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Chief, Bureau of the Reserve Fleet.-Frank E. Hickey, 312 Fifth Street SE.
Chief, Technical Bureau.-J. L. Bates, 23 Bryant Street.
Chief, Costs Division.-J. Barnes, 3116 Old Dominion Boulevard, Alexandria,

Special Assistant to the Commission in Charge of Labor Relations.-E. J. Tracy,

3701 Massachusetts Avenue. Chief, Design Division.-A. C. Rohn, 6801 Forty-seventh Street, Chevy Chase,

Md. Chief, Inspection and Performance Division.-Capt. A. Claude, USN, 3508 Rod

man Street. Chief, Training Division.- Telfair Knight, P. O. Box 62, Merrifield, Va. Interdepartmental Liaison Officer.-H. T. Morse, 27 West Irving Street, Chevy

Chase, Md. Chairman, Price Adjustment Board.—John Paull, 3881 Porter Street. Chief Trial Examiner, Office of Trial Examiners.-G. O. Basham, 717 Twenty

fifth Street South, Arlington, Va.


(Constitution Avenue and Twenty-first Street. Phone, Executive 8100)

President.-Alfred N. Richards, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia 4, Pa.,

and National Academy of Sciences. Vice President.-Luther P. Eisenhart, Princeton, N. J. Foreign Secretary-Detlev W. Bronk, Johnson Research Foundation, University

of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia 4, Pa., and National Academy of Sciences. Home Secretary.-Fred. E. Wright, 2134 Wyoming Avenue, Washington, D. C. Treasurer.-Jerome C. Hunsaker, Massachusetts Institute of Technology,

Cambridge, Mass.
Executive Secretary.-R. L. Zwemer, National Academy of Sciences.
Business Manager.-G. D. Meid, National Academy of Sciences.


Chairman.-Detlev W. Bronk, Johnson Research Foundation, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia 4, Pa., National Research Council

. Executive Secretary.-R. L. Zwemer, National Research Council. Business Manager.-G. D. Meid, National Research Council.


(1724 F Street. Phone, Navy Department or EXecutive 3515, 3516, or 3517) Chairman.--Dr. Jerome C. Hunsaker, Massachusetts Institute of Technology,

Cambridge, Mass. Vice Chairman.-Dr. Alexander Wetmore, Smithsonian Institution, Hon. John

R. Alison, Dr. Vannevar Bush, Dr. Edward U. Condon, Ronald M. Hazen, William Littlewood, Rear Adm. Theodore C. Lonnquest (U. S. Navy), Maj. Gen. Edward M. Powers (U. S. Army), Vice Adm. John D. Price (U. S. Navy), Arthur E. Raymond, Dr. Francis W. Reichelderfer, Gen. Carl Spaatz

(U. S. Army), Dr. Theodore P. Wright. Executive Secretary.John F. Victory, 2107 Plymouth Circle. Research Consultant.-Dr. George W. Lewis, 6502 Ridgewood Avenue, Chevy

Chase, Md. Director of Aeronautical Research.-Dr. Hugh L. Dryden, 2020 Pierce Mill Road, Associate Director of Aeronautical Research.—John W. Crowley, Jr., 103 Kenwood

Avenue, Chevy Chase, Md. Assistant Director of Aeronautical Research (Aerodynamics).-Russell G. Robinson,

25 Strathmore Avenue, Garrett Park, Md. Assistant Director of Aeronautical Research (Propulsion).-Addison M. Rothrock. Assistant Director of Aeronautical Research (Liaison). -Charles H. Helms, 5420

Connecticut Avenue.
Executive Officer.--E. H. Chamberlin, 114 Olin Drive, Falls Church, Va.


(National Archives Building. * Phone, District 0525) Archivist of the United States.—Solon J. Buck, 6645 Barr Road, Friendship Station, Assistant Archivist of the United States.—Wayne C. Grover, 1401 Linden Lane,

Silver Spring, Md.
Program Adviser.-Oliver W. Holmes, 1816 R Street.
Exhibits and Information Officer.-Elizabeth E. Hamer, 6620 River Road,

Bethesda, Md.
Chief, Personnel Management Branch.-Ruth A. Henderson, the Grover

Cleveland, Alexandria, Va.
Secretary to the Archivist. ---Faye K. Geeslin, 1817 Rhodes Street, Arlington, Va.
Director, Division of the Federal Register.--Bernard R. Kennedy, 2120 Sixteenth

