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(Office in Statuary Hall. Phone, NAtional 3120, branch 200) Clerk in Charge at the Capitol.–Ralph L. Harris, 2328 Twenty-fifth Street SE.


(Room 71, the Capitol. Phone, NAtional 3120, branches 334 and 335)
Senate Editor.-Floyd M. Riddick, Manassas, Va.
Senate Reporter.-Frederick H. Green, 1608 Missouri Avenue.
House Editor.-Jerry E. Allen, 5906 Forest Road, Cheverly, Md.
House Reporter.—John F. Haley, 4018 Tenth Street NE.

CAPITOL PAGE SCHOOL (Lower West Terrace, Rooms 2, 4, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11, 13, Capitol. Phones: Principal, NAtional 3120, Branch

303; Chairman, Department of English, NAtional 3120, Branch 35; Chairman, Department of Social Studies, NAtional 3120, Branch 996; Chairman, Department of Foreign Languages, NAtional 3120, Branch 51)

Principal.--Orson W. Trueworthy, 3729 Holmes Lane, Alexandria, Va.
Secretary.-Betty Harper, 1204 Ingraham Street.
Chairman, Department of English.-Kenneth E. Fowler, YMCA.
Chairman, Department of Foreign Languages.-Barbara R. Ethier, 2480 Sixteenth

Chairman, Department of Science and Mathematics.-Elizabeth A. Hammond, 1831

Mintwood Place. Chairman, Department of Social Studies.-Earl F. Kramer, 1325 Massachusetts



ARCHITECT'S OFFICE (Office in basement of Capitol. Phone, NAtional 3120, branches 95, 125, 126, and 940) Architect.—David Lynn, 3700 Quebec Street. Assistant Architect. ---Arthur E. Cook, the Roosevelt. Chief Architectural and Engineering Assistant.-Fred M. Kramer, 3128 Westover

Drive SE. Administrative Officer.-Charles A. Henlock, 520 Oneida Place. Engineer (Superintendent of Construction).–Edwin H. King, 4304 Reno Road. Assistant Supervising Engineer.-- Thomas F. Clancy, 1004 Fifteenth Street SE. Civil Engineer.-August Eccard, 3502 Quesada Street. Engineer in Charge (House Wing).-Charles R. Torbert, 201 Second Street NE. Engineer in Charge (Senate Wing).— Timothy Murray, 908 Longfellow Street. Landscape Architect and Horticulturist.-William A. Frederick, 1213 Crittenden

Street. Chief Engineer (Power Plant).-Robert L. Harrison, Garrett Park, Md. Engineer (Power Plant).–J. M. Cowell, 1601 G Street SE. Electrical Engineer.-R. D. Holcomb, the Olympia. Elevator Engineer.-H. B. Sommer, 7827 Custer Road, Bethesda, Md. Air Conditioning Engineer.-Miles A. Bonnar, 35-G, Ridge Road, Greenbelt, Md.


(Office at room 152. Phones, branches 138 and 810) Custodian.--Russell E. Wever, 1101 North Evergreen Street, Arlington, Va. Assistant Custodian.--Charles E. Alden, 1801 Lamont Street.

HOUSE OFFICE BUILDINGS (Office on second floor, northwest corner, Old Building. Phones, branches 142 and 143) Superintendent.Edward Brown, 201 Eighth Street NE. Assistant Superintendent.-A. Emmanuel Ridgell, 1400 South George Mason Drive,

Arlington, Va.


(Office on ground floor, Capitol. Phone, branch 305) Medical Officer.-Dr. George W. Calver, 3103 Cathedral Avenue.


Edward F. McGinnis, Sergeant at Arms, United States Senate.
William F. Russell, Sergeant at Arms, House of Representatives.
David Lynn, Architect of the Capitol.

