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Vindicated from Injurious Aspersions; with maps of Boston, New York, Philadelphia, a Detail of the Siege of Ninety-six, and the and Baltimore, with the adjacent Country. Recapture of the Island of New Providence. 8vo. pp. 182, half bd. Philadelphia, 8vo. full bd. pp. 186. London, 1787. 4 50 1816.

2 00 221 Magoon (Rev. E. L.) Orators of the Amer 236 Mellen (Grenville). A Book of the ican Revolution. Portraits. 12mo. cloth, pp.

United States, exhibiting its Geography, 456. New York, 1848.

1 50 Divisions, Constitution, Government, etc., 222 Magoon (Rev. E. L.) The Eloquence of

together with a condensed History of tbe Colonial and Revolutionary Times. With

the Land; the Biography of about Twer Sketches of Early American Statesmen and

Hundred of the Leading Men, and a DePatriots. 12mo. cloth, pp. 91. Cincinnati,

scription of the Principal Cities and Towns,

with Statistical Tables. Illustrated. 8vo. 1847.

cloth. New York, 1839.

3 00 223 Maid of the Doe (The). A Lady of the Revolution. By an United States Man.

237 Melvin (James). A Journal of the Expe12mo.cloth, pp. 243. Washington, 1842. 50

dition to Quebec, in the Year 1775, under 224 Manning (S.) Pictures of America.

the Command of Colonel Benedict Arnold. Drawn with Pen and Pencil. Small 8vo.

4to. large paper (only 20 copies), sewed, uncloth. New York, 1876.

3 50

cut edges, pp. 38. Philadelphia, 1864. 2 25 225 Map. Amerique Septentrionale. Publiee

238 Another copy. Small paper, sowed, unsous les Auspices de Monseigneur le Duc

cut. 8vo.

1 75 d'Orleans, Premier Prince du Sange. Par 239 Memoires des Commissaires du Roi et de le Sr. D'Anville. Paris, 1746. Fine copy ceux de sa Majeste Britannique, sur les posof this rare map, size 31X35 inches, mounted sessions et les droits respectiss des deux Cou. on linen.

2 50

ronnes en Amerique; Avec les Actes Pub226 Map. An Accurate Map of North Amer

lics et Pieces Justifications. 3 vols. 4to, full lca. 'Describing and Distinguishing the

bound. Paris, 1755.

. 9 00 British, Spanish, and French Dominions on

240 [Monardes (Nicolo)]. Joyfvll Newes Out this Great Continent. By Eman Bowen, of the New-found VVorlde. Wherein are deand John Gibson. [London, 1761/?] 4 clared the rare and singular vertues of diurs sheets, each 20X23 inches in size. 4 00

Herbs, Trees, Plantes, Öyles & Stones, with 227 Map. Carte de l'Amerique Septentrion

their applications, as well to the vse of Phisale, Depuis le 28 Degre de 'Lalutude

icke, as of Chirurgery; which being well jusqu'au 72. Par M. Bellin. Size 24X37

applyed, bring such present remedie for all inches, mounted on linen. 1755. 2 50

disenses, as may seeme altogether incredible,

etc. Also the portraiture of the said Hearbs, 228 Map of the United States, with the Brit

verie aptly described. Englished by John ish and Spanish Possessions. By John Mel

Frampton, Merchant. Small 4to. full molish. Size 40X60 inches, neatly mounted on

rocco, gilt edges, pp. 4, 374. Printed in linen, and folded, with volume of text.

Black Letter. London, 1695. A fine, Philadelphia, 1816.

3 00

clean copy, with large margins. 32 50 229 Map of the United States, British and

241 Monroe (L. B.) The Story of Our CounCentral America. By H. D. Rogers. En

try. Illustrated. Square 10mo. cloth, pp. graved by A. Keith Johnson. 1857.

272. Boston, 1876.

1 50 Sheets.

10 00

242 Monroe (James). View of the Conduct 230 Marshall (Christopher). Extracts from

of the Executive in the Foreign Affairs of the Diary of, Kepi in' Philadelphia and

the United States, connected with the MisLancaster during the American Revolution, sion to the French Republic, 1791-6. 8vo. 1774-1781. Edited by William Duane.

