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EEO Concept

As was stated in the introduction, Equal Employment

Opportunity is achieved when all employees can go as far

as their ability and willingness to accept challenge will

take them. The findings of the Task Force clearly demon

strate that this state does not yet exist in the Depart

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small part of this underutilization is a result of the De

partment perpetuating past discrimination; for example,

inadequate departmental training programs to offset the

generally lower education of blacks. The major portion

of underutilization, however, seems to have resulted from

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however, which have been aimed at nonprofessional em

ployees in grades GS 1-7, have had only 45 participants

in the last 5 years out of a target population of 3500.

Only the program in Manpower comes close to following the

Civil Service Guidelines for upward mobility, and nonpro

fessional employees have been frustrated for so long that

they have become apathetic.

The recruitment efforts of 7 A&O's examined have been

either haphazard or non-existant.

This situation exists

despite the need to recruit minorities and women for

executive and mid-level positions throughout the Depart


There is also a need to recruit non-black minori

ties at all grades and in all A&O's, to recruit women for

entry level professional jobs in OSHA and OASA, and to

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matters have been buried in the bureaucracy. There has

been neither central au thority to set standards, nor ade

quate coordination and communication between personnel

involved in EEO activity throughout the Department.


time EEO experts have very low status and there are too

few of them to carry out even their minimal responsibili


The two major aspects of EEO, affirmative action

and complaints, have been separated organizationally even

though complaints often arise as a result of a lack of

affirmative action.

Despite these negative findings, the Department of

Labor is in a better position to achieve Equal Employment

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on the status of minorities and women, and the

analytical capability for continuing statistical eval

uations of EEO in the Department.


Minimum numerical goals with constraints must be

established semi-annually by each A&O and are to be

reviewed by the EEO Director.


There must be corrective action if these goals

are not met.


A series of self-analysis forms (Form A) should

[blocks in formation]

programs over the two year period, FY 72-73.

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