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vol. ii. p. 93.

-Pa 76. Carolina is divided into

Chevaux de Frife of Philadelphia, North and South, p. 80. Cartel for the British and Ameri- Church, doctor, his correfpon

cans; settled by generals Phil- dence with a British officer in ·lips and Lincoln, vol. iii. po, Boston detected, vol. ii. p. 134. 492.

Cincinnati, the society of, vol. iv. Caucus and caucusing, the meaning p. 393.

of these words, often used at Clair, St. general, his force at Bofton, vol. i. p. 365.

Tyronderoga, voi. ii. p. 479. Cedars, the Americans there, sur

He concludes on evacuating render the fort, vol. ii. p. 254. that and Mount Independence, Major Sherburne is defeated in p. 481-the rear of his troops attempting to relieve the place,

attacked by general Frazer, p. ibid. General Arnold con- 483. He joins general Schuycludes a cartel for the exchange ler, p. 486. of the prisoners, p. 255.

Clarke, colonel, his expedition Chamblee taken, vol.ii. p. 161. into the Indian country, vol. iii. Gharlestown, opposite to Boston, p. 191-against the lieut. gov.

fired by order of general Gage of Detroit, col, Hamilton, p. and destroyed, vol. ii. p. 42. 262.

in South Carolina Clark, colonel, marches to Augufia, founded, vol. i. p.75-the first and attacks lieut. col. Brown, English' collector" established but is obliged to retreat, vol. there, p. 77-the general com

iii. p. 460. mittee of the place call a pro- Clergy of New England, vol. i. vincial congress, p. 425. The

p.418. inhabitants determine upon re- Clinton, Sir H. his expedition fisting the measures of ministry, against forts Montgomery and vol. ii. p. 9. The town the Clinton, vol. ii. . p. 553. He object of Sir Peter Parker's and arrives at Philadelphia to take general Clinton's offensive ope- the command of the Britis rations, p. 279-the fort on troops, vol. iii. p. 89-evacuSullivan's Inand attacked, p.

ates Philadelphia, p. 131-en282. Charlestown taken by Sir gages the Americans near MorH. Clinton, vol. iii. p. 358– mouth court-house, p. 141-his evacuated by the British, vol. iv. design against Georgia, p. 211 P. 305

-takes Stoney-point, p. 261– frigate taken, vol. iv.

his expedition to South Caro p. 314

lina, p. 346-takes Charlestown, Chathum, lord, his speech, Jan. p. 358-issues out proclamati

1775, vol. i. pa 439-May, ons before his return to New 1777, vol. ii. p. 451- -his York, p. 383-prepares to at: fainting in the house of lords, tack the French at Rhode Island, and subsequent death, vol. iii. P., 380-fends general Leslie P. III.

with 3000 troops to Virginia, Cherry Valley attacked by the In- p. 491_-sends agents to creat

dians and tories, vol. iii. p. with the Pennsylvania revolters, 207,

vel. iv, p. 20-sends Arnold to Cheer, the county palatine and Virginia, p: 59—forwards thi.

city of, liave repreientatives al- ther 2009 more troops under lowed them, vol. i. p. 51, general Phillips, p. 62.

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Clinton, the American governor, spirit of independency, vol, ila · by a spirited exertion,

prevents p. 275. the disbandment of Washing Complaints against the American ton's army through the want of officers and soldiers, vol. ii. p. bread, vol. iii. P: 495.

316, 325, 332. That there are Coin, French, found early in the many bad officers among them, Massachusetts, vol. i. p. 25.

no cause of surprise, p. 334. Collier, Sir George, takes the Conanicut, houses and barns burnt

American frigate, Hancock, on the island, voL ii. p. 124.
vol. iii. p. 52-destroys the Conciliatory motion of lord North
American fleet at Penobscot, in regard to America, vol. i.
P. 307

p. 463-his conciliatory propoColonies, the sentiments of the

sitions, vol. iii. p. 104.. New England with respect to Conference between the minister of the parliamentary acts of Old France and congress, vol. iii. England, vol. i. p. 40. The p. 273. colonies not settled at the ex- Confederation, the articles of, vol. pence of the English govern- iii. p. 24. The confederation ment, Georgia excepted, p. completed, vol. iv. p. 66. 95: Jealousies of their aiming Congregationalists, orindependents, at independence, p. 106. Mo- settle at New Plymouth in Amenies granted them by the British rica, vol. i. p. 11--their civil parliament to assist their extra- and religious principles, p. 12 ordinary exertions in the war 14: with France, p. 137. They Congregational church in the Marearly deny the parliamentary sachusetts, the first formed at right of taxation, p. 156.

Salem, vol. i. p.21. Commissioners, the American board Congress, American, the first, vol.

of, established, vol. i. p. 216 1. p. 103. The congress at Al--they retire to Castle William, bany in 1754, form a plan for P. 233.

the Union of all the colonies, p. the British, send a 124 --the plan not approved of letter, &c. to congress, vol. iii. by the British ministry, and p. 129-their negotiations, p. another substituted by them, p. 170. They appeal to the peo- 125-Dr. Franklin's remarks ple at large, p. 173-publish a upon the ministerial plan, p. valedictory manifesto, p. 174.