Boards, uncut. Philadelphia, 1797. 100 12mo. cloth, pp. iv-330. Albany, 1877. 2 00 231 Martin (R. M.) History of the British 2

243 Montanus (Arnoldus). De Nieuwe en Colonies. Possessions in North America.

Onbekende Weereld: of beschrijving van Map. 8vo.cloth, pp. 600. London, 1834. 1 00

America en 't Zuid-Land, Vervaetende

d'Oorsprong der Americaenen en Zuidland232 Martyrs to the Revolution in the British

ers, gedenkwaerdige togten derwaerds, etc. Prison Ships in the Wallabout Bay. 8vo.

Folio, vellum. Fine, clean, and perfect paper, pp. 64. New York, 1855. 25

copy, with all the maps and curious plaies, 233 Another copy. With map, boards. 50 including, on page 124, the first view of 234 Melish (John). A Description of the New York City ever published. Amster

Roads in the United States. Compiled from / dam: Jacob Meurs, Anno 1671. 10 00 the most Authentic Materials. Maps. 12mo. 244 Moore (Frank). Diary of the American

paper, pp. 82. Philadelphia, 1814. 1 25 Revolution. From Newspapers and Orig235 Melish (John). A Geographical Descrip. inal Documents. Illustrated. 2 vols. 8vo.

tion of the United States, with the contivu- cloth, pp. 528–559. New York, 1860. 5 00 ous British and Spanish Possessions. With / 245 Moore (George H.) Historical Notes on 4 00

the Employment of Negroes in the Amer. of the American Revolution. With Sketches ican Army of the Revolution. 8vo. paper, of Distinguished Colored Persons. Illustra-pp. 24. New York, 1862.

35 tions and fac-simile. 12mo. cloth, pp. 396. 246 Morris (B. F.) Christian Life and Char Boston, 1855.

1 75 acter of the Civil Institutions of the United

261 New York City during the Revolution. States, developed in the Official and Histori.

Being a Collection of Original Papers (now cal Annals of the Republic. 8vo. cloth, pp.

first published) from Manuscripts in the 831. Philadelphia, 1864.

2 50

Possession of the Mercantile Library Asso247 Morse (Jedediah). The American Ga

ciation of New York City. Maps. Imp. zetteer. Èxhibiting a much more Full and 8vo., cloth, uncut edges, pp. 194. Privately Accurate Account than has been given printed for the Association [New York] of the States, Provinces, Counties, Cities, 1861. Villages, Rivers, Mountains, Indian Tribes, 262 Another copy. Map lost, and slightly New Discoveries, etc., on the American defaced with pencil marks.

2 00 Continent. 8vo. old calf. London, 1798. 2 50

263 Niles (H.) Principles and Acts of the 248 Morse (Jedediah). The American Geo

Revolution in America; or, An Attempt to graphy; or, A View of the Present Situa

Collect and Preserve some of the Speeches, tion of the United States of America. 2

Orations, and Proceedings; with Sketches of maps, 8vo. sheep. London, 1792. 2 50

Men and Things. 8vo. cloth, pp. 495. 249 Another edition. Sheep. Edinburgh, Baltimore, 1822.

3 25 1792.

2 50

264 Another copy. Half morocco. 4 00 250 Another edition. 4to. boards, uncut. Lon-1265 Another edition. 8vo. cloth. New York. don, 1794. 3 00 1876.

3 00 251 Morse (Jedediah). The American Uni

266 Notices of Sullivan's Campaign; or, The versal Geography. 2 vols. thick 8vo.

Revolutionary Warfare in Western New sheep. Printed by Isaiah Thomas, Boston,

York. 16mo. half bound, pp. 191. Roch1793.

300 ester, N. Y., 1842. (Slightly stained.) 2 00 252 Morse (Jedediah). Sermon exhibiting 267 Nouvelles Decouvertes des Russes entre the Present Dangers and Consequent Duties

L'Asie et L'Amerique. 12mo, calf, pp. 320. of the Citizens of the United States of |

Neuchatel, 1781.

1 25 America. 8vo. paper, uncut, pp. 36. New York, 1799.

268 Ogilby (John). America. Being the

latest and most accurate Description of the 253 Moultrie (William). Memoirs of the

New World. Containing the Original of American Revolution, so far as it related to

the Inhabitants, and the Remarkable Voy-. the States of North and South Carolina and

ages thither; the Conquest of the vast EmGeorgia. Portrait. 2 vols. 12mo. sheep, pp.

pires of Mexico and Peru, and other large 506-446. New York, 1802.

12 00

Provinces and Territories, with the several 254 Another copy. New half mor. 14 00 European Plantations in those parts; also 255 Murat (Achille). A Moral and Political their Cities, Fortresses, Towns, Temples,

Sketch of the United States of North Amer Mountains, and Rivers; their Habits, Cusica, with a Note on Negro Slavery. Map.

toms, Manners, and Religions; their Plants, 12mo. half calf, neat, pp. 402. London, Beasts, Birds, and Serpents. With an Ap1833.

