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176 British Museum: REPRODUCTIONS of PRINTS in the British Museum.
New Series. Part IX. Specimens of Line-Engraving by the Earliest
Masters working in England (about 1545-1695). Impl. folio, with 18
fine plates; in a portfolio


Francoforti ad Mænum, 1593 10 0 0

£ 8.




186 AN ENGLISH PATTERN BOOK of 120 plates (many folding) containing several hundred designs in Iron and Brasswork of Ornaments for furniture consisting of handles, knobs, keyplates, &c., with prices in contemporary handwriting, oblong small 4to. original half binding

circa 1770


a similar Pattern Book of Iron and Brass Fittings. Sm. oblong 4to. 150 plates, not quite consecutive, hf. bd. (? 1780) 188 LEPOTRE ou LEPAUTRE (Jean). COLLECTION DE SES EUVRES GRAVÉES.. 795 plates (about half of them of double page size) engraved by Le Blond and others; bound in 2 vols. stout small folio; old French red morocco extra (bound by Boyer about 1680) with the arms of the Marquis of Stafford added on the sides, and his bookplate pasted within the cover, a beautiful copy.

Such a collection as this is hardly likely to come again into the market. Having been bound not later than, say 1690, and probably somewhat earlier, we have complete assurance that the plates are in an early state. The incredible industry and fertility of Le Potre are compatible only with the impression of small editions of his plates; and we may fairly assume that the 2400 pieces described by Destailleur comprised a large quantity of unique pieces. When the coppers passed into the possession of Ch. Ant. Jombert about 1720, he found only 785 which he caused to be retouched, and published in 3 vols., as the "Oeuvres d'Architecture de Jean Le Pautre." His divisions were as follows:

I. Frises, Feuillages, Pilastres, Grotesques, Moresques, Panneaux,
Placarts, Lambris, etc., et tout ce qui concerne l'Ornement. 273 plates.
II. Portes, Cheminées, Lambris, Alcoves, Cabinets, Portails, Retables
d'Autel, etc. 268 plates.

III. Desseins de Fontaines, Grottes, Vues de Jardins, Jets d'Eau, Vases, Cartouches, Trophées d'Armes, sujets d'Histoiré, Paysages, etc. It will thus be seen that the collection comprises some of the most exquisite examples of Ornament of the middle period of Louis XIV's reign. In a copy like this, so large an assemblage of original impressions may be considered invaluable.

Many of the pieces here were not included in Jombert's edition. The coppers had probably been destroyed long before Mariette's stock came into his hands.

Paris, 1657-1678 100 0 0

189 GUCKEISEN (Jakob) und EBELMANN (Hans)

SEILEN BYCH darinnen derselben Grvnt, Theilvng, Zieradt, vnd gantze
Volkomenheit vorgebildet wirdt. Gedruckt zu Collen bey Johan
Buchsemecher. Engraved title and 25 numbered plates of architectural
(About 1599)

This is apparently perfect.-A second copy of plate 13 is added but not included in
the total of 25.

ORNAMENTAL CARVINGS. 6 plates by Ebelmann. The first plate marked
2, the third 13, the fourth 16, the fifth 18, the sixth 19 (About 1599)
SCHWEYF BVCH. Coloniæ sumptibus ac formulis Jani Bussmacheri Anno
salutis 1599. Engraved title and 23 plates of ornamental carvings or
chasings. These plates are numbered 2, (3), 4, 5, 6, 8, 11, 12, 13, 14,
15, (), 7, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25


This apparently wants two plates in the complete set of 25.

£ s. d.

8 10 0

4 10 0

SHRINES. 8 plates of Goldsmith's ornamental work, numbered 3, 6, 7,
8, 9, 10, 11, 12

KILIAN (Lvca) Newe Gradisco Bvech in Kvpfer gestochen von
Raphael Custodis.. MDCXXIIII. Engraved title and 11 plates

(Augsburg) 1624

Collected and bound together about 1630 by a man whose initials are N. B. and who has numbered the pieces consecutively from 1 to 82, in which sequence are missing the numbers 31, 32, 43, 74, 75.

There should be thirteen plates in this series.

altogether 77 plates of which 69 are by Guckeisen and Ebelmann, in 1 vol. square folio, vellum 1599-1609-1624 80 0 0

190 CUVILLIES (François de) père, OEUVRE: MORCEAUX, DE CAPRICE A divers usages.. se vend chez Lauteur gravé par Georg Sig. Roesch. Below the design: Se vend aussi a Paris chez le S Poilly rue St Iacque a limage St. Benoit Avec privilege du Roy. Folio, 110 beautiful designs engraved for the most part by C. A. de Lespilliez About 1745-1756

These designs are arranged in livraisons, by numbers and letters: A--V, or 1 to 20.
A and B have six plates each, C seven plates, D-H in sixes, I-M in fours, N in five,
O in four, P-V in sixes.

