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I commence my Address by reminding you of what I trust you already know, and are willing to admit, namely, the unspeakable importance of daily private prayer. What is one of the wants of this, and indeed of every age of the world? Is it not more fervent daily prayer ? In order that your soul may prosper, it is necessary that you should be a daily suppliant at the throne

of grace.


I trust that if you become a Member of this Prayer Union you will not limit your petitions to the short prayers contained in this Book. desire is, that the daily prayer should be in addition to your ordinary prayers, and a help to your devotions. You will do well to enlarge upon them. May they suggest other prayers, and holy thoughts to your mind !

In composing these prayers, I have largely used the words of Scripture, feeling confident that we. honour God when we honour his holy Word, that the words of Scripture are well-pleasing in God's sight, and best calculated to promote spiritual worship and raise the thoughts from earth to heaven.

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I sincerely hope that this “ Daily Prayer Union" may prove beneficial to young persons. posing these prayers I have had them especially in my thoughts.

I hope, Reader, you will be induced to make use of the prayers contained in this Book, from a firm persuasion that if you offer them up from your heart, through Christ Jesus, they must be heard and answered. God will assuredly bow down his ear and hear you, according to his neverfailing promise, “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.”

A Member writes as follows : “I wish very much to join your Prayer Union, believing it to be a great privilege to unite with so many of God's dear children in asking a Father's blessing and in claiming His promise, 'If two of you shall agree on earth as touching anything they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven.'

If you approve of this “Daily Prayer Union," and consider it likely by God's blessing to be useful, then I request you at once to become a Member, invite others to join, and do your utmost to help it forward by your prayers, example, and means.

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I humbly pray that the prayers contained in this Book may assist many in their daily approaches to the throne of grace, and that this Prayer Union may prove one means, by the aid of the Holy Spirit, of edifying the Church of Christ, and building up God's people in their most holy faith. May God look with his special favour upon this effort to promote his glory, the extension of the great Redeemer's kingdom, and the eternal benefit of man! May many souls be thereby edified, strengthened, and comforted.! May God command his richest blessing to rest upon it, and crown it, if it be his good will, with abundant success, for the infinite merits of Christ Jesus our Saviour !




July, 1878.

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