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Much of the time that was available to do the corre

lation analysis was used in setting up the problem and

obtaining successful computer runs.

The analysis accom

plished to date has not begun to exhaust the possibilities.

The problem documentation, the computer output to date,

the data itself (ready for any further computer runs), and

the regression routine are all available to interested


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system has not worked satisfactorily in the past, espe

cially for minorities and women, a new approach is neces

sary to enable those employees who have become stagnated

at the lower levels to move into positions of higher pay

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status of upward mobility in the Department of Labor for

the 3500 nonprofessionals in Grades 1-7 over the five

year period, 1966-70.

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zation of Skills and Training Program (MUST) in the Em

ployment Standards Administration and the Career Oppor

tunity Programs (COP) in both the Manpower Administration

and the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Each of these programs

provided for a training period of one year and was de

signed to reach those nonprofessionals in Grades 4-7.

The training consisted of on-the-job training in addition

to college and Civil Service Commission courses financed

by the Department.

The MUST Program in ESA was established in 1968 and

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target population of 600 clericals in ESA, 14 have so far

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Assistant. Each of these positions has a career ladder,

and upon successfully completing the program, the parti

cipants are guaranteed advancement through the career

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