2 75 pendix, containing, besides several other 256 Murray (James). An Impartial History

considerable additions, a brief survey of

what hath been discover'd of the Unknown of the War in America. With the Charters of the Several Colonies, and other Authen

South-Land and the Arctick Region. Com

piled from most authentic authors, augtic Information. Numerous portraits and maps. 2 vols. 8vo. full bound, pp. 573-576.

mented with later observations, and adorn'd

with maps and sculptures, by John Ogilby, Newcastle-upon-Tyne (1782).

Esq., His Majesty's Cosmographer, etc. 257 Neill (Edward D.) The English Coloni

Folio, pp. 675, old calf. London, 1671. A zation of America during the Seventeenth

good, clean copy, with large margins and Century. 8vo. cloth, pp. 352. London,

rubricated title, but lacks the engraved 1871.

5 00

18 50 258 Neilson (Charles). An Original, Com- 269 Ollier (Edmund) and Chester (Joseph L.) piled, and Corrected Account of Burgoyne's

History of the United States, from the Ear. Campaign, and the Memorable Battle of

1 liest Discoveries to the Present Time. BeauBemis' Heights. Map. 12mo. cloth, pp. 291. | tifully illustrated. 3 vols. 8vo. cloth, LonAlbany, 1844. 2 25 don, 1876.

13 50 259 Nell (William C.) Services of the Col- 270 Orderly Book of the Siege of Yorktown, ored Americans in the Wars of 1776 and from

from September 26, 1781, to November 2,

Sen 1812. 8vo. paper, pp. 24. Boston, 1851. 50

1781. Now first printed from the original 260 Nell (William C.) The Colored Patriots manuscripts. 4to. sewed, uncut edges, pp.

7 50

66. (Only 50 copies printed.) Philadelphia, ministration of Washington, 1797. 2 vols.

5 00 8vo. sheep, pp. 528–539. New Haven,

271 Ouseley (W. G.) Remarks on the Statis 1828.

3 00

tics and Political Institutions of the United | 282 Another copy. Boards uncut. 4 00

States, etc., to which are added Statistical 283 Pitkin (Timothy). A Statistical View of
Tables. 8vo, boards, uncut. Philadelphia,

the Commerce of the United States of


1 00

America ; Its Connection with Agriculture

272 Paine (Thomas). A Letter addressed | and Manufactures, and an Account of the

to the Abbe Raynal on the Affairs of Public Debt, of the Expenditures, etc. 8vo.

North America. In which the Mistakes in boards, uncut. Hartford, 1817. 2 00

the Abbe's Account of the Revolution of 284 Another edition. Boards uncut. New

America are Corrected and Cleared Up. Haven. 1835.

2 50

8vo. new half green calf, red title, gilt back

K 285 Ponthoz. Recherches sur la Situation

and top, uncut edges, pp. 76. London,


2 50

des Emigrants aux Etats-Unis de L'Amer.

ique du Nord. Par Le Baron A. van der

273 Parkman (Francis). France and Eng-

Straten Ponthoz. Map. 8vo. half morocco,

land in North America. A Series of His a little worn, pp. 158. Bruxelles, 1846. 2 00

torical Narratives. Part First: Pioneers

of France in the New World. Part Sec-

286 Pouchot (M.) Memoir upon the late

ond: The Jesuits in North America in the

War in North America, between the French

Seventeenth Century Part Third: The

and English, 1755-1760; followed by Obser-

Discovery of the Great West. Part Fourth:

vations upon the Theater of Actual War,

The Old Regime in Canada. Part Fifth:

etc. Translated and edited by F. B. Hough.

Count Frontenac and New France under

Maps. 2 vols. royal 8vo. sewed, uncut

Louis XIV. 5 vols. 8vo. cloth, Boston,

edges. Roxbury. Printed for W. Elliot

1867-1877. Per volume.

2 50

Woodward, 1866. Perfectly clean copy. 7 00

274 Patton (J. H.) Concise History of the

287 Another copy. New half calf, gilt back

American People, from the Discoveries of the and tops, uncut edges.

