Nomination of William Franklin Knox, Hearings ..., on Nomination of Willia, F. Knox to be Secretary of the Navy, July 2, 3, 1940

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Page 61 - In our American unity, we will pursue two obvious and simultaneous courses; we will extend to the opponents of force the material resources of this nation and, at the same time, we will harness and speed up the use of those resources in order that we ourselves in the Americas may have equipment and training equal to the task of any emergency and every defense.
Page 12 - The CHAIRMAN. Does any member of the committee desire to ask any questions ? Senator ROBINSON of Arkansas.
Page 44 - Kreuger's swindle and the bankrupt condition of Kreuger was known here in Janua.ry when he visited his friend, Mr. Hoover, at the White House. It was known here in March before he went to Paris and committed suicide there. Mr. Chairman, I think the people of the United States are entitled to know how many billions of dollars were placed at the disposal of Kreuger and his gigantic combine by the Federal Reserve Board and the Federal reserve banks and to know how much of our Government currency was...
Page 35 - Here is a life and death struggle for every principle we cherish in America, for freedom of speech, of religion, of the ballot, and of every freedom that upholds the dignity of the human spirit. Here all the rights that the common man has fought for during a thousand years are menaced.
Page 35 - This is no time for leaders to consider party or factional advantage. All men and all creeds and cl&ns may well call upon our President to confer with leaders of all parties looking to a foreign policy providing for an increase in armaments to defend ourselves and for every economic effort to help the Allies. "In foreign affairs we must present an unbroken nonpartisan front to the world. It is for us to show the people of England, of France, of Belgium, and Scandinavia that the richest country on...
Page 26 - overlooked" this testimony. Sen. Homer T. Bone (Washington). " I am pointing out that in 1934 and 1935 Hitler was supplied with hundreds of the finest airplane engines manufactured in this country." Col. Knox. "I know they bought our engines; yes." Bone. "They bought hundreds of them.
Page 97 - Of let him take who has the power, And let him keep who can, the Boers now proceeded to possess themselves of as much territory as they wanted.
Page 37 - The committee will stand adjourned until 2 o'clock. (Whereupon, at 12 :50 pm...
Page 83 - ... power to decide on the question of policy ? Colonel KNOX. That is your function. Congress decides the policy and the executive department executes it. Senator SMITH. You mean that used to be the case. Colonel KNOX. That is the theory of our Government. Senator SMITH. The theory; yes. The CHAIRMAN. Colonel Knox, several members of the committee have asked me to ask you this question : Does the committee understand that you favor moral and economic aid to the Allies through the sale by the United...
Page 34 - The primary duty of those charged with the conduct of our relations with the rest of the world is the protection, at whatever cost, of the vital interests of the United States. If these vital interests can best be served by aloofness from any participation In the crucial struggle now in progress in Europe, then we should remain aloof and Inactive.

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