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Farm Population:
Assistant Chief.-Raymond C. Smith, 3211 North Woodrow Street, Arlington,

Division of Farm Population and Rural Life.-Carl C. Taylor, 4702

Twentieth Road North, Arlington, Va.
Division of Special Surveys.-Forrest E. Clements (acting), 6302 Ridge

(South Building, Fourteenth Street and Independence Avenue SW. Phone, REpublic 4142)
The Librarian.-Ralph R. Shaw, 3341 Prospect Avenue.
Assistant Librarian.-Louise 0. Bercaw, 3710 Fulton Street.

OFFICE OF BUDGET AND FINANCE (The Mall, between Twelfth and Fourteenth Streets SW. Phone, REpublic 4142) Director and Budget Officer.-William A. Jump, 3247 Patterson Street. Assistant Directors.--Ralph S. Roberts, 6400 Thirty-first Place; John L. Wells,

2722 South Arlington Ridge Road, Arlington, Va.; John C. Cooper, 5209

Sixteenth Street North, Arlington, Va.; James Scammahorn, Fairfax, Va. Assistants to Director.John H. Lynch, 1401 Tuckerman Street; J. Banks Young,

Brook Drive, Lee Boulevard Heights, Falls Church, Va.; Kenneth A. Butler, 2707 Queens Chapel Road, Mount Rainier, Md.; Clarence R. Eskildsen,

3534 South Stafford Street, Fairlington, Arlington, Va. Chief of Division of

Accounting.-Laurence W. Acker, 2922 South Buchanan Street, Arlington, Va.
Audit.- Emmett B. Collins, 843 South Irving Street, Arlington, Va.
Corporate Fiscal Service.—Keith L. Hanna, 615 Poplar Drive, Falls Church, Va.
Estimates and Allotments.—Charles L. Grant, 6057 Twenty-second Street North,

Arlington, Va.
Legislative Reports.-Carl R. Sapp, 6047 Twenty-first Street North, Arlington,

Va. Fiscal Management.--Harold A. Stone, 1051 Twenty-sixth Road South, Arling

ton, Va. Procurement and Supply Management.-- James H. Wells, 4452 South Thirty

sixth Street, Fairlington, Arlington, Va. Purchase, Sales, and Traffic.—James Scammahorn, acting chief, Fairfax, Va.

OFFICE FOR FOOD AND FEED CONSERVATION (South Building, Fourteenth Street and Independence Avenue SW. Phone, REpublic 4142) Director.---Charles F. Brannan, 3921 Langley Court. Deputy Director.-Donald J. Lehman, 4455 South Four-Mile Run Drive, Arling

ton, Va. Acting Assistant to the Director.-Louis E. Marchi, 1731 Harvard Street. Administrative Officer.-Daniel P. Knode, Jr., 2333 Q Street SE.

OFFICE OF FOREIGN AGRICULTURAL RELATIONS (South Building, Fourteenth Street and Independence Avenue SW. Phone, REpublic 4142) Office of the Director:

Director.-D. A. FitzGerald, 5517 Smallwood Drive, Green Acres, Md.
Associate Director.–Fred J. Rossiter, 6690 Thirty-second Street.
Assistant Director.-A. Rex Johnson, 1707 North Greenbrier Street, Arlington, Va.
Special Assistant to the Director.-Duncan Wall, 116 West Woodbine Street,

Chevy Chase, Md.
Regional Investigations Branch:

Acting Chief: - Robert B. Schwenger, 18 Dresden Street, Kensington, Md. International Commodities Branch:

Chief.- Joseph A. Becker, 220 Baltimore Avenue, Takoma Park, Md. Technical Collaboration Branch:

Chief.-Ross E. Moore, 4336 Albemarle Street. Division of Publications:

Head.Reginald G. Hainsworth, 7001 Pyle Road, Bethesda, Md. Division of Administration:

Head.-- Carroll E. Michelson, 1900 F Street.