10 50

Continent to 1876. Giving a Clear Account 288 Pownall (T.) The Administration of the
of their Political, Military, Moral, Indus- Colonies, wherein their Rights and Constitu-
trial, and Commercial Life. Illustrated tions are discussed and stated. Fourth edi.
with portraits, charts, maps, etc., and con- tion. 8vo. old calf. London, 1766. 2 50
taining Marginal Dates, Statistical Refer- 289 Present State of Great Britain and North
ences, and a Full Analytical Index. 8vo. America (The), with Regard to Agriculture,

cloth, pp. 1018. New York, 1876. 3 50 Population, Trade, and Manufactures, im-

276 Another copy. New half-red russia, mar-lo partially considered. 8vo. boards, uncut,

bled edges, neat.

500 pp. 363. London, 1767.

2 00

276 Pauw] (M. de). Recherches Philoso- 290 Price (Richard). Reflections on the Ob-

phiques sur les Americains, ou Memoires in servations on the Importance of the Ameri-

teressants pour servir a l'Histoire de l'Espece

can Revolution. 8vo. paper, uncut, pp. 19.

Humaine. 2 vols. 12mo. full bound, pp.

Philadelphia, 1786.


510-463. London, 1771.

3 50 291 Pultney (William). Considerations on the

277 Peck (J.T.) The Great Republic. From Present State of Affairs, and the Means of

the Discovery of America to the Centennial.) Raising the Necessary Supplies. 8v0. new

July 4.1876. The History of the Great Real half green calf, red title, gilt back and edges,

public considered from a Christian Stand-/ pp. 52. London, 1779.

2 25

point. With 34 steel portraits. 8vo. cloth, 292 Ramsey (David). History of the Ameri-

pp. 704. New York, 1876.

can Revolution. 2 vols. 8vo. half calf, pp.

278 Perry (William S.) The Connection of l 357–360. London, 1793.

4 00

the Church of England with Early Ameri- | 293 Another edition, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, Lon-

can Discovery and Colonization. Royal don, 1791.

3 00

8vo. paper, pp. 7. Portland, Maine, 1 294 Another edition. Two vols. in one, old


50 calf. Dublin, 1793.

2 50

279 Phelps' Description of One Hundred 295 Raymond (G. L.) Colony Ballads. An
Cities and Large Towns in America. With

Attempt to represent something of the

maps of thirteen cities. 8vo. paper, pp. 80. Spirit and the Circumstances attending the

New York, 1853.

35 Separation of the British Colonies of Mid-

280 Pictorial History of the American Revo dle North America from their Mother Coun-

lution. 200 engravings. 8vo. cloth. Bos- | try. 12mo. cloth, pp. 95, N. Y., 1877. 75


2 00 | 296 Raynal (Abbe). The Revolution in Amer-

281 Pitkin (Timothy). A Political and Civil ica. A new Translation, with Notes. 16mo.

History of the United States of America, sheep, pp. 124. Hudson: Printed by A.

from the Year 1763 to the Close of the Adat Stoddard, 1792.

1 00

297 Recherches Historiques et Politiques sur America; in which is included the Posthu

les Etats-Unis de L'Amerique Septentrion mous Volume containing the History of ale, ou l'on traite des etablissement des Virginia to the Year 1683, and of New treize Colonies, de leurs Rapports et de leurs England to the Year 1652. 2 vols. old calf. dissentions avec la Grande-Bretagne, de leurs Philadelphia, 1812.

2 00 gouvernemens avant et apres la Revolution, etc. Par un Citoyen de Virginie. [Phillip

10.: 307 Another edition. 8vo. cloth. New York, Mazzei). 4 vols. 8vo. full bound. Paris,


2 25 1788.

5 00 308 Another edition. Illustrated. 2 vols. 298 Rhoads (Thomas Y.) The Battle-fields. 8vo. New York, 1856.

4 00 of the Revolution. Comprising Descriptions 309 Robertson (William). The History of of the principal Battles, Sieges, and other America; to which is added a Continuation, important Events of the War of Independ- comprising the History of the Colonies ence. Illustrated. 12mo, cloth. Philadel. from 1652 to the Present Time. By David phia.

1 75

McIntosh. Portraits, maps, and Plates. 299 Richardson (Abby Sage). The History

4to. old call, pp. 588. London, 1817. 4 50 of Our Country, from its Discovery by

310 Robinson (Conway). An Account of the Columbus to the Celebration of the Centen

Discoveries in the West until 1519, and of nial Anniversary of its Declaration of In

Voyages to and along the Atlantic Coast of dependence. Embracing an Account of its

North America, from 1520 to 1573. 8vo. Discovery, Narratives of the Struggles of cloth, pp. 491. Richmond, 1848. 3 50 its Early Settlers, Sketches of its Heroes, the 311 Rochelle (M. Roux de). Etats-Unis History of the War for Independence and D'Amerique. Map and 95 plates. 8vo. the War for Nationality, Its Industrial Suc sewed, edges uncut, pp. 400. Paris, cesses, and a Record of its whole Progress as 1853.

