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collects on the occasion and becomes riotous, p. 232-the report of the committee of the Mafsachusetts house and council respecting the riot, p. 235a suit commenced against Mr. Hancock in the court of Admiralty, but dropped, p. 240. Mr. Hancock is chosen president of congrefs, vol. ii. P: 31takes his leave of congress, vol. iii. p. 18-is elected governor of the Massachusetts state, upon

their new constitution, p. 498. Hayne Ifaac, colonel, executed by

the joint order of lord Rawdon and colonel Balfour, the case

of, vol. iv. p. 102, 107, Herkimer, general, defeated by Sir

John Johnson, vol. ii. p. 529. Helians defeated at Trenton, vol.

ii. p. 396. Highlanders, and regulators of

North Carolina, imbody, but are defeated, vol. ii. p. 209.

a number of them, and lieut. col. Campbell, taken

in Boston-bay, vol. ii. p. 267. Hood, Sir Samuel, engages de Grasse,

vol. iv. p. 132-arrives at Sandy Hook, p. 181-attacked by ghe count, p. 235-takes the Ville de Paris, count de Grafle's ship, p. 275-takes the Jason

Heights, vol. ii. p. 194-is prevented by a storm, and concludes upon evacuating Boftor, p. 196--the town evacuated, p. 198_his design of procuring rice in Georgia frustrated, p. 211-arrives off New York, p. 277-lands his troops on Long Illand, p: 306-surprises and defeats the Americans, p. 308

-makes a descent on New York island, p. 327-lands on Frog's. neck, p. 336-attacks the Amcricans at White Plains, p. 340 -returns to King fridge, p. 344-takes Fort Washington, P.

-leaves Brunswick and takes the field, p. 469-returns to Brunswick, which he evacuates, and marches to Amboy, p. 471-unexpectedly moves to. ward the American army, p. 473_embarks his troops, p. 474-fails with his army, p: 492_lands his troops at Elk ferry, p. 494-crofles the Brandywine, attacks and defeats the Americans, p. 509-amuses general Washington, and pectedly crosses the Schuylkill below him, p. 517-makes his entry into Philadelphia, p. 518

and Cato, p. 278. Hopkins, commodore, returns from

his naval expedition, vol. ii.
p. 214-engages the Glasgow
man of war, p. 216-puts into

New London, p. 217.
Hoftile preparations in different

parts of the Massachusetts co-
lony, vol. i. p. 422-it is how.
ever hoped, that all differences
will be amicably settled without

bloodshed, p. 425. Hoftilities commence between Great

Britain and France, vol. iii. p.

118. Howe, general, prepares to attack

the Americans on Dorchester

is honored by the officers with a magnificent entertainment, vol. iii. p. 89. Howe, lord, arrives

at Staten Island, and sends a flag to general Washington, vol. ii. p. 301 - propoles a, conference with some members of congress

, p. 321-the conference, p. 322 fails with the fleet and army, p. 492-arrives and anchors in the Delaware, p. 519is allowed to return to Britain, vol. iii. p. 112-leaves the Dela. ware, p. 154-prepares to de. fend the entrance into New york harbour against count d'Estaing's feet, p. 156m-fails for the prefervation of Rhode Ifand, p.




P. 8.

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159—fails for the relief of Gie

ter to count de Vergennes, p. braltar, vol. iv. p. 316-enters 333-gives Oswald å draught the Straits, p. 328 --- relieves of a commission that would fully Gibraltar and returns through fatisfy, and is jealous of the dethe Straits, p. 330-is attacked signs of the French court, p. by the combined fleets, and af- 336. terward left to pursue his voy- Jealousies and prejudices among age home, p. 331.

the troops under general WaßHuddy, captain Joshua, hanged, ington, vol. ii. P. 304, 324, vol. iv. p. 248.

331. Hughes, admiral, engages Mr. de Jersey, island, the attempt of the

Šuffrein, vol. iv. p. 266--en- French it defeated by the gages him afreth, p. 344-a * bravery of major Pierson, vol. third and fourth time, p. 345 iv. p. 68.

-the last time, p. 348. Independence, measures taken to Hurricanes at Jamaica, vol. iv. p. 6 forward the declaration of it,

- at Barbadoes, p. 7-at St. vol. ii. p. 268-resolutions reLucie, Grenada and St. Vincent, specting it, moved and second

ed in congress, p. 274-the deHutchinson, judge, his “ Brief state

claration of independence, p. 290. of the claim of the colonies, Independents the, see Congregatiand the interest of the nation onalists. with respect to them,” vol. i. Indians, the Oneida, their speech p. 181-when governor he in- - to the New England provinces, troduces the subject of the par- vol. ii. p. 54-an answer of liament's supremacy into his the Stockbridge Indians to the speech to the Massachusetts ge- Malachuletts congrets, P. 36neral court, p. 320—by his bad the reply of the Massachusetts advice, betrays the ministry into congress, p. 58-Indian chiefs wrong measures, p. 433, 435

at head quarters in Cambridge, his letters are discovered, vol. p. 141-congress commissioners ii. p. 28~his behaviour while treat with the Indians, p. 431 in the colony, P. 30.

