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Food Distribution Programs Branch Director.-Paul C. Stark, 3200 Sixteenth Street. Associate Director.-Harold C. Albin, 2608 Twenty-fourth Street North, Arling

ton, Va. Assistant Director.—Marvin M. Sandstrom, 926 North Cleveland Street, Arling

ton, Va. Chief, School Lunch Division.—Marshall P. Driggs, 3700 Massachusetts Avenue.

Marketing Facilities Branch
Director.--W. C. Crow, 1258 North Buchanan Street, Arlington, Va.

Marketing Research Branch
Director.-F. L. Thomsen, 109 Bellefonte Avenue, Alexandria, Va.
Assistant Director.-Budd A. Holt, 4838 Twenty-fourth Road North, Arlington,

Price Support and Foreign Supply Branch
Director.-F. B. Northrup, R. F. D. 3, box 758, Fairfax, Va.
Assistant Director.-L. B. Taylor, 110' Normandy Drive, Silver Spring, Md.

Shipping and Storage Branch Director.-H. O. Warlick, 3528 South Utah Street, Arlington, Va. Deputy Director.--E. A. Levi, the Annapolis. Deputy Director.--C. R. Rodwell, 307 South Court House Road, Arlington, Va. Assistant Director.-Bertrand S. Soleau, 313 Pennsylvania Avenue, Falls Church, Va.


Cotton Branch Director.--Clovis D. Walker, 4010 Warren Street, Assistant Director.-Carl H. Robinson, 607 East Thornapple Street, Chevy Chase, Md.

Dairy Branch Director.-S. W. Tator, 532 Twentieth Street. Assistant Directors.-H. L. Forest, 5 Shenandoah Road, Alexandria, Va; Don S.

Anderson, 2863 Beechwood Circle, Arlington, Va.

Fats and Oils Branch
Director.-George L. Prichard, 4201 Fourth Street North, Arlington, Va.
Assistant Director.- Robert M. Walsh, 1312 North Emerson Street, Arlington,

Fruit and Vegetable Branch
Director.-Sylvester R. Smith, 3917 Bruce Street, Alexandria, Va.
Assistant Directors.-Merritt W. Baker, 2308 Forty-first Street;

Floyd F. Hed. lund, 4347 Warren Street; Charles F. Kunkel, 5411 Harwood Road, Bethesda, Md.

Grain Branch Director.-Leroy K. Smith, 4900 Sixteenth Street North, Arlington, Va. Assistant Directors.-- William McArthur, 1556 Mount Eagle Place, Parkfairfax,

Alexandria, Va.; E. J. Murphy, 1719 Crestwood Drive; Fred D. Entermille, 2730 Wisconsin Avenue.

Livestock Branch
Director.--H. E. Reed, 5420 Connecticut Avenue.
Assistant Director.- Preston Richards, 3130 Winconsin Avenue.
Assistant Director.-F. W. Imasche, 3133 Connecticut Avenue.

Poultry Branch Director.--W. D. Termohlen, 6638 Thirty-second Place. Associate Director.- Roy W. Lennartson, 1605 Dale Drive, Silver Spring, Md. Assistant Director.Joseph W. Kinghorne, 1365 Iris Street.

Sugar Branch Director.-Lawrence Myers, 230 Prospect Street, Chevy Chase, Md. Assistant Director.--G. A. Dice, 3600 Whitehaven Parkway. Assistant Director.-Joseph T. Elvove, 1310 North Court House Road, Arlington, Va.

Tobacco Branch Director.-Charles E. Gage, 401 Great Falls Street, Falls Church, Va. Assistant Directors.-J. E. Thigpen, 4354 Lorcom Lane, Arlington, Va.; Stephen

E. Wrather, 1513 Crestwood Drive, Alexandria, Va.

(Administrator's Office: The Mall, between Twelfth and Fourteenth Streets Sw.

