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tiate and conduct injunction proceedings issues), including decisional action by the under section 7123(d) of the Statute only Regional Director after such investigation upon approval of the Authority.

or hearing. C. Representation cases. The statutory au Regional Directors also are authorized thority of the Federal Labor Relations Au and have responsibility to direct an election thority to delegate to Regional Directors its after a hearing pursuant to sections 7111 authority to process and determine repre and 7112(d) of the Statute and to approve sentation matters is set forth in section 7105 consent election agreements in accordance (e)(1) and (f) of the Statute as follows:

with section 7111(g) of the Statute. (e)(1) The Authority may delegate to any

In the event a Regional Director directs regional director its authority under this

an election or approves a consent election chapter

agreement, the Regional Director is author(A) to determine whether a group of em

ized to supervise or conduct the election ployees is an appropriate unit;

pursuant to section 7111 and 7112(d) of the (B) to conduct investigations and to pro

Statute. In such instances, Regional Direcvide for hearings:

tors are authorized and have responsibility (C) to determine whether a question of

to determine the validity of determinative representation exists and to direct an elec

challenges and objections to the conduct of tic.n; and

the election and other similar matters. This (D) to supervise or conduct secret ballot

authority and responsibility extends to all elections and certify the results thereof.

phases of the investigation such determina. (f) If the Authority delegates any author

tive challenges and objections through the ity to any regional director ... to take any

conclusion of a hearing to be conducted by a action pursuant to subsection (e) of this sec

Regional Office employee (if a hearing tion, the Authority may, upon application

should be necessary to resolve disputed by any interested person filed within 60

issues), including decisional action by the days after the date of the action, review such action, but the review shall not, unless

Regional Director after such investigation

or hearing. specifically ordered by the Authority, operate as a stay of action. The Authority may

Decisions and Orders of Regional Direcaffirm, modify, or reverse any action re

tors made pursuant to this delegation of auviewed under this subsection. If the Author

thority become the action of the Authority: ity does not undertake to grant review of

(1) If no interested person files an applicathe action under this subsection within 60

tion for review of the Regional Director's days after the later of

Decision and Order with the Authority (1) the date of the action, or

within sixty (60) days after the Regional Di(2) the date of the filing of any applica rector's Decision and Order; or tion under this subsection for review of the (2) If the Authority does not undertake to action;

grant review of the Regional Director's De the action shall become the action of the

cision and Order within sixty (60) days after Authority at the end of such 60 day period.

the filing of a timely application for review; In accordance with section 7105 (e)(1) and

If no interested person files an application (f) of the Statute, Regional Directors, who

for review of the Regional Director's Deciare directed and supervised by the General

sion and Order with the Authority within Counsel as provided by section III of this

(60) days after the Regional Director's Decimemorandum, are hereby delegated the au

sion and Order, or if the Authority does not thority to determine whether a group of

undertake to grant review of the action of employees is an appropriate unit, to conduct

the regional Director's Decision and Order investigations and to provide for hearings,

within sixty (60) days after the filing of a to determine whether a question of repre timely application for review, the Regional sentation exists and to direct an election, Director's Decision and Order will become and to supervise or conduct secret ballotfinal and binding, and the Regional Director elections and certify the results thereof. will certify to the parties the results of any

Regional Directors are authorized and election held or issue any clarification of have responsibility to receive and process, in unit, amendment of recognition or certificaaccordance with decisions of the Authority tion, determination of eligibility for dues aland the rules and regulations of the Author lotment, or certification on consolidation of ity and the General Counsel, all petitions units as required. filed pursuant to sections 7111. 7112(d). The Authority will undertake to grant 7113, 7115 and 7117(d) of the Statute.

review of a Decision and Order of a RegionThe authority and responsibility of Re al Director upon the timely filing of an apgional Directors in cases filed involving such plication for review only where compelling petitions shall extend to all phases of the reasons exist therefor as set forth in the investigation of such petitions through the rules and regulations. conclusion of the hearing to be conducted The Authority's granting of review upon by a Regional Office employee (if a hearing the timely filing of an application for review should be necessary to resolve disputed of a Regional Director's Decision and Order

will not operate as a stay of such action or dered by the Regional Director, unless speifically ordered by the Authority. If the Authority grants review, the Authority may iffirm, modify or reverse action reviewed.

II. Liaison with other governmental agenies. The General Counsel is authorized and las responsibility, on behalf of the Authorty, to maintain appropriate and adequate liison and arrangements with the Office of he Assistant Secretary of Labor for LaborManagement Relations with reference to he financial and other reports required to je filed with the Assistant Secretary pursuint to section 7120(c) of the Statute and the vailability to the Authority and the Gener

Counsel of the contents thereof. The General Counsel is authorized and has reponsibility, on behalf of the Authority, to naintain appropriate and adequate liaison with the Federal Mediation and Conciliaion Service with respect to functions which nay be performed by the Federal Mediation ind Conciliation Service.

