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for the immediate defence of the colony, p. 412-pufh their preparations for hoftile oppofition, p. 416-send a circular letter to the minifters of the gofpel, p. 417-a picture of the Mafiachusetts colony, p. 427-a new provincial congrefs meet, p. 469-their proceedings, p. 472-the inhabitants in arms, p. 486-their unpreparedness for an hoftile conteft with Great Britain, p. 492the provincial congrefs write a circular letter to the feveral towns of the colony, vol. ii. p. 17-borrow money, and forward difpatches to the general congrefs, p. 19-apply to Connefticut and Rhode Island for affittance, p. 20-order the militia to Roxbury, p. 21-refolve upon writing to the caftern tribe of Indians, p. 22-iffue notes, p. 27--the Maffachusetts reprefentatives meet, and take up their old form of government, p. 96-the public schools of the colony, p. 125-the af fembly refolve to fit out armed veffels, p. 144-the Maffachufetts delegates at congrefs conducted with great policy, p. 296-the ftate agrees upon a conftitution for the commonwealth, vol. iii. p. 396-incorporates The American Academy of Arts and Sciences, p. 398the laft act before entering on the new conftitution, p. 497the first general court upon the new conftitution, p. 498-the conftitution violated by the general court, vol. iv. p. 398. Maffacre of the Moravian Indians, vol. iv. p. 308. Matthew, general, makes a defcent on Virginia, vol. iii. p.


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Mayhew, Dr. his letter to judge Hutchinfon, vol. i. p. 178. Measures taken at Philadelphia for relieving the army under general Washington, vol. iii. p. 375.

Medical department, defects in the American, occafion the lofs of many fick, vol. iii. p. 70. Meeting houfe, the old fouth, turned into a riding-fchool for the British dragoons, vol. ii. p. 139. Meigs, colonel, his expedition to Sagg harbour, vol. ii. p. 468. Mercenaries, foreign, fail for America, vol. ii. p. 245. Militia, American, complained of, vol. ii. p. 317, 323, 333. Minorca attacked by the Spaniards, aided by the French, vol. iv. P. 157-the garrifon at fort St. Philip clofely invefted, and at length obliged to furrender, P. 226. Minute-men instituted, vol. i. p.


Mobs at Bofton, vol. i. p. 175attack judge Hutchinson's houfe, P. 177 at Rhode Island, p. 183-at New York, p. 185at Bofton, on account of the feizure of Mr. Hancock's floop Liberty, p. 231. Monmouth court-house action, vol. iii. p. 141. Montgomery, general, is fent on with troops to Canada, and befieges St. John's, vol. ii. p. 157-the place furrenders, p. 162-he takes Montreal, p. 163

appears before Quebec, p. 167his whole force little more than half the garrifon, p. 181 -he attempts carrying the city by a coup de main, and is killed, p. 183.

Montreal taken, vol. ii. p. 163. Montferrat furrenders, vol. iv. p.


Morgan, general, attacked by a fuperior force under col. TarleHh 2 ton,

ton, whom he defeats, vol. iv. p. 33-is pursued by lord Cornwallis, p. 37-is joined by general Greene perfonally, p. 38. Movements of the armies under

Sir H. Clinton and general
Washington, after the evacua-
tion of Philadelphia, vol. iii.
P. 133.

Mud Island, vol. iii. p. 4-is abandoned, p. 8.

Mugford, caprain, takes the Hope powder fhip, vol. ii. p. 264~ is killed, p. 265. Mutiny among the American, foldiers at Philadelphia, vol. iv. P. 372.

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N. Natches, the British fettlements there reduced by captain Willing, vol. iii. New-England, the people there are alarmed with the reports of an American epifcopacy, vol. i. P. 117-with the apprehenfion of defigns on the part of the British miniftry against their forms of government, p. 142the fuppofed plan of miniftry,

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p. 144. New-Hampshire colony fettled, vol. i. p. 38-the people make their firit hoftile movement, p. 421

-their delegates receive inftructions which they lay before congrefs, vol. ii. p. 149-the provincial congrefs proceed to take up civil government, p. 168-feveral of the reprefentatives proteft again't it, p. 169 -feveral of the towns petition against it, p. 170-a return of the inhabitants, p. 263. New-Haven colony fettled, vol. i. P. 33-made a part of Connecticut, p. 34.

town attacked by general Tryon, vol. iii. p. 265. New-Jersey fettled, vol. i. p. 46 -the quaker inhabitants complain of the duties impofed upon

them by the governor of Neto York, p. 48-the affembly declare against independency, vol. ii. p. 117-the provincial congrefs much influenced by the plot to deftroy general Washington's army at New York, p. 277-they form their conftitution, p. 299-cruelties practifed in that ftate by the royal troops, p. 414-the people exafperated and fly to arms, p. 416. New York fettled, vol. i. p. 44the affembly pafs an act declaring the rights of the people, p. 97-the powers of legiflation taken from the province, till there is a compliance with a British act of parliament, p. 216