Phone, REpublic 4142)
Administrator.-Claude R. Wickard, Westchester Apartments.
Deputy Administrator.-William J. Neal, the Continental.
Assistant Administrator.-George W. Haggard, McLean Gardens.
Chief, Applications and Loans Division.--Arthur W. Gerth, 3513-A South Stafford

Street, Arlington, Va. Chief, Engineering Division.-John K. O'Shaughnessy, 4816 Montgomery Lane,

Bethesda, Må. Chief, Management Division.-Frank A. Dawes, 212 South Ivy Street, Arlington,

, Chief, Finance Division.-Joseph F. Marion, 3489 South Utah Street, Arlington, Chief, Technical Standards Division.-James Bernard McCurley, Jr., Maiden

Choice Lane, Catonsville, Md. Chief, Information Services Division.-Kermit O. Overby, 1109 North Sycamore

Street, Falls Church, Va. Chief, Personnel Division.-John W. Asher, Jr., 1003 Beverly Drive, Alexandria, Chief, Administrative Services Division.-Dwight J. Porter, 3448-B South Utah

Street, Arlington, Va.




., ,

SOIL CONSERVATION SERVICE (Executive Offices: South Building, Fourteenth and Independence Avenue SW. Phone, REpublic 4142) Chief.-Hugh H. Bennett, R. F. D. 2, Falls Church, Va.

Executive Assistant to the Chief:—Glen K. Rule, 3360 Tennyson Street.
Assistant Chief.-Jefferson C. Dykes, 4511 Guilford Road, College Park, Md.
Assistant to the Chief.—Henry D. Abbot, 2319 Tracy Place.
Assistant to the Chief.—Thomas L. Gaston, Jr., 4700 Connecticut Avenue.
Foreign Liaison Representative.—William X. Hull, 1344 Longfellow Street.
Chief of Division of-

Administrative Services.—John R. Moore, 4314 South Capitol Street.
Budget and Finance.-Carl H. Dorny, 6812 Oak Lane, Chevy Chase, Md.
Information and Education.--Gordon K. Zimmerman, 3108 Cameron Mills

Road, Alexandria, Va.
Personnel Management.--Verna C. Mohagen, 4713 River Road.
Records and Reports.—Robert W. Rogers, 5512 Huntington Parkway,

Bethesda, Md.

States Relations.-Ivan L. Hobson, 2019 I Street. Chief of Operations.-A. E. Jones, 4235 South Four Mile Run Drive, Arlington, Va. Assistant Chief.-Frank J. Hopkins, 109 Philadelphia Avenue, Takoma Park,

Md. Assistant Chief.-Robert M. Ross, 313 South Royal Street, Alexandria, Va. Special Assistant to the Chief of Operations (Wheeler Case).—John A. Goe,

Benning Hall, 3445 Thirty-eighth Street.
Chief of Division of -

Agronomy.-Grover F. Brown, route 1, Nokesville, Va.
Biology.- Edward H. Graham, Shreve Road, R. F. D. 1, Falls Church, Va.
Cartographic.-Joseph M. Snyder, 4319 Woodberry Street, University Park,

Hyattsville, Md.

Chief of Operations-Continued
Chief of Division of-Continued

Engineering.-Thomas B. Chambers, 2030 Allen Place.
Forestry.-Courtland B. Manifold, 6443 Barnaby Street.
Nursery.--Harry A. Gunning, R. F. D. 1, Bowie, Md.
Land Management.—Edward G. Grest, 1527 North Ivanhoe Street, Arling-

ton, Va.
Project Plans.- Alfred M. Hedge, 5600 Lincoln Street, Bethesda, Md.
Range.-Frederic C. Renner, 6692 Thirty-second Place.
Soil Conservation Surveys.-Roy D. Hockensmith, 2832 McKinley Place.