-the Indians destroy the settleI.

ments at Wyoming, vol. iii. p. Jamaica petitions the king in favor 185-their hoftile operations of the colonies, vol. i. p. 462

elsewhere, p. 312. the hurricane at that island, Inquisition the, abolished in the 'vol. iv. p. 6.

dominions of the duke of Moa Jay, Mr. elected to negotiate a dena, vol. iv. p. 15. treaty of alliance with his Ca

Instructions to the commissioners tholic majesty, vol. iii. p. 321 at the court of France, vol. ii. -his attempts ineffectual, vol.

p. 373-to the American comiv. p. 13---delivers in propofi- missioners at different courts, tions relative to an intended

p. 406. treaty with Spain, p. 212--re- Johnfon, Sir John, defeats general pairs to Paris, p. 331-refufes

Herkimer, vol. ii. p. 529. treating with Mr. Oswald, till

Sir William, repulses the the independence of the United :

French, vol. i. p. 134: States is acknowledged in the Fohnstone commodore, fails for the first instance, p. 332-has put

East Indies, vol. iv. p. 147– into his liands the

of a leta is attacked by Mr. de Suffrein,

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149-takes several Dutch cure contributions for the be. East India ships, p. 151.

nefit of the American soldiers, John's, St, in Canada, taken, vol. vol. iii. p: 376—forward shirts ii. p. 163

and stockings to the army, po Jones, captain Paul, lands a party of Americans at Whitehaven, Ladies, whig, their conduct in and sets fire to a ship in the Charlestown, South Carolina, harbour; afterward lands and

vol. iv. p. 138. plunders lord Selkirk's house, Landed country gentlemen alarmvot. iii. p. 115-engages cap.

ed, vol. ii. p. 233• sain Pearson, p. 297-is ho. Laurens, Henry, efq; chosen prenored by the French king with sident of congress, vol. iii. p. the cross of military merit, vol.

-his letter to the governor iv. p. 64.

of Georgia, p. 203—to another Ireland (pares 4000 troops for his friend, p. 283-elected to ne

majesty's service 'abroad, vol. gotiate a treaty with the Dutch, ii. p. 239—the state and pro- p. 322- taken on his voyage ceedings of the country, vol. to Holland, and committed to iii. p. 302—-further proceed- the Tower, vol. iv. p. 5-disings, p. 400, and vol. iv. p. charged, p. 220. 2596

lieut. col. chosen special Juries, the great and petty, through minister to France, and favored

the Massachufetts refuse acting with the sentiments of general under the new regulations, vol. Washington upon the service to i. p. 386.

which he was appointed, vol. K.

iv. p. 23-returns from France, Kalb, baron de, marches to the p. 147—his conduct approved southward, vol. iii. p. 390

of by congress, p. 163 - is is mortally wounded, p. 443:

mortally wounded while engage Kempenfelt, admiral, takes a num

ed with the British, p. 303. ber of French transports, vol. Laws of England not allowed by iv. p. 223-is loft in the Royal the colonies to be binding on George, p. 281.

thein, vol. i. p. 43. Keppel, admiral, fails for the bay Lee, Arthur, efq; leaves Great

of Biscay, and takes the Licorne Britain, and removes to Paris, frigate, vol. iii. p. 117-engages d'Orvilliers, p. 121-ois general, measures taken for tried, p. 240.

sending him on to New York, Killed, the number, by the firing vol. ii. p. 173—is detained at,

of the British from Boston and Stamford; but orders a Conner. the neighbourhood, vol. ii. p. ticut regiment into the city, and 147

arrives there himself within Kitt's St. taken by the marquis de hours after general Clinton arBouille, vol. iv. p. 233.

vol. ii. p. 447

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rives at Sandy Hook, p: 175– Knox, general, fent

off to the eartas goes to the southward, p. 20; ern Itates by the coinmander' his letter to the French mini. in chief, on account of the Iter, p. 362-an anecdote conPennsylvania revolgers, vol. iv, cerning him, p. 344-heis taken

by col. Harcourt, p.358-incanL.

veniencies resulting from his Ladies, the, at: Philadelphia, pro- capture, Dr. 409 commands

P. 20.

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the Americans near Monmouth quarters at Purysburgh, p. 229 court-house, vol. iii. p. 136– -pursues general Prevost, p. is put under arrest, tried and

255-attacks the British at Stono found guilty, p. 151-his death

ferry, p. 258-marches for Saand character, vol. iv. p. 305. vannah, p. 326-is repulsed in Lee, captain H. made major com- a joint attack with d'Estaing on mandant of horse for his bra

the town, p. 330

-defends very, vol. iii. p. 72-attacks Charleftown, p. 348---furrenthe British post at Powle's Hook, ders the place, p. 358-receives p. 283-joins general Greene in

the submission of the royal arSouth Carolina with his partizan my at York Town, vol. iv. p. legion, vol. iv. p. 32-falls up- 196. on a number of royalists and London, the city of, approaches makes a great slaughter among the throne with an address, &c. ther), p. 49-aids general Ma- vol. i. p. 497---refuses in 1781 rion in reducing fort Watson, p. to present their address, &c. at 81—fort Motte, p. 89-fort the levee, and orders its publiGranby, p. 90--marches to join

cation, vol. iv. p. 217. Pickens, and with him reduces Long and fortified by the Amethe fort at Augusta, p.91:

ricans, vol. ii. p. 303-geneLeger, St. lieut. colonel, quits the ral Sullivan appointed to com

liege of fort Stanwix, vol. ii. mand there, p. 305—the royal p: 534.

