To Amend the Reclamation Project Act of 1939. Hearings ... Subcommittee on Reclamation and Irrigation ... on H.R. 1772, 1886, 1977, 2583, 2873, 2874. March 17- April 28, 1947

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Page 282 - That all moneys received from the sale and disposal of public lands in Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico...
Page 119 - In connection with the operation of any project or division of a project, shall be for such periods, not to exceed forty years, and at such rates as in his judgment will produce power revenues at least sufficient to cover an appropriate share of the annual operation and maintenance cost, interest on an appropriate share of the construction Investment at not less than 3 per centum per annum, and such other fixed charges as the Secretary deems proper: Provided further.
Page 47 - ... the part of the estimated cost which can properly be allocated to irrigation and probably be repaid by the water users; (4) the part of the estimated cost which can properly be allocated to power and probably be returned to the United States...
Page 471 - reclamation fund," to be used in the examination and survey for and the construction and maintenance of irrigation works for the storage, diversion, and development of waters for the reclamation of arid and semiarid lands in the said States and Territories, and for the payment of...
Page 577 - ... a certified copy of the resolution of the board of directors of the transferee corporation with respect to the distribution.
Page 469 - Interior is hereby authorized and directed to make examinations and surveys for, and to locate and construct, as herein provided, irrigation works for the storage, diversion, and development of waters, including artesian wells, and to report to Congress at the beginning of each regular session as to the results of such examinations and surveys, giving estimates of cost of all contemplated works, the quantity and location of the lands which can be irrigated therefrom, and all facts relative to the...
Page 25 - No contract relating to municipal water supply or miscellaneous purposes or to electric power or power privileges shall be made unless, in the judgment of the Secretary, it will not impair the efficiency of the project for irrigation purposes.
Page 1 - Therefore, no commitment can be made concerning the relationship of the foregoing views to the program of the President. Sincerely yours, OSCAR L. CHAPMAN, Under Secretary of the Interior. The CHAIRMAN.
Page 176 - ... particularly the domestic and rural consumers to whom the power can economically be made available, and accordingly that sale to and use by industry shall be a secondary purpose, to be utilized principally to secure a sufficiently high load factor and revenue returns which will permit domestic and rural use at the lowest possible rates and in such manner as to encourage increased domestic and rural use of electricity
Page 176 - In case of conflicting applications, if any, such conflicts shall be resolved by the said Secretary, after hearing, with due regard to the public interest, and in conformity with the policy expressed in the Federal Water Power Act as to conflicting applications...

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