-the New Yorkers the firit who adopted the non-importation agreement, p. 194-they defift from the fame, p. 278-a quarrel between them and the foldiers, p. 300-they agree upon a new congrefs, p. 362-the affembly renounce all concern with the preceding congrefs, p. 471-a -a battle between the whigs and tories, on the points, congrefs, or no congress, p. 472the New Yorkers ftop the veffels bound to Quebec and elsewhere, vol. ii. p. 3-the measures of the citizens on hearing of hoftilities in the Massachusetts, p. 4-the cannon removed from the battery, and the Afia man of war fires on the city, p. 117 -the New Yorkers fufpected, p. izo-the city evacuated by the Americans, p. 328-a terrible fire there, p. 330-the New York ftate eftablish their independent conftitution, p. 528-the city evacuated by the British, vol. iv. p. 382. Nevis furrenders, vol. iv. p. 239. Neutrality, the armed, vol. iii. p. 402.


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Newfoundland, the ftorm on the coafts of it, vol. ii. p. 222. Newport, poffeffed by the British, vol. ii. p. 359an expedi tion againit it, p. 583 evacuated by the British, vol. iii. p. 333. Non-importation agreement adopted firft by the New York merchants, and then by others, vol. i. p. 194-a freth non-importation agreement begun at Boston, and afterward adopted elsewhere, p. 218-declined for the prefent by the Pennfylvania merchants, p. 241-adopted by them, and notice thereof fent to the committee of merchants at London, p. 250-given up by the New Yorkers, p. 278. Norfolk action, in which captain Fordyce fell, vol. ii. p. 112-the town is fired by parties of failors and marines from lord Dunmore's fleet, and destroyed, p. 206. North Carolina, general affembly meet and refolve to unite with the other colonies, vol. ii. p. 1 -the movements of the inhabitants occafion the governor's quitting the colony, p. 84the convention folemnly declare it to be their wish, that they may be restored to the state in which they were before 1763, p. 107-establish their independent form of government, p. 390.

Norwalk burnt by the British, vol. iii. p. 267.

Nova Scotia, the reprefentatives thereof, prefent an addrefs, petition and memorial to the king and parliament, vol. ii. p. 234. Obfervations on the Boston port-bill, vol, i. p. 375


Officers, the American, petition congrefs, vol. iv. p. 353. Ohio company, vol. i. p. 119

the French build a fort on the Ohio, p. 121.

Omoa, fort, taken by the British, vol. iii. p. 401. Operations of the troops under generals Phillips and Arnold in Virginia, vol. iv. p. 107. Order of the British king in council for fufpending provifionally all the particular ftipulations refpecting the fubjects of the States General, contained in the feveral treaties, vol. iii. p. 404. Ordnance fhip from Woolwich

taken by captain Manley, vol. ii. p. 144. Orvilliers, count de, fails from

Breft to join the Spanish fleet, vol. iii. p. 288-fails with the combined fleet for Plymouth,

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p. 291.

Otis, Mr. James, junior, threatens governor Bernard, vol. i. p. 141-his pamphlet, The Rights of the British Colonies, alarms the people, p. 152-his fpeech against refcinding, p. 228-an affray between him and Mr. Robinson, p. 271.. P. Painter, John the, alias James Aitken, vol. ii. p. 445. Pallifer, Sir Hugh, tried, vol. iii. P. 241. Paper-money first emitted by con-.

grefs, vol. ii. p. 60--the particular mifchievous effects of it, vol. iv. p. 144-its ceafing to circulate, occafions no convulfion, p. 145. Papifts relieved by act of parlia

ment, vol. iii. p. 113. Parker, admiral Hyde, engages admiral Zoutman on Dogger Bank, vol. iv. p. 152.

Sir Peter, and lord Cornwallis, fail from Portsmouth to Cork, vol. ii. p. 239-from Cork for America with troops, p. 240-arrive at Cape Fear, and meet with general Clinton, Hh 3 P. 279

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P. 279-proceed to attack, Charlestown in South Carolina, p. 280.

Parliament, the feffion of it opened in 1775, vol. ii. p. 224-the debates, p. 225-a motion relative to the employing of Hanoverian troops without the confent of parliament, p. 228 -the houfes informed of the French refcript, notifying the treaty with America, vol. iii. p. 108-the parliament unexpectedly diffolved, vol. iv. p. 4

the new parliament meets, p. 10-the king's fpeech and debates on the addrefs, p. 11. Peace neceffary for the United

States, vol. iv. p. 291-nego-
tiations between the American
and British commiffioners, p.
332-340-provifional arti-
cles, p. 360-definitive treaty,
P. 391.

Pearfon, captain, engages Paul
Jones, vol. iii. p. 297.
Peck's-kill, ftores there deftroyed,

vol. ii. p. 423. Pendleton, juftice, his reafons for leaving Charlestown, vol. iii.

-numbers diffatisfied, p. 369 -the Pennsylvania act relating to flavery, vol. iii. p. 377line of troops revolt, vol. iv. P. 16-fee Revolt. Penobscot, expedition against it, by the Maffachusetts, vol. iii. P. 305.

Petersham, in the county of Worcefter, Maffachusetts Bay, the refolutions of the town, vol. i. p. 316.

