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Quakers, two, John Roberts and
Abraham Carlife, are executed
for high treafon against the
commonwealth of Pennsylvania,
vol. iii. p. 207.
Quincy, Mr. extracts from his
journal while in England, vol.
i. p. 433-his account of lord
Chatham's fpeech on the 20th
of January, 1775, P. 439-of
lord Camden's, p. 446.


Randolph, the American frigate,

blown up, vol. iii. p. 87.
Rawdon, lord, marches out of
Camden, attacks general Greene,
and obliges him to retreat, vol.
iv. p. 83-evacuates Camden,
p. 89-purfues Greene, and foon
after is purfued by him, p. 96
-marches to Charlestown, p.
Red-bank, count Donop repulfed

there, vol. iii. p. 2.
Reed, colonel Jofeph, his letter to
a member of congrefs, vol. ii.
p. 278-his anfwer to the offers
made to corrupt him, vol. iii.
P. 172.

Refugees, the loyal, imbody, by
the permiffion of Sir H. Clin-
ton, and make reprifals, vol. iii.
p. 236-commit great exceffes
with their fleet of privateers
and cruifers, p. 496.
Regiments, British, raifed by volun-
tary fubfcriptions, vol. iii.



Regulation of prices attempted by
the American ftates, vol. ii. p.


Remarks on the Bofton port-bill,
vol. i. p. 375

Removal, the, of general Washing-
ton from the command of the
army attempted, vol. iii. p. 54.
Reprisals, general, granted by the

British council against Dutch
fhips and goods, vol. iv. p. 6.
Refolutions, the, and addrefs of
both houfes of parliament, cen-

furing the Maffachusetts affem-
bly and the town of Boston,
vol. i. p. 253-the counter re-
folves of the Virginia house of
burgeffes, p. 254-the like re-
folves of North Carolina affem-
bly occafion their diffolution,
by governor Tryon, p. 256.
Revenue, miniftry inclined to raise
one in the colonies, vol. i. p.
132-Mr. Pitt's defign of doing
it, p. 136-the firft British at
of parliament paffed avowedly
for the purpose of raifing a re-
venue in the American colonies,
P. 149-it is confidered by the
Maffachusetts house of affembly,
and a committee appointed to
write upon the subject to the
other American affemblies, p.

Revolt, the, of the Pennsylvania
line of troops, vol. iv. p. 16—
the revolters march to Prince-
ton, p. 19-to Trenton, and de-
liver up the British spies and
agents to be executed, and
matters are adjusted, p. 21.

of part of the Jerfey bri-
gade, is fpeedily fuppreffed,
and two of the leaders executed,
vol. iv. p. 22.
Rhode Island plantation fettled,
and united to Providence, vol.
i. p.37-obtain a royal char-
ter, p. 38-the people feize the
cannon, and the affembly re-
folve upon procuring arms and
military ftores, p. 421. The
royal forces poffefs themselves
of Rhode Island, vol. ii. p. 359
-make an excurfion on the
continent, vol. iii. p. 127-
the expedition against them un-
der general Sullivan and count
D'Estaing, P. 157-an engage-
ment between numbers of them
and of Sullivan's troops, p.
165-they evacuate the island,

P. 333.

Riot, a great one at Boffan, on ac-


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count of the ftamp-act, vol. i.
P. 175-
-the rioters deftroy
judge Hutchinson's houfe, p.
177—a fimilar riot at New
York, p. 185.
Riots at Edinburgh and Glasgow,
vol. iii. p. 248.
Rochambeau, count de, arrives at
Rhode Island, and is addreffed
by the inhabitants, vol. iii. p.
379-joins Washington with the
French troops, vol. iv. p. 123
-lends the American comman-
der money to fupply his troops,
p. 186.

Rockingham, the marquis of, dies,
vol. iv. p. 265.