Water Conservation.—Homer M. Wells, 105 Anacostia Road SE. Chief of Research.-Mark L. Nichols, 3309 Stephenson Place, Chevy Chase, D. C. Assistant Chief.—Howard E. Middleton, 1202 South Thomas Street, Arlington,

Va. Research Specialists.-Carl B. Brown, 317 Pinewood Avenue, Silver Spring,

Md.; George W. Musgrave, 4205 Four Mile Run, Arlington, Va.; James H.
Stallings, 5146 Nebraska Avenue; Russell E. Uhland, 6116 Western Avenue,

Chevy Chase, Md.
Programs Officer.-Ethan A. Norton, 4702 Morgan Drive.
Chief of Division of-

Erosion Control Practices.—Forrest G. Bell, 5320 Flint Drive, Westgate, Md.
Farm Irrigation.-George D. Clyde, Logan, Utah.
Water Conservation and Disposal Practices.—Lewis A. Jones, 7131 Chestnut



(Commerce Building, Fourteenth

Street between Constitution Avenue and E Street.
Phone, STerling 9200)

CHARLES SAWYER, Secretary of Commerce; was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, on February 10, 1887, the son of Edward Milton and Caroline Butler Sawyer; he received his public school education in Cincinnati; B. A. degree at Oberlin, Ohio, in 1908 and LL. B. degree at the old Cincinnati Law School (now the University of Cincinnati College of Law) in 1911; in World War I he enlisted in the Infantry, served overseas, and was discharged with the rank of major on May 30, 1919; since 1921 has been a member of the Cincinnati law firm of Dinsmore, Shohl, Sawyer & Dinsmore; from 1911 to 1915 was a member of the Cincinnati City Council, in 1933 and 1934 served as lieutenant governor of Ohio, in 1938 was Democratic candidate for Governor, and in 1944 and 1945 was Ambassador to Belgium and Minister to Luxembourg; business interests include radio stations in Dayton and Springfield, Ohio, a daily newspaper in Lancaster, Ohio, and the Cincinnati baseball club in the National League. The Secretary: Executive Assistant to the Secretary.-Bernard L. Gladieux, 4604 Brookview

Drive. Assistant to the Secretary.- Nelson Newton, 1621 Twenty-first Street. Secretary to the Secretary.--Mildred Eaton, 2702 Wisconsin Avenue. Under Secretary.--William C. Foster, the Shoreham. Acting Assistant Secretary for Foreign and Domestic Commerce.-Thomas C.

Blaisdell, Jr., 1231 Thirty-first Street. Assistant Secretary for Aeronautics.-John R. Alison, 1737 H Street. Solicitor.-I. N. P. Stokes, 4 Blackistone Road. Assistant Solicitors.--N. A. Stoll, 5620 Colorado Avenue; Matthew Hale, 1805

Preston Road, Alexandria, Va. Director, Office of Program Planning.–V. Lewis Bassie (acting), 3908 Seventh

Street South, Arlington, Va. Director, Office of Budget and Management.-- Francis R. Cawley, 357 North Glebe

Road, Arlington, Va. Director, Office of Publications.-Donald R. Burgess (acting), 6451 Barnaby Street. Director, Office of Personnel.--Oliver C. Short, 4605 Clemson Road, College Park,

Md. Director, Office of Administrative Services.-Gerald Ryan, 100 Dale Drive, Silver

Spring, Md. Director, Office of Technical Services.—John C. Green, Dumblane on the Severn,

Joyce Lane, Arnold, Md.
Director, Division of Liquidation.-E. C. Turney (acting), 9523 Bruce Drive,

Silver Spring, Md.
Director, Office of Industry Cooperation.-- John C. Virden, 1900 Q Street.

(Operating Federal Barge Lines and Warrior River Terminal Co. Executive offices: Boatmen's Bank
Building, St. Louis, Mo.; phone, CHestnut 6336. Washington office: Department of Commerce
Building; phone, STerling 9200, extension 570)
Governor.- The Secretary of Commerce.
Chairman of the Advisory Board.-South Trimble, Jr., 3111 Macomb Street,

Washington, D. C. President.-A. C. Ingersoll, Jr., Boatmen’s Bank Building, St. Louis, Mo. Vice President.--Vacant.) Executive Assistant.-Aubrey C. Mills, Boatmen's Bank Building, St. Louis, Mo. Secretary-Treasurer.-H. E. Woods, 611 Gravier Street, New Orleans 12, La.


Director.-J. C. Capt, the Westchester.
Assistant Directors.-A. Ross Eckler, 3643 Brandywine Street; Howard C. Grieves,

4808 Middlesex Lane, Bethesda, Md. Statistical Assistant to the Director.-Morris H. Hansen, 512 Goddard Road,

Bethesda, Md.