4 50 a Nation. Illustrated. 8vo. cloth, pp. 635. |

312 Rogers (Major Robert). A Concise AcBoston, 1876.

4 50

count of North America. Containing a 300 Ridpath (John C.) A Popular History of Description of the Several British Colonies,

the United States of America, from the Abu as to their Situation, Extent, Climate, Proriginal Times to the Present Day. Em

duce, etc.; also of the Interior or Westerly bracing an Account of the Aborigines; The

Parts. With an account of the Nations Norsemen in the New World; The Discov- | and Tribes of Indians, their Customs, Goveries by the Spaniards, English and French; ernment, etc. 8vo. old calf, pp. 264. LonThe Planting of Settlements; Wars of the don, 1765.

3 50 Revolution and the Late Rebellion, etc. 313 Rogers (Major Robert). Journals of Maps, portraits, and illustrations. 8vo. cloth, | Containing an Account of the Several

pp. xxxviii, 683. Cincinnati, 1877. 300 Excursions he made under the Generals 301 Riedesel (Maj. Gen.) Life and Journals

who commanded upon the Continent of

North America during the Late War. of. Relating to the Campaign under Burgoyne, and Captivity of the German Troops

8vo. sheep. pp. 237. London (printed for in New England and Virginia. Translated

the Author), 1765.

6 50 by W. L. Stone. Illustrated. 2 vols. 8vo. 314 Another edition. 16 mo. half calf. pp. 218. cloth, pp. 306-285. Albany, 1868. 5 00 Dublin, 1770.

4 50 302 Biedesel (Madam). Memoirs and Letters 315 Another copy. Old sheep.

3 50 of. Relating to the War of the Revolution, 316 Ryder (Wm. H.) Our Country. Illusand the Capture of the German Troops at trated. 12mo. cloth, gilt edges, pp. 252. Saratoga, 1777. Translated by W. L. Stone. Boston, 1854.

1 00 Illustrated. 8vo, cloth, pp. 235. Albany, 317 Saffell (W. T. R.) Records of the Revo. 1867.

3 00

lutionary War. Containing the Military and 303 Reidesel (Madame de). Letters and Me Financial Correspondence of Distinguished

moirs relating to the War of American In Officers, etc. 12mo. cloth, pp. 554. New dependence and the Capture of the German York, 1858.

2 00 Troops at Saratoga. First American edi- 318 St. John (J. Hec tor). Letters from an tion. 12mo. calf, pp. 323. N. Y., 1827. 3 25

American Farmer, describing Certain Pro304 Another copy. Half morocco, gilt top, vincial Situations, Manners, and Customs rough edges.

4 00

not generally known. 8vo. boards, uncut. 305 Replique des Commissaires Anglois : ou London, 1782.

1 50 Memoirs presente par les Commissaires de 319 Sanford (Ezekiel). A History of the Sa Majeste Tres-Chretienne, 23 Janvier, United States, before [during and since the 1753. En replique Memoire, 4 Octob., 1751. Revolution. With Some Account of the 16mo. boards, uncut, pp. 212. A La Haye, Aborigines. 8vo. full bound, pp. 192+341. 1756. 1 501 Philadelphia, 1819.

4 00 306 Robertson (William). The History of | 320 Sargent (Winthrop). The History of an.

Expedition against Fort Du Quesne, in Political Relations with Europe. By a Rus1755, under General Braddock. 8vo. cloth, sian. 8vo. half calf, neat, pp. 163. Baltiuncut, pp. 423. Philadelphia, 1855. 3 00 more, 1826.

2 50 321 Savannah (The Siege of), by the Com

333 Smith (Horace W.) Nuts for Future Hisbined American and French Forces, under

torians to Crack. Containing the Cadwalathe Command of Gen. Lincoln and Count

der Pamphlet, Valley Forge Letters, etc. d'Estaing, in the Autumn of 1779. Por 8vo. paper, uncut, pp. 90. Philadelphia, trait. 4to. sewed, pp. 187. (Only 100 copies


1 25 printed.) Albany, 1866.

3 00 334 Smith (T. Marshall). Legends of the War

of Independence and of the Early Settle322 Savannah (The Siege of), in 1779, as de ments in the West. 8vo. cloth, pp. 397. scribed in two Contemporaneous Journals

Louisville, 1855.

