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Craz, corporal, arrives from Great Dougall,, capt. M of New York, i' Britain with dispatches from committed to jail for writing

Mr. Arthur Lee, vol. ii. p. papers deemed libels, and re272.

fusing to give bail, vol. i. p. Culpeper tried on the act of Henry 301 - discharged after a long Vill. vol. i. p. 76.

imprisonment, and being the D.

firft fufferer for American liberDanbury, the expedition to, under ty, p. 303.

general Tryon, vol. ii. p. 462. Duché, the reverend Mr. chosera Darkness, an unusual one in the chaplain to congress, vol. ii.

Massachusetts and elsewhere, p. 14declines his chaplainvol. iii. p. 367.

Ihip, p. 376 his attempt upon Deane, Mr. Silas, recalled from general Washington's patriotism, France by congress, vol. iii. p.

p. 581. 38-addresses the Americans, Dunmore, lord, quits Williamsburgh p.217—is addressed by Common and goes on board the Fower Senje, p. 218.

man of war, vol. ii. p. 87Debates in parliament on lord arms a number of vessels, and

North's motion for a joint ad- is opposed by the Virginians, dress of both houses to the

p. 110. He declares martial king, in February 1775, vol. i. law, and is joined by blacks p. 455-on the address of the

and whites, p. 111-his troops two houses in answer to the defeated at Norfolk, p. 112-king's speech in 1775, vol. ii. the scheme for raising him a p. 225-on the address of the

considerable force discovered, commons in answer to the

p: 114- quits Virginia and arspeech in 1776, p. 437.-on the rives off Staten Island, p. 298. preliminary articles of peace, Dutch, the, are presented with a vol. iv. p. 348.

British memorial, vol. ii. Delaware colony settled, vol. i.


Dutch vessels taken by the p. 84. The state of Delaware

British cruisers, vol.iii. p. 249. settles its independent conftitu- A memorial presented to them, tion, vol. ii. p. 368.

urging the delivering up of the Demarara and Ifiequibo fubmit to Serapis, p. 300.

The Dutch the Britih, vol. iv. p. 78-are ships under count Byland stoptaken by the French, p. 242.

ped by captain Fielding, p.402. Dickinson, Mr. John, his letters The Britiih king's order in

from a Pennsylvania farmer, council respecting the Dutch, vol. i.

p. 404. They decline furnish Diturbances between the French ing the succours claimed by and Americans at Charlestown, Britain, p. 405—are presented South Carolina, and at Boston, with a memorial relative to the

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eventual treaty between America Dominica taken by the marquis de & Holland, vol. iv. p. 5. General Bouille, vol. iii. p. 237..

reprisals granted by the British Donop, count, defeated at Red council againit their lhips and Bank, vol. iii. .p. 2.

goods, p. 6. The action beDørchester-heights, preparations for tween the Dutch and Britis). taking posiession of them, vol.

fleets on Dogger Bank, p. ii. p. 190. The Americans Dutch settlements in the East proceed to that service, p. 192.

Indies taken, p. 241.


vol. iii. p. 197

vol. i. p. 497

F. Æfopus burnt, vol. ii. p. 579. Fairfield burnt by the Britist, Eaji India, British, intelligence, vol. iii. p. 266. vol. iv. p. 79, 215, 265, 282, Falmouth destroyed by the British, 344•

vol. ii. p. 137; Efingham, the earl of, resigns his Farce of the Blockade of Bofton in

regiment, declining to serve terrupted by the burning of with it against the Americans, some houses by the Americans,

vol. ii. p. 180. Emperor the, of Germany, favors Fayette, the marquis de la, is ap

the rights of conscience, vol. pointed major general by coniv. p. 242.

gress, vol. ii. p. 499—some Empress the, of Germany, her account of him, p. 500mis death, vol. iv. p. 13.

wounded, p. 512-crosses the Equestrian ftatue to be erected for Schuylkill with a body of men, general Washington, vol. iv. and narrowly escapes with them p. 374

back to Valley Forge, vol. iii. Estaing, count de, arrives with p. 90-fails for France, p. 211.

the French fleet on the American He returns from France with coast, yol. iii. p. 154-pro- an account that he was soon to ceeds to Newport, p. 157 be followed by a French fleet chases the Britifs fleet under and corps of troops, p. 364lord Horwe, p. 159--fails for is detached to Virginia with a Boston, p. 163-he and his of

body of light infantry, vol. iv. ficers are entertained by the p. 60makes a forced march Massachusetts assembly, p. 198 of 200 miles, and arrives at --publishes a declaration to be Richmond just in time to secure fpread among the Canadians, p. it against the British, p. 109199-fails for the West Indies, sends a spy into the British P. 200-attempts relieving St. camp, who deceives lord CornLucie, p. 245-takes St. Vincent, wallis, p. 111.

The marquis p. 286—Grenada, p. 293-en

forms a junction with general gages admiral Byron, p. 295– Wayne, p. 115-unexpectedly fails for Georgia and attacks Sa- by his lordship fixes himself vannah, p. 325-is repulsed, between the British army and the P. 330.