Rodney, Sir George, appointed to
the chief command in the Weft
Indies, vol. iii. p. 406-en-
gages and defeats the Spanish
feet under Don Juan Langara,
P. 407- -engages count de
Guichen, p. 411-takes St. Eu-
ftatia, vol. iv. p. 74-difpatches

a few fhips after the Dutch ad-
miral and his convoy; the ad-
miral is killed in defending his
ship, and the fleet is taken, p.
75-watches count de Graffe,
p. 268-engages him, p. 270-
engages him afresh, defeats and
takes him, p. 273-is created
an English peer, p. 279.
Rutledge, governor, of South Caro-
lina, retaliates for colonel Bal-
four's conduct, vol. iv. p. 172
-iffues writs for a new election
of reprefentatives, &c. p. 211.
Salem, the inhabitants thereof,
prefent an addrefs to general
Gage, vol. i. p. 374-
Saville, Sir George, moves for the
relief of the Papists, vol. iii,

p. 113.
Savannah evacuated by the British,
vol. iv. p. 301.
Sayre, Mr. fecured and committed
to the Tower, vol. ii. p. 224
fueslord Rochford, p. 435:

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of war, driven from
Nantafket, and the port of Bof-
ton opened, vol. ii. p. 266–
the Phoenix and Rofe go up the
North river and return, p. 304,
Skirmishes in the neighbourhood
of Bofton, vol. ii. p. 22, 24,

Slaves, African, first introduced

into the colonics, vol. i. p. 56.
Snider, Chriftopher, killed at Boston,

and buried with the greatest re-
fpect, vol. i. p. 276.
Sons of liberty, the rife of the
title among the Americans, vol.
i. p. 167.

South Carolina congrefs enter into
an association, and refolve upon
putting Charlestown and the
province into a refpectable
pofture of defence, vol. ii. p.
81-the governor, lord William
Campbell, diftruftful of his per-
fonal fafety, quits Charlestown,
and goes on board a royal floop
of war, p. 100-the popular
meafures oppofed by numbers,
and the reafons for it, p. 101-


colonels Baum and Breyman,
P. 540.

State of the army under general
Washington, vol. ii. p. 316-
in the northern department, p.

the committee of fafety fend
troops into the fettlements of
the royalifts, and feize their
leaders, p. 106-the provincial
congrefs determine upon an in-
dependent conftitution, p. 210
-the ftate goes to war with
the Cherokees, p. 364-new
models the temporary form of
government, vol. iii. p. 85-
is invaded by general Prevoft,
p. 254-a general revolt in fa-
vor of congrefs, p. 429-the
affembly meet at Jackfonbo-
rough, vol. iv. p. 256.
Spaniards, their humanity to their
British prifoners, vol. iv. p. 14.
Spanish and French fleets join in
the West Indies, but make no
attempt against Jamaica, vol.
iv. p. 2.
Speech, the royal, at the opening
of the feffion of parliament in
1777, and the debates after it,
vol. iii. p. 95-in 1781, vol.
iv. p. 215.
Stamp-act, vol. i. p. 157-colonel
Barre's fpeech in the debates
upon it, p. 160-during the
debate, general Conway denies
the right of parliament to tax
the colonies, p. 162-the re-
folves of the Virginia house of
burgeffes refpecting the ftamp-
act, p. 169-the fpirits of the
colonifts inflamed by them, fo
that great difturbances follow,
P. 175, 183, 185-the repeal
of the stamp-act, p. 201-the'
joy that occafions through the
colonies, p. 207.
Stamp-papers, the diftributors of
them refign, vol. i. p. 184,
187, 188-bufinefs carried on
without them, p. 191.
Stark, general, arrives with the
New Hampshire militia in the
neighbourhood of Burgoyne's
army, in order to oppofe him,
vol. ii. p. 536-defeats licut.

States General, they are applied
to for the Scotch brigade to
ferve against the Americans,
and the opinion of Johan van
der Cappelle on the occafion,
vol. ii. p. 238.