Street. Chief Editor.David C. Eberhart, Jr., 506 Twenty-sixth Road South, Arlington,

Va. Head Attorney: --Alfred C. Proulx, 200 North Piedmont Street, Arlington, Va. Director of Administrative Services. -Collas G. Harris, Vienna, Va. Director of Records Control.-Philip M. Hamer, 6620 River Road, Bethesda, Md. Chief, General Reference Branch.-W. Neil Franklin, 212 West Alexandria

Avenue, Alexandria, Va. Director of Legislative Service.- Thad Page, 3203 Russell Road, Alexandria, Va. Chief, Veterans' Records Branch. - Thomas M. Owen, Jr., 3901 Connecticut

Avenue. Director, General Records Division.--Marcus W. Price, 16 East Melrose Street,

Chevy Chase, Md. Director, War Records Division.—Edward G. Campbell, 9 Sylvan Drive, Falls

Church, Va. Director of Photography.Dallas D. Irvine, 1929 Biltmore Street. Director, Natural Resources Records Division.--Herman Kahn, 304 Monroe Street,

Rockville, Md. Chief, Cartographic Records Branch.----W. L. G. Joerg, 1212 Thirtieth Street. Director, Industrial Records Division.-Paul Lewinson, 1718 Army-Navy Drive; Arlington, Va.


(Phone, District 0525, extension 443) Chairman.-The Archivist of the United States. Members.—The Secretaries of the executive departments of the Government (or

alternates named by them), the chairmen of the Senate Committee on Post
and Civil Service and the House Committee on Post

Office and Civil
Service, the Librarian of Congress, the Secretary of the Smithsonian In-

stitution, the Archivist of the United States. Secretary.—Thad Page, Director of Legislative Service of the National Archives.


(Phone, District 0525, extension 314) Members.-The Archivist of the United States (chairman); the Historical Adviser

of the Department of State; the Chief of the Historical Division of the Special Staff, United States Army; the Director of Naval Records and Library; the Chief of the Division of Manuscripts of the Library of Congress; Dumas Malone and Guy Stanton Ford, members of the American

Historical Association. Secretary.- Philip M. Hamer, Director of Records Control of the National Archives.


(Phone, District 0525, extension 211) Members.—The Archivist of the United States (chairman); the chairmen of the

Senate Committee on Post Office and Civil Service and the House Committee
on Post Office and Civil Service.

(Phone, District 0525, extension 325) Members. The Archivist of the United States (chairman); officer of the Depart

ment of Justice designated by the Attorney General; the Public Printer. Secretary.- Director, Division of the Federal Register, the National Archives.

FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT LIBRARY (Hyde Park, N. Y., under the administration of the Archivist of the United States) Archivist of the United States.-Solon J. Buck, 6645 Barr Road, Friendship Station, Acting Director.-Edgar B. Nixon, Hyde Park, N. Y. Administrative Assistant.-Alma Á. Van Curan, Hyde Park, N. Y.


(Phone, District 0525, extension 211) Members - The Archivist of the United

States (chairman), the Secretary of the Treasury, Basil O'Connor, Frank C. Walker, Samuel E. Morison, Samuel I. Rosenman, and James M. Landis.


(1737 L Street. Phone, REpublic 3201) Chairman.-Paul Oppermann, Urban Planning Officer, Federal Works Agency. Vice Chairman.-Mrs. Henry Grattan Doyle, President, District of Columbia

Board of Education. John Russell Young, President of the Board of Commissioners, District of

John Nolen, Jr., Director of Planning, National Capital Park and Planning

Mark Lansburgh, Chairman of the District of Columbia Redevelopment Land

Executive Officer.-John Ihlder, 2811 P Street.
Administrative Officer.-James Ring, 3334 Seventeenth Street.
Deputy in Charge of Operations. - Bernard E. Loshbough, 5610 Colorado Avenue.
General Counsel.-William R. Simpson, Jr., 309 Penwood Road, Silver Spring, Md.