PORTION de Plafonds et d'un Poelle. 6 plates, Cuvillies Fils sculpsit
(About 1756)
ARCHITECTURAL DESIGNS, by father and son, 88 plates (16+72)


The 72 plates consist of livraisons E-S, of which E, I, K, L, M, are in fours;
N, O, P, in fives; F, G, H, Q, R, in sixes; and S in five plates.
MISCELLANEOUS Designs by Cuvillies fils, and plates by other artists, 44
designs on 25 plates
About 1750-70

in 1 vol. folio, hf. red morocco gilt

This excessively rare collection includes some few of the plates in the preceding volume; namely those designs on which the father and son worked together, or which were engraved by the son; but they are not numerous.

Munich, 1745-70 72 0 0

191 CUVILLIES (Francois de) fils. ECOLE DE L'ARCHITECTURE BAVAROISE. Folio, a collection of 307 superb plates of Architectural designs, projected or executed by the two Cuvillies for the Elector of Bavaria, with plans and sections, façades, gardens, fountains, ornaments, etc.; bound in whole brown morocco extra, gilt tops, fine large copy (About 1766-76) 52 0 0


192 AUERSWALD (Fabian von) Title: Ringer Kunst: fünff vnd achtzig
stücke, zu ehren Kurfürstlichen gnaden zu Sachssen 2c. . . M.D.XXXIX.
Leaf 47: Gedruckt zu Wittemberg durch Hans Lufft. M.DXXXIX.

Small folio, 47 leaves, with 87 very large and fine woodcuts by LUKAS
VON CRANACH; calf gilt

On the title are the arms of the Elector, the third leaf has a portrait of the
author with Cranach's mark, and there are 85 full-page designs of wrestling-bouts, in
each of which Auerswald is one of the strugglers. This is a striking series of pictures,
and is besides extremely rare.

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193 DÜRER (Albrecht) APOCALYPSE. Title: Apocalipsis Cu Figuris with a woodcut beneath. On the reverse: Incipit prologus in Apocalypsim beati Iohannis apostoli.. Leaf 2 reverse: Incitpit argumeum.. Colophon on the reverse of leaf 16: Impressa denuo Nurnberge p Albertum Durer pictorem. Anno christiano Millesimo Quingentesimovndecimo followed by the statement of privilege.

Folio, Latin text in Gothic Letter, with 15 full-page woodcuts, and a smaller woodcut on the title; vellum

1539 18 0 0

The original issues of this wonderful set of designs have become very scarce of late years. Each of the large cuts is signed with Dürer's monogram.

1511 36 0 0

194 HORE BEATISSIMÆ VIRGINIS MARIÆ ad vsum Romanvm Antverpiae, Ex officina Christophori Plantini. M.D.LXV. Sm. 8vo. 232 leaves, with woodcuts; every page printed within a woodcut border; slightly waterstained; old russia gilt

1565 195 MACER. Title: Hrebarum vires Macer tibi carmine dicet. . Colophon : Habetis inuenes studiosissimi Macri floridi de virib, herbaru opusculum ab omi mēda castigatissimu vnacu interpretatiuculis luce meridiana lōge clarisimis. Finis.

12mo. Gothic Letter, 159 leaves, with numerous woodcuts of herbs, besides the woodcut of Macer on the title; calf neat S. n. (about 1510) This in two types, the larger of which makes 26 lines to the page, and the smaller 33. The editor dates his dedication from a school at Caen.

196 OLEARIUS. De fide cōcubinaru in sacerdotes Questio accessoria causa

ioci z vrbanitatis in quodlibeto Heidelbergensi determinata a magistro
Paulo oleario heidelbergensi. At end: Ludouicus Hohenwang
Elchingensis capitibus de meretricum fide in sacerdotes et plebeios
summarium indidit.

Small 4to. 26 leaves, the last a blank; with 12 fine woodcuts

S. n. (Maintz, about 1494) Signatures A, B, C, in sizes; and D in eight. Jacobus Wimpheling is supposed to have been the author, under the name of Paulus Olearius. The language is macaronic, being frequently intermixed with German.

The woodcuts are amongst the best of their kind, both in design and execution.

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£ s.

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1 2 6

8 10 0

197 SPECULUM HUMANE SALVATIONIS, Latin-German edition. Fol. 1: Incipit phemium libri sequentis Andreas natōne ytalus officio pspiter On the reverse: Incipit speculum sancte speculum sancte Marie vginis | Fol. 9 obverse blank; reverse: Lucifer Maiestas. . | Der fal Lucifers.... | INcipit speculum humane saluatōnis. In quo patet casus hominis z modus repatōnis. . Fol. 261 reverse: Deo gratias. Fol. 262 obverse: Alius liber Saluatōnis humane metricus. . Fol. 269 reverse: . Fol. 269 reverse: . . Explicit humaneq3 salutis sumula plane | a me fratre Iohanne tui pater ordinis alme | vir bndicte puto quasi minimo monacho. Small folio, Gothic Letter, Latin and German, 269 leaves with 192 woodcuts, UNCOLOURED; margins of the first leaf and the last leaf mended; calf neat, from the Inglis collection S. n. [Augsburg, Günther Zainer, in the Monastery of SS. Ulrich and Afra, 1472] 105 0 0 The author of the second piece, which is a short Summula of the old Speculum, describes himself as having compiled it in the monastery of Ulrich and Afra in Augsburg. Of the original Speculum, each chapter with its description of illustrations, is followed by the same matter in German, and a meditation, or discourse, or prayer which appears only in Latin.


