The Pamphleteer, Volume 4

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Abraham John Valpy
A. J. Valpy., 1814 - Great Britain

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Page 285 - He that troubles his neighbour without a cause is punished for it by the justice of the court he appeals to. And he that appeals to Heaven must be sure he has right on his side, and a right, too, that is worth the trouble and cost of the appeal...
Page 162 - Were those high duties and prohibitions taken away all at once, cheaper foreign goods of the same kind might be poured so fast into the home market, as to deprive all at once many thousands of our people of their ordinary employment and means of subsistence.
Page 251 - For he who fights and runs away May live to fight another day ; But he who is in battle slain Can never rise and fight again.
Page 328 - We have conceived for you esteem, and we wish to recognize and proclaim the great services you have rendered to the French people. If their colours fly on St. Domingo, it is to you, and your brave blacks, that we owe it.
Page 323 - What!" said Toussaint, in his letter to the perfidious Frenchman, " have I not passed my word to the British general ? How then can you suppose that I will cover myself with dishonor by breaking it?
Page 162 - Humanity may in this case require that the freedom of trade should be restored only by slow gradations, and with a good deal of reserve and .circumspection.
Page 447 - He adds, that they never appear at Senegal, until the winter season, and that they do not build nests as in Europe, but roost every night on the sand by the sea shore. Sir...
Page 339 - Take back my children, since it must be so. I will be faithful to my brethren and my God.
Page 568 - ... subject of his Majesty's kingdom of Great Britain, and have and enjoy all the privileges, powers, rights, and capacities which...
Page 449 - The stork in the heavens knoweth her appointed time ; and the turtle, and the crane, and the swallow, observe the time of their coming*.

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