(Office, New Interior Building. Phone, REpublic 1820, branch 2101) Chairman.-Maj. Gen. U. S. Grant 3d, 1929 Q Street, Washington, D. C. Executive Oficer.-A. E. Demaray (acting), 612 Pickwick Lane, Chevy Chase,

Md., National Park Service. Lt. Gen. Raymond A. Wheeler, Chief of Engineers, U. S. Army, 2022 Columbia

Road. Brig. Gen. Gordon R. Young, Engineer Commissioner, District of Columbia,

4434 Hawthorne Street. Lyle F. Watts, Chief, Forest Service, 1911 R Street. C. Douglass Buck, chairman, Senate Committee on the District of Columbia,

the Westchester. Everett M. Dirksen, chairman, House Committee on the District of Columbia,

the Mayflower.
J. C. Nichols, 310 Ward Parkway, Country Club Plaza, Kansas City, Mo.
Albert P. Greensfelder, 502 Merchants-Laclede Building, St. Louis, Mo.

John Nolen, Jr., director of planning, 1916 S Street.
T. S. Settle, secretary, 3715 Van Ness Street.
Norman C. Brown, land purchasing officer, 1673 Columbia Road.
T. C. Jeffers, landscape architect, 6620 Sixth Street.


(Rochambeau Building. Phone, STerling 7373)

OFFICES OF THE BOARD Chairman.-Paul M. Herzog, 3101 Garfield Street. Members.—John M. Houston, the Claridge; James J. Reynolds, Jr., 3613 0 Street;

Abe Murdock, 4101 W Street; J. Copeland Gray, 3524 Martha Custis Drive,

Parkfairfax, Alexandria, Va. Executive Secretary.-Frank M. Kleiler, 9400 Warren Street, Silver Spring, Md. Assistant Executive Secretary.-Louis R. Becker, 1751 Lanier Place. Solicitor.—Herbert Fuchs, 2921 Argyle Drive, Alexandria, Va.

Assistant Solicitor.--Ida Klaus, 1530 Sixteenth Street.
Chief Trial Examiner.-William R. Ringer, 1617 Twenty-fifth Street SE.
Associate Chief Trial Examiners.-George Bokat, 4713 Roredale Avenue, Bethesda,

Md.; William E. Spencer, 22 South Fillmore Street, Arlington, Va.
Director of Informațion.—Louis G. Silverberg, 2010 Kalorama Road.

OFFICES OF THE GENERAL COUNSEL General Counsel.–Robert N. Denham, 207 West Bradley Lane, Chevy Chase, Md. Special Assistant to the General Counsel.--Ellison D. Smith, Jr., 2151 California

Street. Associate General Counsels.-Charles M. Brooks, the Westchester; David P. Find

ling, 298 Cedar Avenue, Takoma Park, Md.; Joseph C. Wells, 1200 South

Washington Street, Alexandria, Va. Director of Administrative Division.—Carroll K. Shaw, 3617 Quesada Street. Director of Personnel.-John C. Shover, 1506 North Edison Street, Arlington, Va. Administrative Officer.—Herbert R. Glaser, 714 North Wayne Street, Arlington, Va.

(2018 Federal Works Agency Building, Eighteenth and F Streets. Phone, NAtional 8460)

Frank P. Douglass, chairman, Federal Works Agency Building.
Francis A. O'Neill, Jr., 2151 California Street.

John Thad Scott, Jr., 2008 Federal Works Agency Building.
Secretary.--Robert F. Cole, 4919 Westway Drive.
Assistant Secretary.-Mitchel D. Lewis, 6040 Oregon Avenue.
Mediators (2018 Federal Works Agency Building).—Thomas E. Bickers, Ross R.

Barr, Clarence G. Eddy, Lawrence Farmer, Ross J. Foran, Patrick D.
Harvey, James M. Holaren, Cornelius E. Hurley, Matthew E. Kearney,
James P. Kiernan,

Warren S. Lane, Albert L. Lohm, William F. Mitchell, Jr., John F. Murray, George S. MacSwan, James E. Newlin, J. Joseph Noonan, Alexander D. Penfold, Wallace G. Rupp, Tedford E. Schoonover, H, Albert Smith, Frank K. Switzer, Eugene C. Thompson, John W. Walsh.

NATIONAL MUNITIONS CONTROL BOARD (Room 402, 515 Twenty-second Street (Department of State). Phone, REpublic 5600, branch 3641) Chairman.—The Secretary of State.

The Secretary of the Treasury.
The Secretary of the Army.
The Secretary of the Navy.
The Secretary of the Air Force.

