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Third Edition, much enlarged, with full description of the various

parts of the Instrument, price 28. 6d. plain; 48. coloured.

Half-hours with the Microscope.

By EDWIN LANKESTER, M.D. Illustrated by 250 Drawings from Nature by Tuffen West.

CONTENTS. Half-an-hour on Structure.

Half-an-hour at the Pond-side. Half-an-hour in the Garden.

Half-an-hour at the Seaside. Half-an-hour in the Country. Half-an-hour In-doors.

Appendix.—The Preparation and Mounting of Objects. “ This wonderful anatomy of sight divides clearly one blood corpuscle from another ; marks distinction from the blood of a fowl and that of a frog; separates the filaments of the finest plants; delineates the bearded hair of the sowthistle ; makes a picture of vine or potato blight ; pries into the hollow cells of the passion flower ; and searches the warm depths of the poppy. Then it dignifies into isolation the minutest hair on the ear of a mouse, the mouth of a flea, the fang of a spider, the eye of a fly, the smallest particle that goes to make up a drift of swandown. Elementary Manuals of Science are seldom so well adapted to please, no less than to teach. The compiler of the volume has this conspicuous merit, that he deals with wonders, and never exaggerates them."-Athenæum.

“ The beautiful little volume before us cannot be otherwise than welcome. It is in fact, a very complete manual for the amateur microscopist • The 'Half. Hours' are filled with clear and agreeable descriptions, whilst eight plates, executed with the most beautiful minuteness and sharpness, exhibit no less than 250 objects with the utmost attainable distinctness."-Critic.

It is a most interesting study only to observe how Nature in her gmallest productions, developes the figures as well as the organization by which the functions of the largest animals and vegetable creations are performed. But the botanist, the physiologist, the zoologist, the anatomist, the geologist, and the chemist, may derive assistance from this book in accomplishing their several pursuits, and exploring the secret springs of the operations which they manipulate.”Morning Post.

“ Contains some good advice as to the choice of specimens for examination, with a view of gaining an insight into the structure of plants and animals, and of turning a pleasant amusement into an interesting study. The collected specimens of natural objects are carefully described and illustrated by plates on a magnified scale, To such as are beginning the study, we can recommend this manual as a useful guide.”—Economist.

Demy Svo. price 6d.

The Mechanics of the Heavens ;

And the new Theories of the Sun's Electro-Magnetic and Repulsive
Influence: a Paper submitted to the British Association, at Cam-
bridge, with Notes and Postscript. By JAMES REDDIE, Author of
Vis Inertiæ; or, Fallacies affecting Science.

Demy 8vo.

On Atmospheric Electricity.



Svo. pp. 498. Printed for the year 1844, 78. 6d. Reports on the Progress of Zoology and Botany.

Translated by H. E. STRICKLAND, Jun., Esq., M.A., F.R.S; E. LANKESTER, M.D., F.R.S.; and W. B. MACDONALD, Esq., B.A.

8vo. pp. 680. Printed for the year 1847, 78. 6d. Reports on the Progress of Zoology.

Translated from the German by Geo. Busk, Esq., F.R.S.; A. H. HALIDAY, Esq.; and ALFRED Tulk, Esq.

8vo. pp. 414. Printed for the year 1849, 78. 6d. Reports and Papers on Vegetable Physiology,

and Botanical Geography. Edited by A. HENFREY, Esq., F.R.S. Three plates.

108. 6d. Oken's Elements of Physio-Philosophy. Translated from the German by ALFRED TULK, Esq.

800. Vols. I. pp. 502 ; II. pp. 492; III. pp. 657; IV. pp. 604. £4. Bibliographia Zoologiæ et Geologiæ.

By Professor AGASSIZ, of Neufchatel. Edited by Hugu E. STRICKLAND, Esq.,
M.A., F.R.S.

Two plates. 8vo. pp. 502, 78. 6d.
Letters of John Ray.
Edited by E. LANKESTER, M.D., F.R.S.

8vo. pp. 364. £i. Is. British Entomostracous Crustacea.

A Monograph, with 36 plates (most of them coloured), of all the species of the. By Dr. BAIRD, F.L.S.

8vo. pp. 100. 108. 6d. British Angiocarpous Lichens.

A Monograph of the. With 30 coloured plates. By the Rev. W. A. LEIGATON, M.A.

8vo. Vol. I. pp. 400, 10 plates, 168.; Vol. II. pp. 684, 30 plates, £1. 6s. Cirripedia. A Monograph of the family. By C. Darwin, Esq., M.A., F.R.S.

8vo. pp. 568. 12s. Botanical and Physiological Memoirs.

Including Braun on Rejuvenescence in Nature. With 6 plates, coloured.

Publications of the Ray Society-continued.

Imp. 4to. pp. 119. £1. 118. 6d. British Fresh-water Polyzoa.

A Monograph of the. By Professor ALLMAN, F.R.S. With 11 plates (10 coloured).

Imp. 4to. pp. 100. £1. 118. 6d.
Recent Foraminifera of Great Britain.
A Monograph of the. By Professor WILLIAMSON. With 7 plates.

Imp. 4to. pp. 141. £1. lls. 6d.
Oceanic Hydrozoa.
On the. By Professor HUXLEY, F.R.S. With 12 plates.

800. pp. 230. 78. 6d. Memorials of John Ray.