Steuben, Laron, is chofen inspector
general, vol. iii. p. 67.
Stewart, lieut. colonel, engages
general Greene at the Eutars
fprings, vol. iv. p. 168—aban-
dons the Eutaw, p. 170.
Stoney-point taken by the British,
vol. iii. p. 261-retaken by the
Americans, p. 268.
Stonington fired upon by the Bri-
tifh fhipping, vol. ii. p. 122.
Sufferings endured by the gentle-
men fent from Charlestown to
St. Auguftine, vol. iv. p. 139-
by the continental officers taken
at Charlestown, p. 141-by
the American marine prifoners
in New York, p. 143..
Suffolk county in the Maffachu-
fetts, their delegates meet, and
come to various refolutions,
vol. i. p. 389-addrefs gover-
nor Gage, p. 391-fend to the
general congrefs at Philadelphia
an account of their proceed-
ings, p. 392-which are ap
proved by congrefs, p. 393.
Suffrein, Mr. de, is fent in pur-
fuit of commodore Johnstone,
vol. iv. p. 148--attacks the
commodore, p. 149-engages
admiral Hughes in the Eait In-
dies, p. 266 engages him
afresh, p. 344-a third and
fourth time, p. 345-the laft
time, p. 348.
Sullivan, general, his expedition
to Staten Island, vol. ii. p. 503

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against the British troops,
Rhode Island, vol. iii. p. 159,
161- -engages a number of
them, p. 165-retreats from
Rhode Island, p. 168-his ex-
pedition against the Indians,
P. 307.
Sullivan-ifland fort attacked by
Sir Peter Parker, vol. ii. 282.
Sumpter, colonel, heads the friends
of independency, quits North
Carolina, and takes the field in
South against the victorious Bri-
tifh, vol. iii. p. 387-attacks
the British poft at Rocky-mount,
and at Hanging-rock, p. 428-
on the Wateree, p. 442—is de-
feated by col. Tarleton, p. 447

is made a brigadier general,
P. 454-defeats major Weyms,
and is attacked by Tarleton,
whom he repulfes, p. 471-
takes the British garrifon at
Orangeburgh, vol. iv. p. 89.
Surgeons in the American army,
many of them exceffively defici-
ent, vol. ii. p. 334.
Synod, the United, of New York
and Philadelphia, their pastoral
letter, vol. ii. p. 73.


Tallmage, major, furprises fort
St. George on Long Island, vol.
iii. p. 493.
Tarleton, lieut. colonel, defeats
colonel Buford, vol. iii. p. 360
-defeats colonel Sumpter, p.
447-is repulfed by him, p. 471

-is defeated by general Mor-
gan, vol. iv. p. 35-his expedi-
tion to Charlotte Ville, p. 402.
Taxes not to be impofed upon the
inhabitants of New York colo-
ny, but by their own reprefen-
tatives, according to the decla-
rative act of their general court,
paffed immediately after the re-
volution, vol. i. p. 97-a fimi-
lar act paffed by the Maffachu-
fetts legislature, p. 99-the

fcheme of taxing the colonies re
jected by Sir Robert Walpole,
p. 109-the British govern-
ment under no neceflity of tax-
ing the colonies for their defence,
and the fecurity of the new
ceded countries, p. 165—a bill
for taxing the colonies afresh
brought in by Mr. Charles
Townsend, p. 214.
Tea, the East India company re-
queft the repeal of the Ameri-
can duty upon it, vol. i. p. 324
-a bill paffes, enabling them
to export their own teas, p.
325 the colonists excited to
refift the introduction and fale
of their teas upon that plan,
P. 331-the confignees at Phi-
ladelphia and New York refign
their appointment, p. 332-a
quantity of tea thrown over-
board at New York, p. 333—
the New York and Philadelphia
tea-fhips return to Great Bri-
tain, p. 334- -the measures
taken at Bofton to induce the
confignees at that place to re-
fign, p. 335-the tea-fhips ar-
rive, and are watched, p. 337
-the contents of 342 chefts of
tea caft into the falt water, p.
P. 341.