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199 BIBLE, Greeli. *Τῆς θείας Γραφὴς . . ἅπαντα .
άπаνта. Divinae Scriptvrae .
omnia (Græce, ed. Melanchthon) Basileae.. MDXLV.

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Folio, fine large ruled copy in a seventeenth century binding (rebacked) with arms, and the initials D T on the sides, the bookplate of the Earl of Aylesford pasted on the back of the title


Melanchthon's Latin preface (2 leaves at the beginning) is usually deficient. 200 BIBLE Latin Ante-Hieronymian. BIBLIORUM SACRORUM LATINÆ versiones antiquæ seu Vetus Itnlica et cæteræ quæcunque reperiri potuerunt: Quæ cum Vulgata Latina, & cum Textu Græco comparantur. . opera & studio D. Petri Sabatier. . Remis M.DCC.XLIII.

3 vols. folio, fine copy in old French veau fauve, with the insigna of the Prince de Soubise (Rohan) on the backs

A book of the highest importance which is likely to remain for another century at least the best work upon the subject. It contains all the fragments of the Latin Bible current among Christians in Northern Italy during the first three centuries of our era. 201 BONA (Joannis) Rerum Liturgicarum libri duo . studio et labore Roberti Sala Taurinensis, 3 vols.-Ioannis Bona Epistolæ Selecta4 vols. in 2, folio, calf gilt, gilt edges Augusta Taurinorum, 1747-55 202 CALVIN. DEFENSIO ORTHODOXAE fidei de sacra Trinitate, cōtra prodigiosos errores Michaelis Serueti Hispani: vbi ostenditur hæreticos iure Gladii coercendos esse, & nominatim de homine hoc tam impio iuste & merito sumptu Geneuæ fuisse supplicium. Per Iohannem Caluinum. . Oliua Roberti Stephani, M.D.LIIII. 8vo. Roman Letter, 132 leaves (the last one a blank) hf. calf 1554

The excuse always alleged for Calvin is that he was not one of the judges who sentenced Servetus. Here is his full implication. "Heretics must be convinced by means of the sword."

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203 FLACII ILLYRICI (Mathia) Catalogus testivm veritatis qvi ante nostram ætatem reclamarunt Papæ . . Basileæ per Ioannem Oporinum. At end: . . per Michaelem Martinum Stellam . . M.D.LVI. .


1743 21 0 0

Small 8vo. fine copy in brown morocco, gilt edges, by Riviere

A famous book which made its mark in the annals of the Reformation.

204 GERTOPHIUS. Title: RECRIMI | NATIO IOAN. GERTO | phii, adulescētis
Germani, ad uersus furiosissimum Sy- | cophantam Edoardum
Leum Anglum qui ausus est primus ERASMUM candidissimum luto
aspergere. . . . . | . . | 1520.'

Small 4to. Roman Letter, 14 leaves, title within woodcut border, the
last leaf blank on obverse, and containing on the reverse the woodcut mark
of the printer Cratander signed by H. F. 1519; morocco, fine copy
Apvd Andream Cartandrum, mense Ivnio. anno M.D.XX. (1520)
Bound up with two other rare tracts of the same period.

205 LITURGIA Romana Vetus tria Sacramentaria complectens, Leonianum scilicet, Gelasianum, et antiquum Gregorianuin, edente Ludovico Antonio Muratorio. . accedunt Missale Gothicum, Missale Francorum, duo Gallicana, et duo omnium vetustissimi Romanæ Ecclesiæ Rituales Libri. . 2 vols. folio, with 8 plates of facsimiles from the MSS.; vellum gilt, fine copy Venetiis, 1748 1748

another copy, the first and last leaf creased; calf

Any scholar possessing this book may see for himself what was the exact form of the liturgy five hundred years after Christ. The subject is one of perennial interest.

207 QUARITCH'S FACSIMILES. PETRUS PEREGRINUS DE MAGNETE: a Latin Epistle written about 1270 dealing scientifically with the Lode-stone, reproduced in facsimile from a MS. written in England about 1390, 4to. 8 leaves, stitched

£ s. d.


The first authentic treatise on the Magnet. It was printed in the sixteenth century, but that edition is excessively rare.

4 10 0

1 4 0

1 10 0

5 0 0

4 4 C 3 3 C

1900 1 1 0

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