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Lately Publified, Beautifully printed in Two VOLUMES FOL10, Illustrated with


MAP s and SCULPTURE S. ( The Work being now Compleat, intitled) A NEW HISTORY of the HOLY BIBLE,

both OLD and New TESTAMENT, from the Beginning of the World to the Establishment of Christjanity.

WITH ANSWERS to moft of the Controverted Questions,

DISSERTATIONS upon the most remarkable Passages; and, Alfo a Connection of Prophane History, all along.

To which are added, . Notes, explaining difficult Texts, rectifying MifTranslations, and reconciling seeming Contradictions, By THOMAS STACK HOUSE, A. M.

Vicar of Beenham in Berkshire.



Right Reverend Father in God,
E D M U N D,

Lord BISHOP of


One of the LORDS of His

MAJESTY's molt Honourable




VERY Reader, who
cafts but his Eye

to the Bottom of almost every Page of this Book, may soon perceive of what fingular Use and Ad

A 2 vantage


vantage your Lordship's two Pastoral Letters have been to me in the Course of its Composition ; and, confequently, what Inducement I am under (besides the Acknowledgement of particular Favours) to infcribe it to a Person, from whom, in a great measure, it received its Birth and Original; whose Pen points us out the way, and whose Example gives us the Encouragement, to contend earnestly for the Faith, to be Arong in the Lord, and acquit our felves like Men.

Whatever my good Intentions may be, I was conscious, my Lord, of my


own Insufficiency to make
any tolerable Figure in this
Controversy, by my own
Strength ; and therefore I
thought it no bad Policy to
adjoin my Name to those,
whose Works deserve to be
transmitted to Posterity;
and the best Testimony, I
could give, of my Zeal for
the Defence of the Gospel,
which they had wrote fepe-
rately, and in different
Tracts, that to collect with
fome Care and Pains, and
digest into one Volume ;

- Apis Matine
More modoque,
Grata Carpentis Thymd per Laborem


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For to me, my Lord, Ptis Honour enough, if, in any Capacity, I may but be employ'd in fogood a Cause, or can give the least Stay or Support to any Hand, more potent and able to prevail than mine, when (like that of the Jewish Leader) it is lift up to destroy Amaleck, and to fight the Battles of the Lord.

That the God and Father of Our Lord Jefus Christ may give your Lordfhip, and all the other Reverend Fathers, and worthy Pastors, of whatever Denomination, all Glory and Success in the Defence of


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