Coordinator, International Statistics.-Dr. Calvert L. Dedrick, 6615 Western

Avenue. Information Assistant to the Director.-Frank R. Wilson, 1801 Sixteenth Street. Executive Assistant to the Director:-Robert Y. Phillips, 3130 Wisconsin Avenue. Budget Officer. -John T. Moore, 9628 Howard Avenue, Bethesda, Md. Chief, Personnel Division.--Helen D. Almon, 1701 Massachusetts Avenue. Chief, Administrative Service Division.-David S. Phillips, 2107 Fort Davis

Street SE. Chief, Geography Division.-Clarence E. Batschelet, 2220 Military Road, Arling

ton, Va. Chief, Field Division.- Robert L. Kahn (acting), 5325 North Carlin Springs

Road, Arlington, Va. Chief, Machine Tabulation Division.-C. F. Van Aken, 2042 Fort Davis Street SE. Chief. Agriculture Division.-Ray Hurley, Bell Station, Bowie, Md. Chief, Business Division.-William C. Truppner, 6902 Arlington Road, Bethesda,

Md. Chief, Foreign Trade Division.-J. Edward Ely, 2819 Hillcrest Drive SE. Chief, Governments Division.-Allen D. Manvel, 6221 Western Avenue. Chief, Industry Division. - Maxwell R. Conklin, 422 Cumberland Avenue, Somer

set, Chevy Chase, Md.
Chief, Population Division.-Dr. Leon E. Truesdell, 3429 Ordway Street.

Office of Business Economics:
Acting Director.-M. Joseph Meehan, 810 Dahlia Street.
Chief, Economic Reports Staff. - James W. McNally, 3511 Porter Street.
Administrative Assistant.-Chester S. Ring, 2139 R Street.

Business Structure.--Irwin Friend, Chief, 3794 Nichols Avenue SE.
Clearing Office for Foreign Transactions.-B. W. Ruffner, Chief, 4420 Eight-

eenth Street North, Arlington, Va. Current Business Analysis.-C. A. R. Wardwell, Chief, 4143 Twenty-fifth

Street North, Arlington, Va.
International Economics.- Robert L. Sammons, Chief, 1 Knox Place, Silver

Spring, Md.
National Economics.-S. Morris Livingston, Chief, Fouracre Farm, Burnt

Mills Hills, Silver Spring, Md.
National Income.--Milton Gilbert, Chief, 2920 Argyle Drive, Alexandria,

Va. Office of Domestic Commerce: Director.-H. B. McCoy, 106 Franklin Street, Kensington, Md. Assistant to the Director. —P. H. Jordan, 603 Overlook Drive North, Alexandria,

Va. Administrative Officer.-J. Dix, Jr., 2114 Sixteenth Street North, Arlington, Va. Divisions: Construction.-J. L. Haynes, Chief, 3012 McKinley Street. Industry.-R. Matthes, Acting Chief, 3347 Brothers Place SE.; G. W. Muller,

Assistant Chief, 1805 North Calvert Street, Arlington, Va. Marketing.-N. A. Miller, Chief, 9604 Second Avenue, Silver Spring, Md. Trade Associations.-C. J. Judkins, Chief, 3931 Fourth Street North, Arling

ton, Va. Transportation.-P. M. Zeis, Acting Chief, 203 Elmira Street SW.

Area Development.-William R. Davlin, Chief, 3871 Rodman Street.
Department Field Service:

Director.-Carlton Hayward, 8214 Ellingson Drive, Chevy Chase, Md.
Deputy Director.-Joseph A. Mack, 3700 Thirty-ninth Street.
Executive Officer.-Robert W. Newland, 115 Allan Road, Yorktowne Village,

Office of Small Business:

Director.-J. L. Kelly, 5418 Harwood Road, Bethesda, Md.
Assistant Director.-Charles F. Hughitt, 1039 Twentieth Street South, Arling-

ton, Va.
Administrative Officer.-Genevieve Rogers, 1801 Sixteenth Street.

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