Consisting of the Life of John Ray, by DERHAM; the Biographical Notice of Ray, by Baron Cuvier and M. DUPETIT THOUARS, in the Biographe Universelle; Life of Ray, by Sir J. E. SMITH; the Itineraries of Ray, with Notes by Messrs. BABINGTON and YARREL, Edited by Edwin LANKESTER, M.D., F.R.S. Frontispiece.

8vo. pp. 494. 78. 6d. Reports and Papers on Botany.

Consisting of Translations from the German; translated by W. B. MACDONALD, Esq., B.A.; G. Busk, Esq., F.R.S.; ARTHUR HENFREY, Esq., F.R.S.; and J. Hudson, Esq., B.M. Seven plates.

Svo. pp. 422. 108. 6d.

Meyen's Geography of Plants.

Translated from the German by Miss MARGARET JOHNSTON.

Imp. 4to. pp. 136. 158.

Burmeister on the Organization of Trilobites.

With 6 plates ; translated from the German, and edited by Professors Bell and E. FORBES.

Imp. 4to.

1. ls.

A Synopsis of the British Naked-eyed Pulmo

grade Medusa.

With 13 coloured plates, drawings of all the species, by Professor E. FORBES,

British Nudibranchiate Mollusca.

A Monograph of the (with coloured drawings of every species). By Messrs.
Part I. Imp. 4to. £1 10 0 Part V.

£1 0 0 Part II.* 1 10 0


1 10 III. 1 10 0 VII.

10 IV.

1 10 0
* The Second Part is now reprinted.


Publications of the Ray Society-continued.

Folio, price £1. 11s. 6d. The British Spiders.

A History of the Spiders of Great Britain and Ireland. By Joan BLACKWALL, F.L.S. Part I. with 110 Examples, coloured by hand.

In 1 vol. imp. 4to. pp. 319, with 22 Plates 1. 118. 6d. Introduction to the Study of the Fora

minifera. By W. B. CARPENTER, M.D., F.R.S., F.L.S., &c.; assisted by W. K. PARKER, Esq., and T. RUPERT JONES, Esq., F.G.S.

In 1 vol. 8vo. cloth, pp. 506, with 65 Plates. #1. 58.6d. On the Germination, Development, and Fruc

tification of the Higher Cryptogamia, and

on the Fructification of the Coniferæ. By Dr. Wilhelm HOFMEISTER. Translated by FREDERICK CURREY, M.A., F.R.S., Sec. L.S.

Crown 8vo. cloth, price 78. 6d., with Illustrations from Nature by

Tuffen West. On Diseases of

the Kidney and


By S. J. GOODFELLOW, M.D., F.R.C.P., Physician to the Middlesex Hospital.

"A whole profession is elevated when such creditable works are produced by any one of its members." -Dobell's Lectures.

“ The work cannot fail to prove exceedingly instructive, either to the student or to those members of the profession who have not had an opportunity of keeping up their knowledge of the various discoveries which have been made of late years in renal pathology and therapeutics.

A very good digest of all that is known of any practical value upon the subject; and at the same time forms an excellent guide to enable the practitioner to discriminate the different forms of ‘Bright's disease' during life, and thereby put him in a position to conduct the treatment on the soundest principles."-Glasgow Medical Journal.

“To the student who desires to know what possible or presumable explanations can at present be suggested of the origin of the various units in the complex series of morbid states therein included, Dr. Goodfellow's work may be recommended."Lancet.

“We cannot but recommend it strongly to the profession as the resu of thoroughly conscientious hard work, embodied in a form very interesting to the intelligent reader."--London Medical Review.

ROBERT HARDWICKE, 192, Piccadilly, w.


Demy 8vo. price 58.

Prevention of Consumption

(Practical Observations on the) ; with Statistical Tables of the Prevalence of the Disease, and of the comparative Salubrity of various Places. By John HogG, M.D.

“Dr. Hogg appears to have bestowed much attention and thought much upon the causes and hygienic treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis. He strives to show that whilst deep and earnest study has been devoted to the etiology and pathology of the disease, to the nature and quality of tubercle, to the composition of the blood and of all the secretions of the body, its preventive treatment has not engaged the attention of physiologists as much as the importance of the subject demands. Dr. Hogg's work will afford the inquirer much valuable statistical information, and many hygienic hints in connection with pulmonary tuberculosis.”Lancet.

Crown 8vo. cloth, price 2s. 6d.

The Gastric Regions, and the Vic

tualling Department.

By An Old MILITIA SURGEON. The whole outward and inward man, from the crown of his head to the corns on his little toes, all tell the sad tale of the Gastric Regions' Wrongs. “This is a most useful, and by no means a dull or heavy book.

The Old Militia Surgeon gives some most useful advice, in a pleasant practical manner, respecting different varieties of food and their effects upon the system."--Observer.

“It is a treatise full of sense and reason, and well worth reading and study."Weekly Dispatch.

A capital chapter on what to eat and drink.”—Atlas.

A copy of this little volume would be a very appropriate companion to the Manual of Drill, which is, of course, the vade-mecum of every rightly-constituted rifleman." - United Service Gazette.

8vo. price 28.

The Health of the Royal Navy


In a Letter to the Right Hon. Sir John S. Pakington, Bart., by Gavin Milroy, M.D., F.R.C.P., Medical Inspector under the Board of Health from 1849 to 1854, Medical Commissioner to Jamaica in 1851, and Member of the Sanitary commission to the Army in the East in 1855-56.

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