The Secretary of Commerce.
Executive Secretary.-E. T. Cummins, Department of State, 2745 Twenty-ninth

(Old State Department Building. Seventeenth Street and Pennsylvania Avenue NW.

Phone, Executive 7491)
Harry S. Truman, President of the United States.
George C. Marshall, Secretary of State.
James V. Forrestal, Secretary of Defense.
Kenneth C. Royall, Secretary of the Army.
John L. Sullivan, Secretary of the Navy.
W. Stuart Symington, Secretary of the Air Force.
Arthur M. Hill, Chairman, National Security Resources Board.
Executive Secretary.—Sidney W. Souers.
Assistant Executive Secretary. - James S. Lay, Jr.
Staff Coordinator.-Harold D. Shantz.


(2430 E Street. Phone, EXecutive 6115)
Director of Central Intelligence.-Rear Adm. R. H. Hillenkoetter, USN.
Deputy Director.-Brig. Gen. E. K. Wright, USA.
Executive Director.--Capt. Walter C. Ford, USN.

73211°-80-2-2d ed.



(National Defense Building, Arlington, Va. Phone, REpublic 6700) Chairman.-Arthur M. Hill, 2101 Connecticut Avenue

Secretary of State.
Secretary of the Treasury.
Secretary of Defense.
Secretary of the Interior.
Secretary of Agriculture.
Secretary of Commerce.

Secretary of Labor.
Secretary.-G. Lyle Belsley, 3227 Rittenhouse Street.


(411 Tenth Street. Phone, REpublic 6700) Chief of Office and General Purchasing Officer.-B. F. Burdick, 1016 North Noyes

Drive, Silver Spring, Md. Assistant Chief of Office and Assistant General Purchasing Officer.-R. E. Ramsey,

811 Forest Glen Road, Silver Spring, Md. Assistant Comptroller.-G. G. Allen, 2915 Albemarle Street.


Governor of The Panama Canal.—Brig. Gen. Francis K. Newcomer, U. 8. Army,

Balboa Heights, Canal Zone. Engineer of Maintenance.-[Vacant), U. S. Army, Balboa Heights, Canal Zone.


(2001 Connecticut Avenue. Phone, NAtional 6635) Director Emeritus.-Surg. Gen. Hugh S. Cumming (retired), United States,

Public Health Service, 2219 California Street. Director.-Dr. Fred L. Soper, 204 Rosemary Street, Chevy Chase, Md. Assistant Director.-Dr. John R. Murdock, 5101 Manning Place. Secretary General.-Dr. Miguel E. Bustamante, 3179 Porter Street. Executive Officer for Fiscal Affairs.-Leo J. Van Herpe, 5602 Roosevelt Street,

Bethesda, MD Executive Officer for Operations.-Joseph S. Piazza, Montrose Road, route 2,

Rockville, Md. Chief, Editorial Division.—Dr. Oscar Vargas 3212 Wisconsin Avenue. Chief, Statistical Division.-Rafael H. Martínez, 3 Woodland Drive, East Falls

Church, Va. Nursing Consultant.-Agnes W. Chagas, 2601 Sixteenth Street. Sanitary Engineering Consultant.--Donald L. Snow, 3445 Thirty-eighth Street. Executive Committee. - Brazil: Dr. Heitor Praguer Fróes; Costa Rica: Dr. Solón

Núñez; Cuba: Dr. Luis Espinosa; Mérico: Dr. Ignacio Morones Prieto; United States of America: Dr. Thomas Parran; Uruguay: Dr. Enrique Claveaux; Venezuela: Dr. Alfredo Arreaza Guzmán.


(Formerly International Bureau of the American Republics) (Seventeenth Street, between Constitution Avenue and C Street. Phone, National 6635) Director General.Alberto Lleras, 201 Eighteenth Street. Assistant Director.-William Manger, 1744 C Street. Treasurer and Chief, Department of Administrative Services.-Lowell Curtiss, 709

East Leland Street, Chevy Chase, Md. Assistant Chief, Administrative Services.—John A, Balenger, 27 Warner Street,

Kensington, Md. Personnel Officer.-Paul W. Bigbee, 2200 Thirty-second Place SE. Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds.-William W. Kellum, Deale, Md. Chief Mail Clerk.-George F. Hirschman, 402 Kennedy Street. Chief, Department of International Law and Organization.--Charles G. Fenwick,

2269 Cathedral Avenue.

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