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Methodists, The Congregational, 259.
Methodists, The Free, 267.
Methodists, The Independent, 269.
Methodists, The New Congregational, 261.
Midnight Cry, The, 2.
Millennial Church or United Society of Believers, 111.
Miller, William, 1.
Missourians, 191.
Moravians. History, 272-275.

Government, 273.
Doctrine, 274.

Statistics, 276.
Mother Lee, 112.
Muhlenberg, Henry M., 176.
National Christian Scientist Association, 96.
New England Missionary Convention, 28.
New Hampshire Confession, 19, 20.
New Icaria Society, 111-116.
New Jerusalem, The Church of, 107.
New Lights, 312.
New Mennonites, 216.
Norwegian Church in America (Lutheran), 197.
Norwegian Church, The United (Lutheran), 203.
Oberholzer, John, 216.
O'Kelley, James, 91.
Old Order Brethren, 136.
Old (Wisler), The (Mennonite), 218.
Open Brethren, 61.
Orthodox Jews, 161.
Parker, Daniel, 49.
Philadelphia Confession, 19, 20.
Plymouth Brethren. History and Doctrine, 59.

Divisions, 60.

Summary Statistics, 65.
Presbyterian Church, Colored, The Cumberland, 294.
Presbyterian Church (Covenanted), The Reformed, 314.
Presbyterian Church in the United States and Canada, The Reformed, 314.
Presbyterian Church in the United States of America. History, 279–283.

Statistics, 283–288.
Presbyterian Church in the United States (Southern), 302.
Presbyterian Church, The Cumberland. History and Doctrine, 289–291.

Statistics, 291-294.
Presbyterian Church, The General Synod of the Reformed, 312.
Presbyterian Church, The Synod of the Reformed, 310
Presbyterians, Definition, Polity, Divisions, 277-278

Presbyterians, The Reformed, History and Polity, 308.
Presbyterians, The United, 298.
Presbytery of Philadelphia, 280.
Profession of Belief, 370.
Progressive Brethren, 135.
Protestant Episcopal Bodies, 317.
Quakers, 143.
Randall, Benjamin, 33.
Rapp, George, 114.
Reformed Bodies, General Description, 329.
Reformed Church in America, 330–333.
Reformed Church of the United States, 333-337.
Reformed Church, The Christian, 337.
Reformed Jews, The, 162.
Reformed, The (Mennonite), 215.
Russian Orthodox Church, 80.
Salvation Army, Origin, Character, Government, Statistics, 340–343.
Schweinfurth, George Jacob, 105.
Schwenkfeldians, The, 344.
Second Dose of the Doctrine of Two Seeds, 49.
Separatists, 111-115.
Serving Brethren, 90.
Seventh-Day Baptists, German, 137.
Shakers, 111.
Signs of the Times, The, 2.
Social Brethren Church, The, 346.
Spiritualists, The, 350.
Statistical Summaries for 1895, 441.
Stone, Barton W., 91.
Summary Statistics by Denominational Families, 392–393.
Summary Statistics by Denominations, 380–391.
Summary Statistics by States of all Denominations, 378–381.
Summary Statistics of Churches in Cities, 404-440.
Summary Statistics of Colored Organizations, 400--403.
Summary Statistics of Denominations according to Number of Communi.

cants, 394-397.
Summary Statistics of Denominations according to Polity, 398-400.
Summary Statistics of Denominational Families according to Number of

Communicants, 397.
Swedenborg, Emmanuel, 107.
Synod of Ohio and other States, The Joint (Lutheran), 194.
Synod in the South, The United (Lutheran), 182.
Synod, The Buffalo (Lutheran), 195.
Synod, The General (Lutheran), 178.
Synod, The German Augsburg (Lutheran), 200.
Synod, The Icelandic (Lutheran), 201.

Synod, The Michigan (Lutheran), 198.
Synod, The Suomai (Lutheran), 202.
Temple Society, 153.
Theosophical Society, 353.
Thomas, John, 89.
Time Brethren, 3.
Touro, Abraham and Isaac, 154.
True Inspiration Congregations, 113.
Trumpet of Alarm, The, 2.
Uniates, 79.
Unitarians, 365.
Unitas Fratrum, 272.
United Brethren in Christ, 357.
United Brethren in Christ (Old Constitution), 361.
United Brethren, Origin and General Description, 355-357.
United Zion's Children, 57.
Unity of Brethren as Distinguished from United Brethren in Christ, 272.
Universalists, 369.
Warwick Association, 45.
Welsh Calvinistic Methodist Church (Presbyterian), 296.
Westminster Confession, Revision of, 282.
White, Mrs. Ellen G., II.
Wilbur, John, 149.
Wilford Woodruff, 167.
Williams, Roger, 17.
Winebrenner, John, 102.
Woman-preachers, 34.
Zion Union Apostolic Church (Methodist), 245.

Index to Introduction.

I. The Sources of Information and the Plan, ix-xi.

Relation to the Census of 1890.
Alphabetical Order of the Denominations and Historical Order of

the Denomination of Families.
II. The Scope and Method of the Census, xi-xiv.

The Census of 1880 and the Census of 1890.

Exhaustive List of Denominations.
III. Variety in Religion, xiv-xvi.

Wide Range of Choice.

The Smaller Bodies the more Numerous.
IV. Classification of the Churches, xvi-xix.

The Principle of Classification.
The Difficulty in the Nomenclature.

V. Denominational Titles, xix-xxiv.

Geographical, Racial, Historical, etc.

The Blue and the Pink Cover.
VI. The Causes of Division, xxiv-xxix.

Controversies over Doctrine.
Controversies over Administration and Discipline.
Controversies over Moral Questions.

Controversies of a Personal Character.
VII. Analysis of Religious Forces of the United States, xxix-xxxiv.

Christians and Non-Christians.

VIII. Religious Population, xxxiv-xxxvi.

Methods of Computation.
IX. The Growth of the Churches, xxxvii-xl.

The Normal Condition.
The Net Increase.

Statistical Proofs of the Advance of Protestant Christianity.
X. How the Religious Forces are Distributed, xl-xlv.

With respect to Number of Communicants, Value of Property,

Number of Organizations or Congregations.
XI. The Evangelical and Non-Evangelical Elements, xlv-xlviii.

Classification according to Definition.
XII. The General Statistical Summaries, xlviii-liii.

Classification according to Polity, and of Churches in the Cities,

new Features.
Difficulties with respect to Lutherans.

Opinions of Representative Men.
XIII. The Negro in his Relations to the Church, liii., lviii.
XIV. The Characteristics of American Christianity, lviii-Ixv.

The Phenomenal Growth of the Church of Rome and its Relation

to Protestant America.
Evangelical Christianity and its Principal Purpose, not Polemical

but Practical.
XV. How the Church affects Society, Ixv.-lxvi.

As a Property-holder, Corporation, Public Institution, etc.
Explanations of the Terms used, lxviii.

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