III. Personnel. Under 5 U.S.C. 7105(d), the Authority is authorized to appoint Regional Directors. In order better to ensure the efLective exercise of the duties and responsibilities of the General Counsel described ibove, the General Counsel is delegated au: hority to recommend the appointment, ransfer, demotion or discharge of any Regional Director. However, such actions may be taken only with the approval of the Authority. The General Counsel shall have au

thority to direct and supervise the Regional Directors. Under 5 U.S.C. 7104(f)(3), the General Counsel shall have direct authority over, and responsibility for all employees in the Office of the General Counsel and all personnel of the General Counsel in the field offices of the Authority. This includes full and final authority subject to applicable laws and rules, regulations and procedures of the Office of Personnel Management and the Authority over the selection, retention, transfer, promotion, demotion, discipline, discharge and in all other respects of such personnel except the appointment, transfer, demotion or discharge of any Regional Director. Further, the establishment, transfer, or elimination of any regional office or nonregional office duty location may be accomplished only with the approval of the Authority. The Authority will provide such administrative support functions, including personnel management, financial management and procurement functions, through the Office of Administration of the Authority as are required by the General Counsel to carry out the General Counsel's statutory and prescribed functions.

IV. To the extent that the above-described duties, powers and authority rest by statute with the Authority, the foregoing statement constitutes a prescription and assignment of such duties, powers and authority, whether or not so specified. (45 FR 3523, Jan. 17, 1980, as amended at 48 FR 28814, June 23, 1983)



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Sec. 2500.1 Introduction. 2500.3 Original classification. 2500.5 Derivative classification. 2500.7 Declassification and downgrading. 2500.9 Safeguarding. 2500.11 Implementation and review.

AUTHORITY: Sec. 5-404 of Executive Order 12065.

SOURCE: 44 FR 50039, Aug. 27, 1979; 45 FR 20453, Mar. 28, 1980; 45 FR 22873, Apr. 4, 1980, unless otherwise noted.

$ 2500.1 Introduction.

(a) References. (1) Executive Order 12065, “National Security Information”, dated June 28, 1978.

(2) Information Security Oversight Office Directive No. 1, "National Security Information”, dated October 2, 1978.

(b) Purpose. The purpose of this reg. ulation is to ensure, consistent with the authorities listed in Section (a), that national security information held by the Office of Administration is protected to the extent necessary to safeguard the national security.

(c) Applicability. This regulation governs the Office of Administration. Together with the authorities listed in Section (a), it establishes the policies and procedures for safeguarding of information that is under the control of the Office of Administration.

has the authority to declassify or downgrade classified information.

(b) Mandatory review for declassification. Requests for mandatory review for declassification of classified information contained in the records of any Executive Office of the President agency for which the Office of Administration provides services should be addressed directly to the agency which is the owner of the record, in accordance with that agency's published Information Security Regulation. $ 2500.9 Safeguarding.

The Office of Administration shall protect information in its custody against unauthorized disclosure commensurate with its level of classification. $ 2500.11 Implementation and review.

The Information Security Oversight Committee of the Office of Administration shall be chaired by the agency's General Counsel. The Committee shall be responsible for acting on all suggestions and complaints concerning the administration of the information security program. The chairperson shall also be responsible for conduct. ing an active oversight program to ensure effective implementation of Executive Order 12065.



$ 2500.3 Original classification.

No one in the Office of Administration has been granted authority for original classification of information.

Subpart A-Production or Disclosure of Records

Under the Freedom of Information Act, 5
U.S.C. 552

8 2500.5 Derivative classification.

The Office of Administration serves only as the temporary physical custodian of classified information which originated in other agencies of the Executive Office of the President. Therefore, no one in the Office of Administration incorporates, restates, paraphrases or generates in a new form information which is already classified.

Sec. 2502.1 Definitions. 2502.2 Purpose and scope. 2502.3 Organization and functions. 2502.4 Public reference facilities and cur

rent index. 2502.5 Records of other Agencies. 2502.6 How to request records-form and

content. 2502.7 Initial determination. 2502.8 Prompt response. 2502.9 Responses-form and content. 2502.10 Appeals to the Director from ini

tial denials. 2502.11 Schedule of fees. 2502.12 Waiver of fees. 2502.13 Payment of fees. 2502.14 Information to be disclosed.

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