126. The congress of 1765 Committees of correspondence between meet, p. 173. Measures taken

Bolton and the other towns of for a new congress by the Mafthe Massachusetts, proposed by fachusetts, p. 366—by MaryMr. James Warren, and estas land, p. 367-by South Caroblished, vol. i. p. 312.

lina, p. 368_by Connecticut, Committee, the, appointed by con- P. 369-by Pennsylvania and

gress to inquire into the con- Virginia, p. 371--by Rhode duct of the British and Helian Island, p. 372. The congress generals and officers toward the meet and write to general Gage, Americans, make their report, p. 395-make a declaration of vol. ii. p. 457

rights, p. 396-enter into an Common-Sense, Mr. Paine's pam- affociation, p. 399-address phlet fo entitled, promotes the the people of Great Britain, p.


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rica, p.

400--draw up a memorial to 272. They conclude upon a the inhabitants of British Ame- déclaration of independence, p. rica, p. 403– address his ma- 289-adopt a new code for the jesty, p. 404-address the in

government of the army, p. 332 habitants of Canada, p. 407– -appoint commissioners to the

diffolve themselves, p. 409; court of France, p. 372—refuse Congress, a new one, meet, vol. ii. to ratify general Arnolds cartel p. 14--wish to keup the door

with capt. Forster, p. 375 open for an accommodation, pa adjourn to Baltimore, p. 378. 16-their proceedings, p. 31, They veft general Wabington

-agree upon a second petition to with full powers for six months, the king, p. 32-stile the colo- p. 405--resolve, on fending nies The Twelve United Colonies, commissioners to Vienna, Spain, and advise the Massachu: fetts to Prufia and Tuscany, P: 406take up government, P:,,33.

advise making their bills of They resolve 'to einit bills of

credit a legal tender, p. 412 credit for the defence of Ame- approve Washington's' conduct

60-agree on a decla- as to a cartel, p. 495-resolve ration, setting forth the causes

what thall be the flag of The of their taking up arms, p: 69

Thirteen United States, p. 496. - sign the petition to the king, The opinion of congress conand address the inhabitants of

cerning Mr. Deane's agreement Great Britain, p. 71-are join- with Mr. Coudray and other ed by Georgia, P: 73-address

French gentlemen, p. 498. the people of Ireland, p. 77- They conter on the marquis de express their opinioil on lord la Fayetie the rank and comNorth's conciliatory plan, p. 78

mission of major-general in the -adjourn,' p. 79. The reso- American army, p. 499-make lution of congress with a view regulations, which oblige the to the securing of governor cominifiary general, Mr. YoTryon, p. 119-recominend to Jeph Trumbull, to resign his New Hampshire the establishing commission, p. 502. Acts of of a form of government, p. congress, vol. iii. p. 21, 35. 150-the same to South Caro- They recall Mr. Silas Deane lina, p. 151- likewise to Vir

from Paris, P: 3€-appoint ginia, p: 152. 'They conclude

general Conway inspector gene. upon the number of 'men to jal, p. 40-wattempt to procure form the new army, p: 153- a supply of clothing, p. 41declare against any particular

resolve to detain the convention colony's petitioning the king, troops, P. 49-receive blank p. 154-threaten retaliation,

papers from Paris, p. 60-their and determine upon building : acts, p. 73--their order and 13 frigates, p. 155-permit declaration in regard to the the inhabitants of the united bills from Great Britain, recolonies to fit out armed vessels, lating to the intention of parand resolve that 'no' slaves be liament on the subject of taxaimported into any of the colo- țion, and for the appointing of nies, p. 213-order the secret

commissioners, p. 77. They committee to endeavour to dif

receive the account of a treaty cover whether the French mean of cominerce and of a treaty to act for or against America, p. of alliance between France and



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the United States,


vol. iv. p. 63-choose Robert dress the inhabitants of America Morris, esq; financier, p. 64 on the occasion, p. 82--resolve authorize the opening of a subto have no intercourse with

scription for a loan for the supgovernor Johnstona, p. 1724 port of the citizens of South meet at Philadelphia, p. 177

Carolina and Georgia, p. 136 give the French ambassador a their resolves upon the news of public audience, p. 178-elect the reduction of the British arDr. Franklin minifter plenipo- my under Cornwallis, p. 2004 tentiary to the court of France, attend at the Roman Catholic and give him instructions, p. chapel, p. 203. They appoint 179-their observations on the commissioners for negotiating finances of America, p. 180- peace, and give them instructheir resolutions occasioned by tions, p. 246--determine the Mr. Payne's publications, p. dispute between Pennsylvania. 221-various resolutions, p. and Connecticut respecting lands, 272. They admit the minister

p. 353. Their acts in favor of of to a conference, p.