CAPITOL POLICE (Office in lower west terrace, room 3, Capitol, Phones: Captain, NAtional 3120, branch 1051; secretary,

NAtional 3120, branch 102) Captain.---William J. Broderick, 813 Devon Place, Alexandria, Va. Lieutenants.—Thomas E. Mulloy, Jr., 128 Eleventh Street NE.; Marlin G. Wilson,

103 Kentucky Avenue SE., Bernard L. Flanagan, 437 Orange Street SE. Gale K. Greene, 1325 Bayliss Drive, Alexandria, Va.; Michael Preloh, 3513

Thirteenth Street, Special Officers.—Toby E. Poulson, 214 Massachusetts Avenue NE.; Melvin

L. Stevens, 404 East Capitol Street. Sergeants.--George E. Kaelber, 106 North Stewart Avenue, Essex, Md.; Harley

A. Hylton, 131 Hilton Street, Alexandria, Va.; Gordon $. Houff, 17 Parkway Drive SE.; Clifford R. Bergstrom, 9020 Forty-ninth Place, Branchville, Md.; L. D. Morrow, 317 Tenth Street, NE.; Henry Gorski, 1711 Thirtyfifth Street; Robert L. Williams, 614 East Capitol Street; Robert E. Jangula, 1037 North Filmore Street, Arlington, Va.; Nicholas P. Haddle, 1242 Eleventh Street SE.; Clarence M. Miller, 1301 Fifteenth Street.


(Office in Capitol, House side, ground floor. Phone, branch 260) Ticket Agent.-Charles W. Owings, 3298 Aberfoyle Place. In Charge Capitol Ticket Office.-J. N. Thomas, 1401 Sheridan Street. Assistant Agents.-Clyde Freed, 613 Lexington Place NE.; Nathan Blum, 4702

West Virginia Avenue, Bethesda, Md.


(Ground floor, House side of Capitol. Phone, branches 1425 and 1473) Manager.-Nellie Denton, 2700 Wisconsin Avenue; clerk, Shirley Ware, 1138 South

Wakefield Street, Arlington, Va.


(Phones: Senate Office Building, branches 1111 and 28; Old House Office Building, branches 317 and

573; New House Office Building, branches 1062 and 208; House Press Gallery, branch 1085; Senate Press Gallery, branch 1251)

Assistant Vice President.-K. W. Heberton, Commercial Bank Building.
Assistant to the Vice President.-George W. Shaffer, Commercial Bank Building.
Superintendent.-A. K. Mitchell, Commercial Bank Building.
House and Senate Special Representative.-Joseph G. Corona, Senate Office Building.
Manager Senate Office Building.-J. D. Brittingham, 2000' F Street.
Manager Old House Office Building.-Charles E. Payne, 102 Trenton Street,

Arlington, Va.
Manager New House Office Building.--A. S. Donnan, 1304 Longfellow Street.
Offices in the Press Galleries:
Senate Gallery.-C. Walter Scherer, manager; Joseph W. Berlinsky, assistant

manager. House Gallery:- James O. Mathis, manager, 2901 Eighteenth Street. Senate Office Press Room.—Carroll Linkins, Western Union, National Press Building.


(Office, first floor, west side, New House Office Building) Chief Operator in Charge.--Nena C. Thomas, Greenway Apartment (phone,

TWining 8300). Assistants.- Mollie Combs, 1122 South Thomas Street, Arlington, Va.; Clare

Mann, 4000 Nineteenth Street NE.; Elizabeth Cole,'2900 O Street SÉ. Wire Chief.-James L. Rhine.



(House, southwest corner, fifth floor, Old House Office Building: Phone, branch 1387; for Senate loca

tion, 9-B, branch 1620)

Coordinator.–Robert J. Coar, Fairfax, Va. (phone, Fairfax 320).
Studio Director.--Helen Badgley Coar, Fairfax, Va.
Secretary.- Pauline C. Kramer, 3963 Clay Place NE.
Engineer.-Clarence G. Bouchard, 1921 Calvert Street.


(House Office Building, rooms 521-525, branches 1080, 1030, 295; Senate Office Building, room 10-B,

branches 948 and 1279)

Director.—Earle D. Chesney, 2101 New Hampshire Avenue.
House Office Building.-Harold G. Lockwood, Mildred C. Lawler, Agnes M.

Richardy, Mary H. Geary, Edwin H. Gantt, Pauline V. Byrd, Dorothy

K. Lundeen, Velma M. Perkins, Ralph E. Riggs, Jr. Senate Office Building.-Leonard L. Montgomery, Margaretta B. Dawson,

Evelyn N. Stewart, Salvadore DePrenda, Rita V. Blohowiak.


