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nant; so his resurrection was absolutely necessary also, to the end that he living in heaven 'might bestow them on us, as the fruits of his sorrows and resurrection from the grave. And God hath fulfilled every article which he engaged for in the everlasting covenant to Christ our head, who is seated upon his mediatorial throne, filled and prevented with all the blessings of grace

and glory. And what God hath done in Christ, and to Christ, is good security, and as a pledge that he will perform all his promises to the elect. It is a most blessed consideration that our all in time and eternity depends upon what hath passed between God the Father and Jesus Christ ; that he knows all his engagements to his Son; and that we are in his hands, and covenant, eternally safe and secure. It is also a comfortable subject for our thoughts and minds to ruminate on, that we are interested in those eternal acts which passed between God the Father, and Christ on our behalf before the world was, and also in all those acts which were transacted between the Father and the Son, in and throughout the whole of Christ's meditorial work, which he performed and finished here below. And it is this salvation, in its full glory and efficacy, which alone can set us up on high, out of the reach of our spiritual enemies, and cause us to triumph over our present sins, corruptions and miseries. Now we may look upon every past fulfilment of God's promise, as a certain evidence of his fulfilling all the rest of his promises to us, in his own time and way. Especially, we may so look upon the fulfilment of the promise we have been speaking of in this light and view. Hath Christ been quickened from death, and raised up from the grave by the glory of the Father ? so surely will all the elect be quickened by the Holy Ghost with new and spiritual life in their souls, and be raised up at the last day to a state of eternal life, glory, - immortality, and blessedness. Was Christ the head justified at his resurrection ? so surely shall all the elect who are already justified in him, have the sentence of it pronounced in their minds by the Holy Spirit. And as God, as the God of peace, brought back again from the dead our Lord Jesus Christ, that great Shepherd of the sheep,


through the blood of the everlasting covenant; so surely will he bring back from a state of spiritual death, and also out of a backsliding state, all the elect sheep, through the same blood of the everlasting covenant.

He will work, and continue to work in every vessel of mercy, all the good pleasure of his will, and the work of faith with power; and this he will do to honour his Son's sacrifice, and to testify his being everlastingly well pleased herewith. It would greatly encrease, and strengthen our faith if we understood that the cove. nant engagements between the Father and the Son are finished, and that all wrought in us, and bestowed upon us, and enjoyed by us, are the fruits and consequences hereof. God hath every motive to love us; yea, he cannot but be well pleased with us to eternity: for as he beholds us in Christ, we are a perfection of beauty. As he considers the personal value, and worth of the life of his co-equal Son in our nature, and the eternal efficacy of his atonement, he cannot bụt delight in those eternal acts of his grace which are passed already in his divine mind, and shall yet

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be certainly and personally fulfilled in time, the justification of our persons, and the pardon of all our sins. And as he considers what we are in Christ, it cannot but be his delight to work in us all the good pleasure of his will, as he views us raised up together, and made to sit with Christ in heavenly places; so he will one day raise us up, and give us actually in our own persons to sit with Christ in his kingdom of glory.

May yon be enabled to rejoice in what God hath done - in Christ, and done to Christ, and bestowed on us in him, and is engaged to bestow on you for bis sake : and where I have most failed in this grand subject which hath been before us, may the Lord the Spirit be pleased there most to glorify himself by giving you such views and conceptions of Christ Jesus, as may make him all in all, in you, and to you: even só. Amen.

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