OFFICE OF HEARING EXAMINERS (The Mall, between Twelfth and Fourteenth Streets SW. Phone, REpublic 4142) Acting Chief Hearing Examiner.- Earl J. Smith, 3635 Ingomar Place.

OFFICE OF INFORMATION Director.-Keith Himebaugh, route 3, Rockville, Md. Associate Director.-R. L. Webster, 301 Noland Street, Falls Church, Va. Assistant Directors in Charge of Publications, Motion Pictures, and Exhibits.-J. H. McCormick, 1326 Perry

Street NE. Radio and Video.—Kenneth M. Gapen, 3106 Circle Hill Road, Beverly Hills,

Alexandria, Va. Chief of Exhibits Service.-Joseph W. Hiscox, 1820 Upshur Street NE. Chief of Motion Picture Service.-Chester A. Lindstrom, 318 Dorsett Avenue,

Somerset, Chevy Chase, Md. Chief of Publications.-M. C. Merrill, 6701 Second Street. Chief of Personnel and Administrative Services.-R. A. Hollis, 9305 Colesville

Road, Silver Spring, Md.


(The Mall, between Twelfth and Fourteenth Streets SW. Phone, REpublic 4142) Director of Personnel.-T. Roy Reid, 3124 Quesada Street. Assistant Directors.-James L. Buckley, 4714 Sheridan Street, Riverdale, Md.;

Strother B. Herrell, 7114 Seventh Street. Assistant to the Director.-William W. Brown, 3811 V Street SE. Chief, Division of Classification.-William C. Laxton, 7117 Harwick Road, Wood

Acres, Md. Chief, Division of Employment.—Parke G. Haynes, 309 Williamsburg Drive,

Silver Spring, Md. Chief, Division of Investigations.-Chalmers T. Forster, 904 Maryland Avenue

NE. Chief, Division of Organization and Personnel Management.-N. Robert Bear,

3290 Worthington Street. Chief, Division of Personnel Relations and Safety.Carl E. Herrick, 3904 Edmunds

Street. Chief, Division of Training.-Christopher O. Henderson, 5206 Western Avenue,

Chevy Chase, Md.

OFFICE OF PLANT AND OPERATIONS (The Mall, between Twelfth and Fourteenth Streets Sw. Phone, REpublic 4142) Chief, Office of Plant and Operations.--Arthur B. Thatcher, 4116 Military Road. Assistant Chiefs.-William T. Luman, 4001 Jefferson Street, Hyattsville, Md.;

Everett C. Norberg, 3228 South Stafford Street, Arlington, Va. Technical Assistant to the Chief.- Marshall S. Wright, 2613 South Kent Street,

Arlington, Va. Assistant to the Chief.—Raymond J. Weir, 1811 Vernon Street. Chief, Administrative Division.— William E. Weir, 1408 Franklin Street NE. Chief, Central Supply Division.-- Peter J. Doyle, 1731 Lyman Place NE. Chief, Communications Division.—John S. Lucas, box 309, route 1, Vienna, Va. Chief, Equipment and Engineering Services Division.-William K. Knauff, 3500

Fourteenth Street. Chief, Motor Transport Division.-Samuel G. Quinn, 2520 Tenth Street NE. Chief, Photographic and Duplicating Services Division.-Samuel L. Gardiner, 1800

Twenty-eighth Place SE. Chief, Real Estate Division.-Terry J. McAdams, 4922 Twenty-ninth Road South, Arlington, Va.


(Administration Building, Fourteenth and Jefferson Drive. Phone, REpublic 4142) Administrator.-E. A. Meyer, 425 East Leland Street, Chevy Chase, Md. Executive Assistant to the Administrator.-Henry G. Herrell, 4820 Iowa Avenue. Assistant to Administrator (field crops, forest products, tobacco).-J. R. Allgyer,

501 Rolling Road, Chevy Chase, Md.

Assistant to Administrator (fruit and vegetables).-Cyril 0. Bratley, 5202 Roosevelt

Street, Bethesda, Md. Assistant to Administrator (cotton).- Maurice R. Cooper, 403 North Piedmont

Street, Arlington, Va. Assistant to Administrator (functional and Cross Commodity fields).—Barnard D.