(House Office Building, room 248, phone, NAtional 3120, branches 225 and 294; Senate Office Building,

room 10-A, phone, NAtional 3120, branches 869 and 1293)

In Charge.-Robert L. Bailey, Westchester Apartments.
Senate Office Building.-James B. Baugh, Jr., 127 C Street NE.; Virginia Ehren-

berg, Westchester Apartments. House Office Building.-Gertrude W. Arline, 214 Massachusetts Avenue NE.;

Edith G. Stamps, 3051 Idaho Avenue; Thomas D. Geer, Telegraph Road, Alexandria, Va.

Village, Alannin Office of.-E. R. Ballinger, assistant to the Comptroller

WAR ASSETS ADMINISTRATION LIAISON OFFICES (Room 2122. Temporary I Bldg., 17th and Independence Avenue. Phone, REpublic 7500, extension 2060) In charge.-Elizabeth H. Feltman, 802 Crescent Drive, Alexandria, Va.

(Senate Office Building, room 5-B, branches 1118-1120) In charge.--Rita M. Lloyd, 1314 Massachusetts Avenue.

ARMY-AIR FORCE LIAISON OFFICE (House Office Building, room 115, branches 1079 and 1433; Senate Office Building, room R-17, branches

1518 and 1525) House Army-Air Force Liaison Office

Col. Noah M. Brinson, 2800 Woodley Road.
Lt. Col. John P. Maher, 2609 Woodley Place.
Lt. Col. Robert A. Woods, 5500 Hampden Lane, Bethesda, Md.

Robert J. Wenzel, 8100 Larry Place, Chevy Chase, Md.
Senate Army-Air Force Liaison Office

Col. George D. Murphey, the Roger Smith.
Helen S. Lyons, 1202 North Dinwiddie Street, Arlington, Va.

NAVAL LIAISON OFFICE (House Office Building, room 306, branches 1040 and 1331; Senate Office Building, room 212, branch 1521) House Naval Liaison Office

Capt. Halstead S. Covington, USN, 2900 Connecticut Avenue.
Lt. Richard C. Hunt, UŠN, 2100 Nineteenth Street.
Lt. Dorothy V. Karabinus, USNR (W), 1673 Columbia Road.
Josephine Hoye, CY, USNR (W), 2320 Forty-first Street.
Raymond L. Burt, Ý1/c, USN, 1007 South Washington Street, Falls Church,

Senate Naval Liaison Office

Capt. Harold A. Houser, USN, 4413 Yuma Street.
Joan P. Wilk, CY, USNR (W), Wave Quarters B, West Potomac Park.

GENERAL ACCOUNTING OFFICE (General Accounting Office Building, Fifth and F Streets. Phone, EXecutive 4621) Comptroller General of the United States.—Lindsay C. Warren, 3300 Stuyvesant

Place. Assistant Comptroller General of the United States.-Frank L. Yates, 4628 Reservior

Road. Secretary to the Comptroller General.- Cassie L. Wolfe, 1442 Somerset Place. Secretary to the Assistant Comptroller General.-Cleo Karydakis, 1656 Euclid

Street. Executive Officer.

John F. Feeney, 1425 Rhode Island Avenue. Assistant Executive Officer.

Donald G. Dudley, 11 Poe Road, Bethesda, Md. Assistants to the Comptroller General.- Frank H. Weitzel, 6294 Twenty-ninth

Street; William L. Ellis, 19 Carvel Road, Westmoreland Hills, Md.; E. R.

Ballinger, 4821 Sixteenth Street. Heads and Assistant Heads of Organizations: Accounting and Bookkeeping Division.-Chief, J. Darlington Denit, 4218 Reno

Road; assistant chiefs, George T. Montgomery, 5420 Connecticut Avenue;

Fred A. Seaman, 5205 Colorado Avenue. Accounting Systems Division.-Chief, Walter F. Frese, 4201 Seventh Road

South, Arlington, Va.; assistant chief, Steve M. Brown, 308 Arlington

General, in charge. Audit Division.- Chief, E. W. Bell, 3525 Davenport Street; assistant chiefs,

John DeW. Johnson, 1703 North Harvard Street, Arlington, Va.; W. W. Richardson, 3600 Twentieth Street NE.; W. A.' Willingham, 871 North Kentucky Street, Arlington, Va.; Charlie Monroe, 1223° North Abingdon Street, Arlington, Va.

Heads and Assistant Heads of Organizations--Continued.