1 50 of French Officers in the Fleet of Count d'Estaing. Map. Folio, large paper, cloth,

| 335 Snowdon (Richard). The History of pp. 77. Albany, 1874.

4 00

North and South America, from its Discov

ery to the Death of Washington. Maps. 2 323 Scott (Josepb). A Geographical Diction- vols. in one. 16mo. sheep. Philadelphia, ary of the United States. Map. 8vo. 1817.

1 00 sheep. Philadelphia, 1805.

1 25

336 State of the British and French Colonies 324 Secret Proceedings and Debates of the in North America, with Respect to Number

Convention assembled at Philadelphia, in of People, Forces, Forts, Indians, Trade, the Year 1787, for the Purpose of forming and other Advantages. In two letters to a the Constitution of the United States of friend. Map. 12mo. new half morocco, America. 8vo. half bound, pp. 308. Wash gilt top, pp. 190. London, 1755. 6 50 ington, D. C., 1836.

2 20 337 Another copy. Very large margins, many

2 25 325 Secret Proceedings and Debates of the

rough leaves, new balf morocco, gilt top. 7 50 Federal Convention, 1787, and other Histori. cal Documents.

1338 Stedman (G.) 12mo. roan, pp. 335.

The History of the Origin,

Progress, and Termination of the American Cincinnati.

1 25

War. 2 vols. Map. 4to. boards, uncut, fine 326 Senter (Isaac). The Journal of. Physi- |

copy. London, 1791.

12 50 cian and Surgeon to the Troops detached from the American Army, encamped at

| 339 Steinwehr (A. Von). The Centennial Cambridge, Mass., on a Secret Expedition

Gazetteer of the United States. 8vo. cloth. against Quebec, under the Command of Col.

Philadelphia, 1877.

4 00 Benedict Arnold, in September, 1775. 8vo. | 340 Stephens (Alexander H.) A Compendium paper, uncut edges, pp. 40. Philadelphia, of the History of the United States, from the 1846.

1 25

Earliest Settlements to 1872. Illustrated. 327 Sheffield (J. L.) Observations on the

12mo.cloth, pp. 513. N. York. 1877. 1 50 Commerce of the American States. Con- / 341 Stone (Edwin Martin). The Invasion of taining Tables of the Imports, Exports, etc.

Canada in 1775. Including the Journal of 8vo. half morocco, pp. 315+24. London,

Captain Simeon Thayer, describing the Perils 1784.

2 00

and Sufferings of the Army under Col. Ben. -328 Sherwood (John D.)

edict Arnold. Portrait. Small 4to. paper,

The Comic History of the United States, from a Period prior to .

uncut, pp. 104. Providence, 1867. * 2 50 the Discovery of America to Times long

342 Another copy. Large paper. 3 50 subsequent to the Present. 12mo, cloth. 313 Stone (W. L.) Border Wars of the Illustrated. Boston, 1870.

2 50) American Revolution. Including the Life 329 Siddons (J. H.) A Familiar History of of Joseph Brant, the Indian Chiet. 2 vols. the United States of America, from the Date

18mo, cloth. New York.

1 50 of the Earliest Settlements down to the 344 Stone (William L.) The Campaign of Present Time. 18mo. cloth, pp. 243. London. Lieut.-Gen. John Burgoyne, and the Ex1861.]

1 50 pedition of Lieut.-Col. Barry St. Leger. 330 Simcoe (J. G.) Military Journal. Al Portraits. 12mo. cloth, pp. 461. Albany. History of the Operations of a Partisan 1877.

2 25 Corps, called The Queen's Rangers, during 345 Storrs (Richard S.) The Early American the War of the American Revolution. Il- Spirit, and the Genesis of it. 8vo. cloth, lustrated. 8vo. boards, pp. 328. New York, pp. 74. New York, 1875.

1 00 1844.

5 00 346 Strong (James). A Geographical Chart :331 Simms (Jeptha R.) The American Spy;l of the American Federal Republic; (r, A

or, Freedom's Early Sacrifice. A Revolu-l Comprehensive View of the most Interesttionary Tale of New England, founded on ing Particulars relative to the Geography,

fact. 8vo. paper, pp. 64. Albany, 1857. 50 etc., of the United States, 17x21 inches. 332 Sketch (A) of the Internal Condition of Walpole, N. H. [1800).

the United States of America, and of their 347 Summary View (A) of the Rights of Brit


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