Joy, 1718 North Hartford Street, Arlington, Va. Assistant to Administrator (animal products, fats and oils, sugar).-Harry R.

Trelogan, 6025 Eighteenth Street North, Arlington, Va. Budget Oficer.-J. Banks Young, 6030 Brook Drive, Lee Boulevard Heights,

Falls Church, Va.

OFFICE OF THE SOLICITOR (South building, Fourteenth Street and Independence Avenue Sw. Phone, REpublic 4142) Solicitor.-W. Carroll Hunter, McLean, Va. Associate Solicitor on Litigation.- James A. Doyle, 5505 Charlcote Road, Be

thesda, Md. Associate Solicitor in Charge of

Agricultural Credit.—Howard Rooney, 2601 Russell Road, Alexandria, Va. Commodity Credit Conservation and Adjustment.- Edward M. Shulman, 2125

Observatory Place. Forestry, Research, and General Legal Services.-Edward F. Mynatt, 3500

Fourteenth Street. Marketing, Regulatory Laws, and Transportation.-Charles W. Bucy, 4618

Langdrum Lane, Chevy Chase, Md. Rural Electrification.-K. Wilde Blackburn, 4207 Thirty-sixth Street South,

Arlington, Va. Executive Assistant to the Solicitor.-W. Edward Bawcombe, 3536 South Utah

Street, Arlington, Va. Special Administrative Assistant to the Solicitor.-LaVantia M. Sampson, 3133

Connecticut Avenue.


(The Mall, between Twelfth and Fourteenth Streets SW. Phone, REpublic 4142) Administrator.-W. V. Lambert, 4929 Western Avenue. Assistant Administrator.-B. T. Shaw, 4405 Twenty-eighth Place, Mount Rainier,

Md. Assistant Administrator.-Omer W. Herrmann, 4313 Elm Street, Chevy Chase,

Md. Assistant Administrator (also serves as Chief, Office of Experiment Stations).-R. W.

Trullinger, 3115 South Dakota Avenue NE. Assistant to the Administrator.-C. E. Schoenhals, 3367 Stephenson Place. Special Assistant.-Glen Briggs, 3707 Woodley Road. Special Assistant.-Louise Stanley, 3725 Macomb Street. Publications and Information Coordinator.--Ernest G. Moore, 7205 Old Chester

Road, Bethesda, Md. Research Coordinators.-S. B. Fracker, 2745 Twenty-ninth Street; Charles A.

Magoon, 4308 Queensbury Road, Riverdale, Md.; H. W. Marston, 7913 Orchid Street; Rhett Y. Winters, 6609 Thirty-second Street.

Agricultural Research Center

(Beltsville, Prince Georges County, Md. Phone, Tower 6430) Superintendent, Office of Operations.-Charles A. Logan, Agricultural Research

, Md

Bureau of Agricultural and Industrial Chemistry (South Building, Fourteenth Street and Independence Avenue SW. Phone, REpublic 4142) Chief.-Louis B. Howard, 3323 Stuyvesant Place. Assistant Chiefs.-Carl F. Speh, 208 Elm Street, Alexandria, Va.; G. W. Irving,

Jr., 4901 Lackawanna Street, Berwyn, Md.; Henry A. Donovan, 4440 Forty-ninth Street.