Chief Clerk, Office of the.-- Chief Clerk, Reed F. Martin, 6818 Ninth Street. Claims Division.Chief, A. B. Thomas, 3713 Yuma Street; assistant chiefs,

Louis P. Cook, 3990 Langley Court; Allan H. Epperson, 7216 Seventh Street. Corporation Audits Division.Director, Stephen B. Ives, 202 North Trenton

Street, Arlington, Va.; deputy director, Irwin S. Decker, 3315 Newark
Street; assistant directors, James R. Blakemore, 3452-A South Utah Street,
Arlington, Va.; Robert S. Brumagim, 2002 Fifth Street South, Arlington,
Va.; O. Gordon Delk, 4434 Thirty-sixth Street South,

Fairlington, Arlington,
Va., E. Allen Kenyon, 6100 Twenty-ninth Street; Harold S. Morse, 4801
Connecticut Avenue; William A. Newman, Jr., 2026 North Kensington St.,

Arlington, Va.; Glenn P. Smith, 6113 Lombard Street, Cheverly, Md. General Counsel, Office of.-General counsel, Edwin L. Fisher, 5552 Wessling

Lane, Bethesda, Md.; assistants general counsel, Ralph E. Casey, Jarboe
Avenue, Burnt Mills' Hills, Md.; Elmo V. Coons, 4820 Edgemoor Lane,
Bethesda, Md.; Harrell 0. Hoagland, 5923 Wilson Lane, Bethesda, Md.
Eldred N. Mahoney, 5509 Chevy Chase Parkway; Welford J. Massie, 3406
Third Street North, Arlington, Va.; William L. Morrow, 12 Rosemary Street,

Chevy Chase, Md., Albert A. Peter, 4317 Warren Street.
Investigations, Office of.–Chief, S. B.' Tulloss, Lorton, Va.; assistant chiefs,

R. H. Slaughter, 7100 Hampden Lane, Greenwich Forest, Bethesda, Md.;

Taylor G. Addison, 7127 Eighth Street. Personnel, Division of.-- Director, T. A. Flynn, 3319 Martha Custis Drive,

Alexandria, Va.; assistant director, V. J. Kirby, 2009 Lanier Drive, Silver

Spring, Md. Postal Accounts Division.-Chief, Gary Campbell, Asheville, N. C.; assistant

chiefs, Frederic C. Burgan, Asheville, N. C.; J. 'Lee Hottel, Asheville, N. C. Reconciliation and Clearance Division.Chief, Vernon 'R. Durst, 3911 Twen

tieth Street NE.; assistant chiefs, Pascal D. Fallon, 221 Lexington Drive, Woodmoor, Silver Spring, Md.; L. A. Jones, Herndon, Va.; J. Hess, 6304 Thirty-first Place.


(Capitol Hill, Phone, NAtional 2722)

Librarian of Congress.—Luther Harris Evans, 4850 Sedgwick Street.
Librarian of Congress Emeritus.-Herbert Putnam, 20250 Street.
Special Assistant to the Librarian.- Marlene Wright, 3303 Commonwealth Avenue,

Alexandria, Va.


Chief Assistant Librarian.—Verner W. Clapp, 4 West Irving Street, Chevy Chase,

Md. Division for the Blind.—Xenophon P. Smith, director, 3810 Forty-seventh Street. Exhibits Office. Herbert J. Sanborn, exhibits officer, box 414-W route 2, Alex

andria, Va. Information Office.—Milton M. Plumb, Jr., information officer, 203 Avenue I,

District Heights, Md.


Director.—John C. L. Andreassen, 115 Fourth Street NE.; Julius Davidson,

assistant director, 6144 Utah Avenue; Alvin W. Kremer, keeper of the

collections, 1621 North Greenbrier Street, Arlington, Va. Accounts Office.—Kenneth N. Ryan, accounting officer, 9417 Glen Ridge Road,

Silver Spring, Md. Buildings and Grounds.— William C. Bond, superintendent, 6007 Broad Branch

Road; Lewis L. Cogan, assistant superintendent, 702 Dale Drive, Silver Spring, Md.; C. Eldon Ray, chief engineer, 4844 Cordell Avenue, Bethesda,

Md. Disbursing Office.-William W. Rossiter, disbursing officer, 6511 Colesville Road,

University Park, Md.

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