American stores, p. 116—is joinLuftatia, St, taken by Sir George ed by the allied troops from the

Rodney, vol. iv. p. 74-fur- northward, p. 187-has perprised by the marquis de Bquille, mission to go to France, p. 207

-announces by letter to conEutaw battle, vol, iv. p. 168. gress a general peace, p. 359. Expedition, the British, against Ferguson, major, his movements,

Egg Harbour, vol. iii. p. 193. and defeat at King's Mountain, Expence of supplying the British vol. iii.

p. 462. army at Boston, vol. ii. p. 221. Finances of America, the obserExtracts from the act of Virginia vations of congress on them,

in favor of religious freedom, vol. iii. p. 180-reports convol, iv. p. 419:

cerning the office of finance, from fome curious letters, yol. iv. p. 161.

P. 220.

vol. iv. p. 37'.




P. 496.

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Flag of the United States, vol. ii.
Fleets, the hostile, engage on Lake

Champlain, vol. ii. p. 383-
under admiral Keppel and
D'Orvilliers, vol. iii. p. 123
---Byron and d'Estaing, p. 295
--Rodney and Langara, p. 407
-Rodney and de Guichen, p.
411-Hood and de Graffe, vol.
iv. p. 132-Johnstone and Suf-
frein, p. 149-Hyde Parker
and Zoutman, p. 153–-Graves
and de Grasse, p. 182--Hughes
and Suffrein, p. 266_Rodney
and de Grafle, p. 271, 273
Howe and the combined French
and Spanish commanders, p.
331–Hughes and Suffrein, p.
344, 345, 348.

the combined, of France
and Spain, appear before Ply-
mouth, vol. iii. p. 291-take
near fixty Britis East and West
India ships, vol. iv. p: 3-un-
expectedly appear in the chops
of the channel, p. 158.

the French and Spanish, join in the West Indies, but make no attempt against Ja

mortally wounded, p.560_li

burial, p. 565
France, her conduct, vol. iii.

92, 94, 96. She delivers
the American commissioners the
preliminaries of a treaty be
tween France and America,
98-ligns the treaties, p.
--her ambassador informs the
British ministry of the fans
p. 107. She gives a pablic
audience to the American com.
missioners, p. 110-her squa.

dron fails from Breft, p. 112.
French fleet and troops,

rive at Rhode Isand, vol. iii.
P: 379..

king, suppresses the in-
human custom of putting the
question by torture, vol. iv,
P. 14

troops under count de Rochambeau, their good behaviour, vol. iv. p. 128. · They march from the southward to Boston,p. 313--embark on board the marquis de Vaudreuil's fleet, and fail for the West Indies, p.

314. Gage, general, is ordered to send

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maica, vol. iv.
Fort Washington taken, vol. ii. P.

348. Fort Lee taken, p352,
Fort Stanwix, alias Schuyler,
invested, p. 529--the liege of
it raised, p. 534. Forts Mont-
gomery and Clinton taken, p.

Franklin, Doctor, his remarks on

the ministerial plan for the uni-
on of the colonies, vol. i. p.
126. He sends over to the
Massachusetts a number of ori-
ginal letters, p. 328_they oc-
cafion a duel between Mr.
Whately and Mr. John Temple,

P. 349.
Frazer, gcheral, attacks and de-

feats colonel Warner at Hub.
bardon, vol. ii. p. 483-is

troops to Boston, vol. i. p, 238
-lands at Boston, p. 360-is
addressed by the inhabitants of
Salem, p. 374-iffues oct a pro-
clamation against the folemn
league and covenant of the Boja
ton committee, p. 378—forti-
fies the entrance at

Boston Neck, P: 387-feizes the powder at Charlestown, p. 388-answers the letter of congress, p. 396 --sends troops to Salem, p. 470 --prepares for sending others to Concord, p. 476--they are sent forward, and a firing commences at Lexington, p. 477. He enters into an agreement with the committee of the town of Boffon, p. 487--is waited upon by

p. 2.


a com:

committee from Conne&ticut, vol. ii. p. 18-his agreement with the inhabitants of Boston not observed, p. 25. He offers pardon except to Samuel. Adams and John Hancock, p. 28--detains the inhabitants of Bofton, p. 53. Letters between him and general Washington, p. 125. He sails for Great Bri.

tain, p. 136. Galvez, Don, the Spanish gover

nor of Louisiana, recognizes the independence of the American ftates, and marches against the British settlements on the MilFilippi, vol. iii. p. 314-takes Mobille, p. 409-takes Pensa

cola, vol. iv. p. 129. Gaspee, the schooner, attacked and

burnt near Providence, vol. i,

P. 311. Gates, general, is appointed to

command the army in the northern department, vol. ii. p. 276--superseded by the ap. pointment of Schuyler, p. 475 -chosen afresh, and to relieve Schuyler, p. 502—his letters to general Burgoyne, p. 543-engages Burgoyne, p. 548, 559reduces him to the necessity of agreeing to a convention, P.572. His delicacy with respect to the royal army, when they deposited their arms, p. 574. He writes to congress relative to Burgoyne's troops not having broken the convention, vol. iii. p. 46~his letter to the earl of Thanet, p. 106his letter to a South Carolina delegate, respecting the intended operations of the Britib, p. 389. He is appointed to command the southern army, p. 391advances toward Canden, p. 430--his general orders at Clermont, p. 434-marches and unexpectedly meets the British army under lord Cornwaliis, f.

