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Recruiter will be attached to the Regional EEO Officer.

a. Selection

The full-time recruiters in the National Office

will be selected by the A&O's EEO Coordinator,


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and National Office cadre should be at least 60%

minority and at least 50% female.

b. Training

The recruiters will go through a training

Although the vacancies which will occur as the result of turnover and retirement are estimates, it is not only reasonable to assume they will occur, but it is highly probable.

In the unlikely event that a given Administration's recruitment objectives are fully met before all of the vacancies anticipated from turnover and retirement have materialized, the Administration must be prepared to insure that the resulting need for additional funds and ceiling spaces are provided to meet such a contingency. Hesitancy to recruit against anticipated vacancies will foreclose any chances of success which a comprehensive recruitment plan may have.

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The Vacancy Clearance System was instituted in August, 1965 to assure consideration of minority group members for executive level jobs. Under this system all vacancies at GS-14 and above were brought to the attention of the Under Secretary prior to any A&O commitment to fill such vacancies. (Reviewing responsibility was transfered to the College Relations/EEO Office). EEO Office reviewed the vacancies and decided, based on the appropriate A&O minority staffing plan, whether the position would be released or held for recruitment. If the release of the position was withheld, a holding memo would be sent from the Under Secretary to the heads of the appropriate bureau. The position would not be released until qualified minorities had been found. If a qualified minority was not found, then they must submit evidence that a thorough search for qualified minorities had been made before releasing the position.

Since holding the release of a position is one way of assuring that more than a minimal effort is made to find qualified minorities, the Vacancy Clearance System should be expanded to include mid-level positions and women.

Using this system, which does not guarantee jobs for qualified minorities, in conjunction with positive recruitment and goals and timetables would be some guarantee of equal opportunity for minorities and women at GS-12 and above.

In the Field, the Regional EEO Officer will be

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assigned campuses, organizations, agencies, etc.,

, ,

each year (March and October).

The attached chart

lists aspects of the recruiting visit.

Applications of students and in-house people

not placed should be kept on file by the Recruitment

Specialist for further referral. There should be

computerization of files on in-house professionals

to enable them to be considered for available pos


e. Other Duties

Each recruiter will also work with the Central

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also be good follow-up on applications received from

campuses and/or organizations in order to establish

and maintain his credibility.

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