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This document has been compiled by the United States Atomic Energy Commission as an aid in the preparation of applications for byproduct material licenses to receive, possess and use radioisotope teletherapy sources. It is not intended as an interpretation of Commission regulations within the meaning of Section 30.5 of Title 10, Code of Federal Regulations, Part 30. Nothing contained in this Guide may be construed as having the force and effect of United States Atomic Energy Commission regulations; nor as indicating that applications which follow the recommendations of this document necessarily will be approved; nor as relieving any licensee from the requirements of Title 10, Code of Federal Regulations, Parts 20 and 30 or other pertinent regulations.

This Guide supersedes the previously issued booklet entitled “Licensing Requirements for Teletherapy Programs”, dated August 1, 1957, and designated RC-5.


The Atomic Energy Act of 1954, as amended, charges the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission with, among other things, responsibility for regulating the receipt, possession, and use of byproduct material. The Commission is authorized to establish by rule, regulation, or order such standards and instructions to govern the receipt, possession, and use of byproduct material as it may deem necessary or feasible to protect health or to minimize danger to life or property

In the performance of its regulatory functions, the Commission has promulgated the regulations contained in Title 10, of the Code of Federal Regulations. The following regulations are included in Title 10 and are pertinent to the subject of this guide: 1. Part 20, “Standards for Protection

Against Radiation(10 CFR 20). 2. Part 30, “Licensing of Byproduct

Material” (10 CFR 30). These regulations, which were in effect as of November 1, 1962, are reprinted as Appendices to this Guide. Amendments to the regulations are published from time to time in the Federal Register and these Appendices should be kept up to date by the holder of this Guide.

Current copies of Commission regulations may be obtained from the Division of Licensing and Regulation, U.S. Atomic Energy Commission, Washington 25, D.C., or from any of the following U.S. Atomic Energy Commission Regional Compliance Offices:

Director, Region I
Division of Compliance, USAEC
376 Hudson Street
New York 14, N.Y.

Director, Region II
Division of Compliance, USAEC
50 Seventh Street, Northeast
Atlanta 23, Ga.
Director, Region III
Division of Compliance, USAEC
Oakbrook Professional Building
Oak Brook, Ill.
Director, Region IV
Division of Compliance, USAEC
P.O. Box 15266
Denver 15, Colo.
Director, Region V
Division of Compliance, USAEC
2111 Bancroft Way

Berkeley 4, Calif. This Guide describes the kinds of information to be submitted in applications for the possession and use of teletherapy sources. Its use should result in the submission of more complete applications. The Commission will request additional information if necessary in order to provide reasonable assurance that the applicant has established an adequate radiation safety program. (See Section 30.22(b) of 10 CFR 30, Appendix B.) Requests for additional information delay final action on the application and may be avoided by a thorough study of 10 CFR 20, 10 CFR 30, and this Guide prior to filing the application.

This Guide is intended only for general information and should not be considered a substitute for the applicant's careful evaluation of the proposed use of byproduct material, or for assuring that the application correctly and adequately describes the radiation safeguards and procedures to be followed.


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