the American officers, p. 358. 273--their resolution upon the They receive advice of a geneburning of Fairfield, Norwalk ral peace, p: 359-order the and Bedford, p. 283-their in- troops to be furloughed, p. 368 structions relative to peace, and resolve to erect an equestrian to Dr. Franklin, P: 31550

ftatue of general Washington, p: their minister for negotiating 374-to present two pieces of with Spain, p. 319-additional ordnance to general Greene, and instructions to him, P: 321. issue a proclamation, applaudThey address their constituents ing the armies of the United upon their finances, P: 322 States, and directing their dishave reported to them the com- charge, p. 378-accept general inunications of the French mi- Washington's resignation, p. 387. nifter, p. 335-their answer to Connecticut fettled, vol. i. p. 32. the same, p. 339. The French The colony alarmed by publiminister's communications at a cations against the stamp-act, second conference, p. 342. The p. 168-sends a committee to resolves of congress for destroy- general Gage, vol. ii. p. 18. ing the old paper emission and The Connežticut troops leave the introducing a new one, p. 394. army, p. 145. They publith, that the 11th and Connelly, John, and his associates, 12th articles of the treaty of discovered and captured, vol. commerce with France were


P. 114 expunged, p. 476. They agree Conscience, full liberty of, first that their officers shall be en- eftablished in Rhode Island and titled to half-pay during life,

Providence Plantations, vol, i, p. 478-honor and reward the

P: 37. three New York militiamen, who Consignees. See Tea, took major Andre, p. 493– Conftitution, the, of the United determine upon having a per- States of America, vol. iv. p. manent army, P. 494-recom- 422. mend to the several states the Conftitutions of the several Amerivefting of a power in congress rican states, some account of to levy a duty of five per cent, them, vol. iv. p. 408,


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Convention of committees from the neral Greene, vol. iv. p. 28–

Massachusetts towns invited by is joined by general Leflie, p. the inhabitants of Boston to meet 32-sends Tarleton drive at Faneuil Hall, vol. i. p. 243. general Morgan from his station, They meet, but break up in p. 33-pursues Morgan after seven days, p. 244.

Tarleton's defeat, p: 37–crosses -, the, between generals the Catawba, and chases Greene, Gates and Burgoyne, vol. ii. P. who has taken upon him the 574. The convention troops command, p. 39-crosses the at Cambridge, vol. iii. p. 44. Yadkin, renews and continues Gates's letter relative to their the chase to the banks of the not having violated the conven- Dan, p; 41-erects the royal tion, p. 46. They are not ad

standard at Hillsborough, p. 47 mitted to embark' for Europe, --retires from Hillsborough, p.49 p. 49-are sent off to Virginia,

-attempts to surprise the sme p. 224

rican light infantry, p. 50% Convulsions in London and West

attacks and defeats Greene near minster, subsequent to the mea- Guilford court-house, p. 54: sures recommended by lord His lordship retreats toward George Gordon to the Pro

Cross Creek and is pursued by teftant association, vol. iii. p. Greene, p. 577 marches to Wild 417

mington, and from thence to Conway, general, denies the right Virginia, p. 110_forms a juncof parliament to tax the colo- tion with the British troops unvol. i.


162-moves for der Arnold, and expects to cruth the repeal of the ftamp-act, p. the marquis de la Fayette, but 202~-condemns the American

is deceived, p. 111-sends cowar in the most decisive terms, lonels Tarleton and Simcoe to vol. ii. p. 225--his motion

[cour the interior country, p. against continuing the Ameri- 114-haftens to Williamsaurgh,

can war carried, vol. iv. p. 230, p. 1r6evacuates the city. P: Coute, Sir Eyre, dies, vol. iv. p.

117-crofles James river and 347

retires to Portsmouth, p. 118. Cornwallis, lord, pursues general His lord/hip takes poft at York

Wallington through the Jersey's, Town, p. 185-is besieged, p. vol. ii. p. 354-----hattens to


-determines upon atTrenton for the defence of the tempting an escape, p: 194– Jerseys, p. 399-back to Brunl- surrenders to the allied troops swick, having been out-gene- under gen. Washington, p. 196. Talled by Washington, p. 403– Crawford, colonel, and his party, surprises gencral Lincoli, po defeated by the Indians, and 455. His lordship is left in cruelly treated, vol. iv. p. 312. command at Charlestown, vol. Crea, Miss Ms, murdered by the iii. p. 385-marches against Indians, vol. ii. p. 543—the general Gates and deseats him, murder nor to be charged on p. 436mhis orders relative to

general Burgoyne, p. 544. the treatment of South Carolina, Crown Point Turprised, vol. ii. p. 451-sends out of the ftate

p. 14. a number of the prijoners on Cruelties practised on the Ameriparole in Charlestown, p. 452 can prisoners, and the effects --his letter to general Small- they produced, vol. ii. p. 427. wood, p. 46;-- his letter to ge


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