Petitions to the house of commons on American affairs, vol. i. p. 450-petitions and counterpetitions, p. 496-to both houses from the British inhabitants in the province of Quebec, p. 500-petitions and counterpetitions, vol. ii. p. 223-petitions from the counties for a public reform, vol. iii. p. 413 -confidered by the house of commons, and the refolutions of the house in favor of them, p. 415-all hopes of obtaining redrefs from that houfe at an end, p. 416-a fresh petition prefented, vol. iv. p. 151. Philadelphia merchants exprefs their minds fully to the committee in London on the revenue acts and grievances, vol. i. p. 266-the committee ftop the failing of veffels to Quebec and elfewhere, vol. ii. p. 4-the zeal of the citizens in hoftile preparations, p. 61-they provide for the fafety of the city, p. 93-it is poffeffed by the royal army, p. 518-it is evacuated by the Britif, vol. iii. p. 131. Pickens, colonel, defeats the South Carolina tories, vol. iii. p.231

-enters the Indian country, and deftroys their corn, p. 313 -aided by Lee's legion, reduces the fort at Augufta, vol. iv. p. 91-chaftifes the Cherokees for breaking their engagements, p. 177.


P. 393.


Penn, governor, an account of his having delivered the fecond petition of congrefs to the king, vol. ii. p. 152-examined before the houfe of lords, p. 231. Pennsylvania fettled, vol. i. p. 81

-a charter of privileges granted to the inhabitants, p. 88-the refolutions of the affembly againft taxation, except by the reprefentatives of the people, p. 193-they ratify the acts of congrefs, p. 421-decline adopting the conciliatory plan, vol. ii. p. 6-inftruct their delegates to reject any propofition in congrefs that may lead to a feparation from the mother country, p. 116-fettle their independent constitution, p. 368

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Piquet, Mr. de la Motte, faves
feveral merchant fhips, and en-
fome British men of war,
vol. iii. p. 405, 406-captures
a number of fhips laden with
the fpoils of Statia, vol. iv. p.

Pitt, Mr. defigns to tax the colo
nies, vol. i. p. 136.
Pondicherry taken by general Mun-
ro, vol. iii. p. 252.
Poule, the Belle, and Arethusa, en-
gage, vol. iii. p. 118-the
Belle Poule is taken, p. 425.
Powder, the quantity thereof in

the Maffachusetts, vol. ii. p. 23
-the extreme want of it at
camp, p. 67-a large fupply
obtained by the capture of the
Hope, p. 264.
Pratt, Mr. converfes with Dr.
Franklin about the Americans,
vol. i. p. 136.
Predatory war against the Ameri-
cans determined upon, vol. iii.
P. 264.
Prifcat, general, furrenders with
the foldiers, failors, and eleven
veffels, vol. ii. p. 164—is fur-
prifed on Rhode Island, and
carried off by lieut. col. Bar-
ton, P. 491.
Prevaft, general, enters South Ca-
rolina, and marches toward
Charlestown, vol. iii. p. 254-
defends Savannah, and repulfes
the allied troops under D'E-
taing and Lincoln, P. 327.
Princeton action, vol. ii. p. 401.
Prifaners, American, the treat-

ment they met with, vol. ii. p.
427-vol. iii. p. 15-collecti-
ons for the relief of thofe in
England, p. 99.

British, the treatment
they met with from the Ame-
ricans, vol. iv. p. 210,
Privateers, American, their fuc-
cefs, vol. ii. p. 433-vol. iii.
p. 285.
Proceedings on the meeting of the

new parliament in 1774, vol. i.
p. 429-the feffion clofes, p.


Proclamation, lord and general

Howe's, the benefit of it claim-
ed by numbers in the Jerfeys,
vol. ii. p. 357:
Propofals for building men of war
for the ufe of the British govern-
ment by private fubfcriptions,
vol. iv. p. 341.
Proteft of feveral lords against the
bill for regulating the govern
ment of the Majachusetts Bay,
vol. i. p. 355-against the bill
for the impartial adminiftration
of juftice there, p. 357.

of the Maffachusetts re-
prefentatives, vol. iv. p. 399.
Providence plantations fettled, vol.
i. p. 36-united with Rhode
Ifland, p. 37.
Publications relative to the Ameri

can war, vol. ii. p. 247.
Pulafki, count, at Charlestown,
vol. iii. p. 256-mortally
wounded, p. 330-congrefs re-
folve to erect a monument to his
memory, p. 332.
Puritans, the rife of them, vol. i.
p. 2-provide a retreat from
perfecution in the Maffachusetts
Bay, p. 16-people the Maffa-
chusetts, Connecticut, and New
Haven colonies, p. 35.
Putnam, general, haftens with
troops to the Massachusetts, vol.
ii. p. 2-efcapes with 3500
men from New York, p. 328.
Quakers, a deputation from their
yearly meeting wait upon con-
grefs, vol. iv. p. 377.


a report of a committee
of congrefs refpecting them,
vol. ii. p. 505.

- in Weft Jersey, complain
of duties laid upon thein, vol.
i. p. 48of Pennsylvania,
throw George Keith into prifon,
P. 91.

Hh 4


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