Terney, admiral de, arrives at

Newport, and is addreffed by
the inhabitants, vol. iii. p. 380
-dies at Newport, p. 499.
Thomas, the American general,

dies, vol. ii. p. 253.
Thompson, general, difpatched to

attack the British at Three Ri-
vers, vol. ii. p. 256—is de-
feated and taken, p. 258.
Tobago taken, vol. iv. p. 133.
Towns in the Maffachusetts, their

conftitution, vol. i. p. 382.
Townsend, Mr. Charles, moves for

a bill granting duties in the
British American colonies, vol.
i. p. 214.


Trade, the importance of the
British Weft India, vol. i. p.
494-of the colonies, p. 495.
Treaties, debates on thofe for em-
ploying foreign troops in Ame-
rica, vol. ii. p. 240.
Treaty of amity and commerce
between the States General and
the American States, vol. iv. p.
332-between Sweden and the
United States of America, p.

Trenton, the Hefans there defeat-
ed, vol. ii. p. 396.
Trial of captain Prefton, for killing
the perfons who fell on the 5th
of March, 1776, and his ac-
quittal, vol. i. p. 291-of the
foldiers on the like account,
and two found guilty of man-
flaughter, p. 292.
Troops, general Gage ordered to

fend fome to Bofton, vol. i. p.
238-two regiments are landed
in the town, p. 247-the foldi-
ers and inhabitants quarrel, and
at length the former fire upon
the latter, and kill feveral, p.
281-which occafions the ut-
moft confufion in the town,
when it is agreed that the regi-
ments fhould withdraw to the
caftle, p. 287-the perfons flain
are buried with unparalleled
pomp, p. 290. The Boston com
mittee act fyftematically to pre-
vent all fupplies for the troops
in the town under governor
Gage, p. 384.

Trumbull, Mr. John, taken up in
London and committed to pri-
fon, vol. iv. p. 12.
Tryon county, the inhabitants of
it difarmed, vol. ii. p. 176.
governor, diffolves the
North Carolina affembly, vol. i.
p. 256-arrives at New York,
vol. ii. p. 94-his influence
alarms congrefs, p. 119.
quits New York, and goes on
board the packet, p. 120--


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commands the expedition against
Danbury, p. 462-against New-
Haven, Fairfield, and Norwalk,
vol. iii. p. 265.

Tyconderoga, colonel Allen's expe-
dition against it, vol. ii. p. 10
-the fort furprised, p. 13-
evacuated by general St. Clair,
P. 482.


Vergennes, count de, his politics,
vol. iii. p. 226.

Ville de Paris, count de Graffe's
fhip, ftrikes to Sir Samuel Hood,
vol. iv. p. 275.

Vincent, St. taken by the French,
vol. iii. p. 286
Virginia fettled, vol. i. p. 52-
African flaves introduced among
the fettlers, p. 56-they addrefs
king Charles I. p. 62-the com-
mons of England fend a force
against them, p. 63. They pro-
claim Charles II. king of Eng-
land, Scotland, Ireland, and
Virginia, p. 64-their council
and houfe of burgeffes petition
the king, prefent a memorial to
the houfe of lords, and remon-
ftrate to the house of commons,
p. 156. The refolves of the
houfe of burgeffes againft, the
right of parliament to tax them,
P. 169. The circulation of
these refolves inflame the inha-
bitants of the feveral colonies
against the ftamp-act, p. 171,
175, 200.
The houfe of bur-
geffes is diffolved for their
counter-refolves to thofe of the
houfe of lords and commons;
when the gentlemen who formed
it meet, and enter into a una-
nimous affociation against im-
portations, p. 255-the bur-
geffes, before their diffolution,
addreffed the king on the fub-
ject of transporting perfons
from the colonies to be tried
in Great Britain, p. 262. The
houfe of burgelles refolves to

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