army lands upon it, p. 306Lejlie, general, after announcing evacuated by the Americans, his design of evacuating Charles- p. 313.1



Loss of the Ville de Paris, Ramilvision to be sent in to him, vol. lies, and other men of war,

vol. iv. p: 301—the offer not being complied with, he fends out

Lotteries, the firt in England grantparties to seize provisions, p.

ed to the Virginia company, 302-evacuates the town, p. 305.

Louden, lord, his determination reLetter, the


of one to count lative to the Massachusetts gede Vergennes, vol. iv. p. 333.

neral court, vol. i. p. 134. Letters of Hutchinson and others Louisburgh taken by the Maljachu

sent to Boston by Dr. Franklin, ferts colony, vol. i. p. 110. vol. i. p. 328.

Lowther, Sir James, oifers to preLexington affair, vol. i. p. 477– sent the British king with a

the news of it reaches London, man of war of the line, vol. iv. P: 503•

p. 341. Lippincot, captain, tried for hang. Lucie, St. attacked by the British,

ing captain Huddy, and acquit- vol. iii. p. 243-d'Estaing atted, vol. iv. p. 287.

tempts relieving the island, p. Lincoln, general, surprised at Bound- 246- the place capitulates, p.

brook, vol. ii. p. 455-fent to 247
the northward to command the Luzerne the chevalier de la, ar-
militia, p. 535-sends col. rives at Boston, vol. iii. p. 286
Brown and others on an expe.

his communications to con-
dition to Lake George, p. 546 gress, p. 335-bis hint to ge-
mis sent to South Carolina, vol. neral Washington, p. 339-- fun-

mestablishes his head dry communications of his beVOL. IV.



town, offers

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iv. p. 342:

vol. i. p. 54.

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vol. iii. p. 53:

fore congress, vol. iv. p. 245 is satisfied with its being refolved, that Mr. 7. Adams should be ultimately directed and guided by the sentiments of the French court, p. 246.

M. Mair, the province of, fettled,

vol. i. p. 38---the inhabitants submit to the Massachusetts, and have greater privileges granted them than what the Massachu

setts people enjoy, p. 39; Manifesto a, presented to the Bri

tih minister by the Spanish am

baslador, vol. iii. p. 289. Manley, captain, takes British ver

fels, vol. ii. p. 144-is taken, Marion, general, exerts himself on

the fide of congress, vol. iii.
p. 454-vol. iv. p. 46-aided
by lieut. col. Lee's partizan le-
gion, reduces fort Watson, p.
81-fort Motte, p. 89-fort

Granby, p. 90.
Maryland settled, vol. i. p. 65

the convention resolve on an
association, and on measures for
securing the province, and pro-
viding for its defence, vol. ii.
p. 92-fettles its independent
constitution, p. 368-accedes

to the confederation, vol. iv. Massachusetts Company formed, vol.

i. p. 16%begin a plantation at Salem, p. 17-obtain a royal charter, p. 18.

Bay, the governor and company of, in New England, begin their plantation government in the Mafiachusetts, vol. i.

p. 20-conclude moving with their charter to the Massachusetts, p. 22-arrive at Salem, p. 24-asiume the form of a commonwealth, p. 27-admit none to freedom but members of their churches, p. 29their general court assume spis

ritual jurifdi&tion, p. 30--their government in divers respects absolute, p. 31–their charter annihilated, p.42-a new charter given them, p. 98—they declare what are their privileges, p. 99—their exertions in the war of 1744, p. 110-of 1755, p. 137-their general court address the British parliament on the subject of duties and taxes, p. 154—the house of assembly propose a congress, p. 172-leave out of the council the crown officers and juftices of the superior court, p. 208—at length agree to make compensation to the sufferers by the riots, p. 211-propose 3 circular letter to the other colonies, p. 223--their new affembly are required to rescind the resolution which gave birth to the circular letter, p. 226they vote not to rescind, and are dissolved, p. 227-a new assembly pass a number of refolves, evidencing their difregard to the resolutions of the lords and commons, p. 260m refuse making provision for the troops, p. 261-disagreements between them and lieut. goverpor Hutchinson, p. 304-declare against his receiving his fupport from the crown, p. 310 --their procecdings respecting the judges, and the support irtended them by the crown, p. 344—their petition to the king for the removal of the governor dismissed, p. 350-choose de legates to meet in congress at Philadelphia, p. 368—the people prepare to defend their rights by the point of the sword, p. 380—the representatives meet, and resolve themselves into a provincial congress, p. 411– the provincial congress appoint a committee to draw up a plan


P. 65.

on re


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