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Page 369 - We are engaged in an intensive effort to obtain better and more efficient ordering of national affairs in a world of change. There stands out in boldest relief the need for excellence in all three branches of our Government. That excellence will neither be obtained quickly, nor will it be retained for adequate periods, until we compensate our top officers on a basis commensurate with the complex and difficult roles assigned to them.
Page 368 - The compensations to the officers of the United States in various instances, and in none more than in respect to the most important stations, appear to call for legislative revision. The consequences of a defective provision are of serious import to the Government. If private wealth is to supply the defect of public retribution, it will greatly contract the sphere within which the selection of...
Page 368 - ... for office is to be made, and will proportionally diminish the probability of a choice of men able as well as upright. Besides that, it would be repugnant to the vital principles of our Government virtually to exclude from public trusts talents and virtue unless accompanied by wealth.
Page 370 - We know of no objective means of comparing presidents of concerns in any of these categories with a Cabinet officer or a major agency head. Certainly the Cabinet officer, and numerous other Federal officers, have duties and responsibilities equal to or greater than any to be found in private enterprise.
Page 369 - ... On behalf of the executive committee of the Association of Interstate Commerce Commission Practitioners, we desire to lend our support to the efforts you are making to improve the salaries of regulatory Commissioners. The association is a nonprofit bar association of about 4,000 members devoted to promoting the proper administration of the Interstate Commerce Act and related acts, and to uphold the honor of practice before the Commission. Our executive committee includes not only top executives...
Page 355 - Federal salary rates shall be comparable with private enterprise salary rates for the same levels of work.
Page 366 - ... highest principal full-time officer by 17 large foundations was $35,353. The median figure was only slightly less. We also thought that it would be pertinent to examine the salary structure in certain activities closely allied to the Federal Government. A sample study of 14 nonprofit contractors of Federal research and development work revealed that 186 officers, technical directors, and other staff received salaries ranging from $23,000 to $45,000. Similarly, 79 of some 600 officers of the Federal...
Page 371 - The committee stands adjourned. (Whereupon, at 12 noon, the committee was adjourned.) o DATE DUE STANFORD UNIVERSITY LIBRARIES STANFORD, CALIFORNIA 94305-6004
Page 370 - We are convinced that our top-salary structure no longer provides positive encouragement to men and women of the highest ability, dedication, and conviction about the American way of life to accept Federal appointments in either the executive branch or the judiciary, or to seek Federal elective office with assurance that the financial demands upon them can, in most instances, be met from their salaries.
Page 367 - I would have stayed in Federal service longer because of the challenge and the broad scope of responsibility ; however, when you are losing cash at the rate of $6,000 per annum due to inadequate expense allowance, inadequate protection for your family either in the form of pension or insurance benefits, and on top of that losing 50 to 75 percent of your earning capability or comparable positions...

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