p. 281,

437-engages the Britis, and is defeated, p: 439—proceeds to Hillsborough, p. 445-bis broken troops retreat to Salisbury, p. 448—his exertions in favor of the relics of his unfortunate army, p. 458-thefe are reinforced, p. 460. He receives private information of congress's having appointed an officer to supersede him, p. 469 removes his head quarters to Charlotte, and surrenders the command of the army into general Greene's hands, p. 472– meets with a polite return from Greene, p. 473-—is addressed by the Virginia house of delegates,

vol. iv. p. 26. Generals Howe, Clinton and Bur.

goyne, arrive at Boston, vol. i.

p. 23. George, the Reyal, is loft, vol. iv. Georgia settled, vol. i. p.92-ac

cedes to the general association of the twelve colonies, vol. ii. P: 73, 75-attacked by the British troops, vol. iii. p. 211 Savannah, the capital, taken,

and the state subdued, p. 214. Germaine, lord George, extracts from his letters, vol. iv.

Gibraltar invested by the Spani.

ards, vol. iii. p. 304—relieved
by Rodney, p. 406–by Darby,
vol. iv. p. 71:

Tremendous torrents of fire disgorged on the fortress from the Spanish artillery, and returned by general Elliot, p. 73. The Itupendous works erected against it, destroyed, p. 214. "It is to be attacked in a more formidable way than ever, p. 316—the grand attack, p. 323-the bar tering ships set on fire by redhot balls from the fortress, po 325-the general confusion among these ships increased by capt. Curtis's gur.-'cats, ibid.


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-the captain with his marine 43_crosses it, p. 45. He rebrigade hazard themselves to crosses the Dan, p. 47-marches rescue the distressed enemy from to Guilford court-house, and surrounding destruction, p. 326. prepares for action, p. 53-isat. The place relieved by lord tacked by Cornwallis and forced Howe, p. 330.

to retreat, p. 54--pursues his Gordon, lord George, advises the lordship to Deep river, p. 58.

protestant association to those marches to South Carolina, p. measures, which prove intro- 80mis attacked by lord Rawductory to the most extraordi. don near Camden and obliged to nary risings in London and West

retreat, p. 83-writes freely to minster, vol. iii. p. 417. He governor Reed on the real state is taken up and committed to of things, p. 87-proceeds to the Tower, P: 423—tried and Ninety Six, and besieges the garacquitted, vol. iv. p. 70,

rifon under col. Cruger, p. 92 Grafton, the duke of, suddenly --raises the fiege and is pur

quits administration, vol. ii. p. sued by Rawdon ; soon after 226.

pursues his lordship and offers Grasse, count de, engages Sir Sa him battle, p. 96. He retires

muel Hood, vol. iv. p. 132 to the High Hills of Santee, and arrives in the Chesapeak, and from thence transmits his opiafterward engages Graves, p.

nion on Gates's defeat, p. 98 182~-fails for the West-Indies, his account of the miseries p. 199–attacks Hood, p. 235 attending the war in South Car engages Rodney, p.271-en- rolina, p. 99-his answer to gages him afreih, 'is defeated

Balfour respecting the execution and taken, p. 273-lands at of Hayne, p.165--engages lieut. Portsmouth, p. 280.

co! Stewart at the Eataw Graves, admiral, engages de Grasse, springs, p. 168–happily fupvol. iv. p. 182.

presses the spirit of mutiny a. Greene, general, addresses general mong his troops, p. 172–

Washington, vol. ii. p. 65- writes to general Gould, p. 174 takes the command of the south- his accounts of the distrelles ern army, vol. iii.

of his army, p. 253. A few ! disapproves of the cenfure pall- strictures concerning him, p. ed upon Gates by congress, p. 406. 475 the embarrassments at- Grenada taken, vol. iii. p. 293. tending his command, vol. iv. Grenadier, a British, surprised and p. 27-his answer to lord Corn- made prisoner by an American wallis's letter, p. 28-separates

boy, vol. ii. P: 345; his force through necessity, p. Grey, general, surprises general 30-sends Let's partizan corps Wayne in the night, vol. ii. po to surprife George-town, P. 32 517. -leaves his own camp, haftens Griswold fort, on Groton-hill, to and joins general Morgan, taken by the British, vol. iv. and directs the route of his re

P. 178. treating troops, p. 38-forms a junction with the other divi. Hancock, Mr. John, is elected one fion of the army, p. 41-forms of the Boston representatives, a light army, and marches with vol. i. p. 208his sloop Li-, the main army for the Dan, p. berty feized, p.: 23mob


p. 473. He

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