Director of
Northern Regional Research Laboratory, Peoria, Ill.-G. E. Hilbert, 101 Ashland

Avenue, Peoria, Ill.
Southern Regional Research Laboratory, New Orleans, La.-W. M. Scott, 2916

Palmer Avenue, New Orleans, La. Eastern Regional Research Laboratory, Wyndmoor, Pa.-P. A. Wells, 207

Wheatsheaf Avenue, Abington, Pa. Western Regional Research Laboratory, Albany, Calif.-M. J. Copley, 862

Arlington Street, Berkeley, Calif. Head of Administrative Services Division.-Clara E. Preinkert, 1742 North Capitol

Street. Agricultural Chemical Research Division.-L. F. Martin, 106 East Park Place,

New Orleans, La. Allergen Research Division.-Henry Stevens, 4439 Volta Place. Biologically Active Chemical Compounds Investigations.-T. D. Fontaine, 4008

Thirty-eighth Street, Brentwood, Md. Enzyme Research Division.-A. K. Balls, 36 El Camino Real, Berkeley, Calif. Information Division.-F. L. Teuton, route 2, Anacostia Station, Washington,

D. C. Microbiology Research Division.--Mathilde Solowey, 1867 Wyoming Avenue. Naval Stores Research Division.-E. L. Patton, 1618 Charlton Drive, New Or

leans, La. Personnel Division.—N. E. Jack, 5409 Twentieth Avenue, Avondale, Md. Pharmacology Laboratory.-Floyd De Eds, 344 Santa Ana Avenue, San Fran

cisco, Calif. Synthetic Liquid Fuels Project.-J. W. Dunning, 106 East Elmwood Street,

Peoria, III. Natural Rubber Extraction and Processing Investigations.-I. C. Fenstel, Salinas, Calif.

Bureau of Animal Industry
(The Mall, between Twelfth and Fourteenth Streets Sw. Phone REpublic 4142)
Chief.-B. T. Simms, 942 Twenty-sixth Street South, Arlington, Va.
Assistant Chiefs.-Hugh C. McPhee, 6514 Fortieth Avenue, University Park,

Hyattsville, Md.; S. O. Fladness, 3418 Old Dominion Boulevard, Alexandria,
Vå.; A. R. Miller, 366 North Washington Street, Falls Church, Va.; Paul E.

Howe,1 2823 Twenty-ninth Street.
Assistant to the Chief.-J. R. Cohran, 917 Eighteenth Street.
Head of -

Administrative Services Division.-Luther E. Harrover, 1717 G Street.
Animal Foods Inspection Division.—Leo V. Hardy, 2704 Cameron Mills Road,

Alexandria, Va.
Animal Husbandry Division. -T. C. Byerly, Beltsville, Md.
Budget and Fiscal Division.-N. A. Olmstead, 3020 Porter Street.
Information Division.-D. S. Burch, 527 Bashford Lane, Alexandria, Va.
Inspection and Quarantine Division.-M. R. Clarkson, 2251 North Vermont

Street, Arlington, Va.
Interstate Inspection Division.-W. M. MacKellar, 3217 Connecticut Avenue.
Meat Inspection Division.-A. R. Miller, 366 North Washington Street, Falls

Church, Va.
Pathological Division.-H. W. Schoening, 5504 Nebraska Avenue.
Personnel Division.-w.
A. DeVaughan, '2406 Mount

Vernon Avenue, Alexandria, Va. Tuberculosis Eradication Division.—Abner K. Kuttler, 4721 Forty-seventh

Virus Serum Control Division.-D. I. Skidmore, 4452 Volta Place.
Zoological Division.-Benjamin Schwartz, 2480 Sixteenth Street.

Bureau of Dairy Industry
(South Building, Fourteenth Street and Independence Avenue SW. Phone, REpublic 4142)
Chief.-0. E. Reed, 4927 Thirtieth Place.
Assistant Chief (Research).-R. E. Hodgson, 7006 Wake Forest Drive, College

Park, Md. Assistant Chief (Administration).-J. M. Kemper, 2231 Newton Street NE. 1 On military furlough.

Head, Division of Information.-L. S. Richardson, 6906 Connecticut Avenue,

Chevy Chase, Md. Dairy Research Laboratories.-George E. Holm, 3513 R Street. Dairy Cattle Breeding, Feeding, and Management.-Milton H. Fohrman, 6807

Pineway, Hyattsville, Md. Dairy Herd Improvement Investigations.-J. F. Kendrick, 2506 South Lynn

Street, Arlington, Va. Nutrition and Physiology.-Charles A. Cary, 4605 Queensbury Road, Riverdale, Md.

Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine (South Building, Fourteenth Street and Independence Avenue SW. Phone, REpublic 4142) Chief.-P. N. Annand, 4247 Vacation Lane, Arlington, Va. Associate Chief.-Avery S. Hoyt, 100 North Edison Street, Arlington, Va. Assistant Chiefs.-S. X. Rohwer, 3103 Key Boulevard, Arlington, Va.; F. C.

Bishopp, 8014 Piney Branch Road, Silver Spring, Md.; W. L. Popham, 4026
Twenty-fifth Road North, Arlington, Va.; F. H. Spencer, 4016 Jefferson

Street, Hyattsville, Md.
Assistant to the Chief.-H. L. J. Haller, 4407 Thirty-eighth Street.
Head of Division of -

Finance and Business Administration.-B. Connor, 5808 Third Street.
Personnel.-W.F. Leffler, R. F. D. 3, box 181, Pinecrest, Alexandria, Va.
Fruit Insects.-B. A. Porter, 123 Willow Avenue, Takoma Park, Md.
Fruitfly Investigations.-A. C. Baker, Laboratorio Entomologico, United States

Department of Agriculture, Apartado Num. 3, Colonia Anahuac, Mexico,

D. F. Merican Fruitfly Control.-P. A. Hoidale, 503 Rio Grande Building, Harlingen,

Tex. Enforcement of Japanese Beetle, Gypsy Moth, and Brown-Tail Moth Quarantines:

Dutch Elm Disease Control.-E. G. Brewer, 503 Main Street, East Orange,

N. J. Forest Insects.-F. C. Craighead, 5301 Forty-first Street. Gypsy Moth Control.-J. M. Corliss, 20 Sanderson Street, Greenfield, Mass. Plant Disease Control.-J. F. Martin, 7504 Fourteenth Street. Cereal and Forage Insects.--C. M. Packard, 4519 Eighteenth Road North,

Arlington, Va. Truck Crop and Garden Insects.-W. H. White, University Lane, College Park,

Md. Cotton Insects.-R. W. Harned, 4417 Garfield Street. Pink Bollworm Control.-L. F. Curl, 571 Federal Building, San Antonio 6, Tex. Bee Culture.-J. I. Hambleton, Brookeville, Md, Insects Affecting Man and Animals.-E. F. Knipling, 2607 North Marcey Road,

Arlington, Va. Insect Identification.-C. F. W. Muesebeck, 4312 Sheridan Street, University

Park, Hyattsville, Md. Insect Pest Survey and Information.-G. J. Haeussler, 4216 Queensbury Road,

Hyattsville, Md. Foreign Parasite Introduction.-C. P. Clausen, 2737 Devonshire Place. Control Investigations.-C. P. Clausen, 2737 Devonshire Place. Insecticides.-R. C. Roark, 3163 Adams Mill Road. Foreign Plant Quarantines.-E. R. Sasscer, 9 Raymond Street, Chevy Chase 15,

Md. Domestic Plant Quarantines.-B. M. Gaddis, 6713 North Washington Boule

vard, Falls Church, Va. Grasshopper Control. --Claude Wakeland, 131 Speer Boulevard, Denver 3, Colo.

Bureau of Human Nutrition and Home Economics (South Building, Fourteenth Street and Independence Avenue SW. Phone, REpublic 4142) Chief.-Hazel K. Stiebeling, Westchester Apartments. Assistant Chiefs.-Ruth O'Brien, 1205 Hamilton Street; Callie Mae Coons,

5462 Thirtieth Street.
Administrative Officer.-Cecelia Huneke, 1301 Fifteenth Street.
Head of Division of

Family Economics.-- Margaret G. Reid, 5173 Fulton Street.
Textiles and Clothing.-Bess V. Morrison, 4700 Thirtieth Street, Mount Rainier,


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